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Softdel’s BOSS Simulator simulates a network of virtual BACnet devices, properties and service configurations, without the need for physical devices. It provides a comprehensive ability to effectively troubleshoot BACnet functionality and interoperability, without conducting field tests. Its easy-to-use interface allows developers and systems integrators to configure, monitor and issue service commands to accessible physical or virtual devices on the BACnet network.

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    SoftDEL is a technology company enabling global Industrial OEMs to engineer smart and connected products that power the “Internet of Things (IoT)”. We provide IP’s and product design engineering services across service lines; Smart Building, Smart Lighting, Industrial Automation & Automotive. With headquarter in Stamford, CT, USA, we have presence across Europe, Japan, India & Korea market, SoftDEL’s value proposition is to help Industrial OEMs to - Bring differentiated products in smart and connected world - Reduce total cost of ownership - Provide innovative and flexible business models
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