Salesforce: SalesforceIQ CRM
Accelerate your sales with intelligence. SalesforceIQ intelligently filters your opportunities and surfaces the deals that need your attention most. Whether you’re a small business just getting started or a mature business using Sales Cloud, SalesforceIQ powers your business. SalesforceIQ CRM is an out-of-the-box CRM solution that can be set up in minutes. Sales Cloud customers can also harness the power of Relationship Intelligence with the SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud apps (Chrome, iOS, and Android).Your communications are automatically captured to surface important relationship insights that prepare you for your next opportunity. Intelligence Fields like Inactive Days and Days In Current Status are used to alert you when an opportunity needs attention.Just connect SalesforceIQ to your Gmail or Exchange account and your CRM solution is ready to go. In no time, your emails, meetings, and phone calls are automatically captured, keeping your deals up to date so you’re free to focus on selling.
Salesforce: Salesforce IoT Cloud
Connect the Internet of Things with the Internet of Customers. Now you can harness the power of the Internet of Things and turn the data generated by every one of your customers, partners, devices, and sensors into meaningful action. With IoT Cloud you can process massive quantities of data, build business rules with simple, intuitive tools, and engage proactively with customers in real time. Easily create IoT engagement rules with clicks, not code.
Salesforce: Salesforce Einstein
Think of Salesforce Einstein like a personal data scientist — it infuses advanced AI capabilities into your apps so everyone can deliver more personalized and predictive customer experiences. Salesforce Einstein automatically discovers relevant insights, predicts future outcomes, proactively recommends best next steps, and even automates tasks. And since it’s built right into the Salesforce Platform, it enables anyone to build AIpowered apps — using clicks or code — so everyone can get smarter with every customer interaction.
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