CalAmp: CalAmp - AssetOutlook™
CalAmp AssetOutlook™ is a next-generation telematics application that aligns field operations with business strategy through immediate insight into the location of assets and provides accurate hours of use for the equipment in the field, both non-powered and motorized assets along with fleet vehicles. The AssetOutlook™ was designed with the aim of integrating IoT solutions as a means of tackling the myriad of challenges faced by the construction industry such as fleet maintenance and repairs, equipment acquisition/replacement, rental contract usage, fuel cost/consumption and labor shortage.The AssetOutlook™ enables numerous capabilities such as providing real-time asset and vehicle tracking using the Esri ArcGIS mapping tool that is able to provide highly detailed vehicle information such as it's precise path, triggered events, cumulative number of hours the asset has been in operation for the day and the lifetime engine hours. All this precise information and key performance metrics hence improves visibility into predictive maintenance. The AssetOutlook™ provides a snapshot of under-the-hood information, enabling potential maintenance and safety issues to be identified and corrected before becoming costly. The AssetOutlook™ also facilitates seamless data integration of all types of field equipment information through web service Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for one-way or bidirectional data exchange, with ERP-systems, rental software systems and resource management systems. Flexible reporting and analytics also allow companies to filter and slice through their data in numerous ways. All this is packaged in an adaptable and mobile-ready format so that you can monitor and manage your assets from any device.
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