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Powering billions of intelligent devices, VxWorks® is the world’s most widely deployed realtime operating system (RTOS). It delivers unrivaled deterministic performance and sets the standard for a scalable, future-proof, safe, and secure operating environment for connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). Leading global innovators such as ABB, Airbus, AlcatelLucent, BD Biosciences, Boeing, Delphi, Eurocopter, Huawei, Mitsubishi, NASA, Northrop Grumman, Siemens, and Varian leverage VxWorks to create award-winning, innovative, IoT-ready products effectively and efficiently. The VxWorks product family supports the broadest spectrum of 32-bit, 64-bit, and multicore processors, including ARM®, Intel®, and Power Architecture®. Its portfolio of additional middleware and optional advanced technology components, as well as a large ecosystem of validated complementary third-party hardware and software solutions, enables you to differentiate your platforms with best-of-breed capabilities, reduce development costs, and accelerate time-to-market.
• Expandable and upgradable architecture: A modular, future-proof platform, VxWorks can adapt and evolve to match changing market requirements, your needs, and technology advancements. The VxWorks core kernel is separate from protocols, applications, and other packages, enabling upgrades and new feature additions to be accomplished faster and with minimal retesting of the entire system.

• Scalable footprint: VxWorks is the ubiquitous RTOS foundation spanning tiny implantable medical devices, large intelligent systems forming the smart grid, and everything in between. It is scalable to meet your project’s unique memory footprint, functionality, and processing power requirements.

• Broad connectivity: Connectivity is a key requirement for IoT, so VxWorks supports industry-leading connectivity standards and networking protocols out-of-the-box. Additional networking protocols in VxWorks Plus, such as Routing Information Protocol (RIP) and Quality of Service (QoS), advance VxWorks’ networking capabilities even further. The modular nature of VxWorks allows you to add connectivity and networking capabilities after the fact and bring many previously disconnected devices online without reworking the core of your embedded software.

• Uncompromising security and safety: For over 30 years, VxWorks has been the foundation that enables leading innovators in aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial, and medical industries to create differentiated, certifiable safety- and security-critical systems. The optional add-on Security Profile for VxWorks delivers a comprehensive set of features to efficiently and effectively protect devices, data, and intellectual property. The optional add-on Safety Profile for VxWorks delivers advanced safety partitioning capabilities and an optional IEC 61508 SIL3 certification evidence package that helps drive down costs and time-to-certification.

• ARINC 653–compliant platform: Wind River® VxWorks 653 Platform is fully compliant with ARINC Specification 653 and can also be deployed in programs requiring alignment with the Future Airborne Capabilities Environment (FACE™) Technical Standard. VxWorks 653 3.0 Multi-core Edition adds support for the latest multi-core processors and provides full virtualization support for ARINC 653, VxWorks, Linux, and Windows® on a shared multi-core processor. In addition, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) certification evidence for RTCA DO-178C and EUROCAE ED-12C Design Assurance Level (DAL) A is provided with VxWorks 653, eliminating the risk of creating and certifying an operating system and related tools for each new project.

• MILS support for multilevel secure systems: Wind River VxWorks MILS Platform implements the Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) system architecture that enables you to safely and securely share the same hardware platform, helping reduce development costs and size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements.

• Safety-critical certification support: Wind River VxWorks Cert Platform provides a COTS solution for delivering safety-critical applications that must be certified to the stringent requirements of RTCA DO-178, EUROCAE ED-12, or IEC 61508 certification evidence in avionics, transportation, industrial automation, and medical device industries.

• Proven virtualization technology: Virtualization Profile for VxWorks delivers a real-time Type 1 hypervisor that enables consolidation of multiple standalone hardware platforms on one multi-core processor, helping reduce bill-of-material (BOM) costs and speed time-to-market.

• Java runtime support: In addition to existing C/C++ application support, Wind River Micro Runtime provides an optimized embedded Java runtime engine for VxWorks to deploy Java applications specifically for embedded devices that have a smaller footprint requirement on resource-constrained devices. IoT developers can use Micro Runtime to design applications, providing increased development efficiency and code portability; and to provide over-the-air bug fixes, saving money and even generating new areas of revenue.

• Lower risk and faster integration of third-party technology: VxWorks’ unmatched ecosystem of hardware and software technology partners enables you to differentiate your product offerings with leading-edge features and capabilities and bring your devices to market faster while reducing risks and development costs.

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