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ThingWorx Navigate is a set of seven apps that allow users across your company to easily access current product data from multiple sources. For example, your designers could see requirements from your engineering group, your executive team could see drawings from the design group, and your purchasing department could see part lists as they are being developed. Users have role based access so each group can get the information that is meaningful to their viewpoint. ThingWorx Navigate can pull data from your current PLM and ERP software and other enterprise systems of record so that users are seeing the most up-to-date and accurate data. Democratizing product data can help you make better quality products, faster.

The seven apps – which can be used on desktop or mobile – are:

  • View Requirements
  • View Design Files
  • View Drawing
  • View & Measure in 3D
  • View Part Properties
  • View Parts List
  • View Part Structure

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  • To ensure that they could smoothly make the transition from its legacy systems to Windchill while extending product data to the enterprise, MAN Truck turned to ThingWorx Navigate – a set of task and role-based applications that get the right product data from various enterprise systems into the hands of the users who need them. ThingWorx Navigate makes it possible for stakeholders to continue using legacy systems without requiring them to invest in the systems any further with new information. For example, MAN Truck is moving away from its legacy drawing release program. With ThingWorx Navigate, users can see a mash-up of information from the legacy program and Windchill to determine which drawings have been released. In addition, by deploying ThingWorx Navigate alongside Windchill, MAN Truck will be able to easily customize its user experience without complex adjustments to its core PLM system. This prevents the manufacturer from experiencing complicated updates or upgrades in the future.




    Simple controls limit or expand what can be viewed and searched based on selected properties and attributes of the data.


    Apps extend PLM data to include information from ERP, CRM, MES and other enterprise systems.


    Back-end systems can be updated independently so the user is uninterrupted by upgrades, replacements, data migrations, and other updates.


    Data is only served based on the security permissions of the user in the system of record.


    With ThingWorx Mobile Builder, apps can be accessed via users’ device of choice – smartphone, tablet, PC – and preferred platform – Microsoft, iOS, OSX, Android.


    Using the developer toolkit, fully customized apps can be created from the ground-up that leverage existing ThingWorx Navigate capabilities.


    When combined with products or equipment connected to the Internet of Things with ThingWorx, tailored or fully customized ThingWorx Navigate apps can include IoT data.


  • Logistics
  • Information Technology
  • Billing & Monetization
    Data Acquisition & Management
    Data Visualization
    Energy Management
    Environmental Health & Safety
    Environmental Monitoring
    Facility Climate Control
    Infrastructure Access & Security
    Inventory Management
    Mass Customization
    Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    Predictive Maintenance
    Quality Assurance & Control
    Remote Access & Control
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