Stellapps Technologies: ConTrak
ConTrak™: Coldchain management applicationConTrak™ optimizes cold chain management through an advanced, web-based, real-time monitoring and reporting system designed for Bulk Milk Coolers, Silos, and Cold Rooms. BMC Remote Monitoring System and Data Logger based on IoT principles with powerful sensors for cold chain management aid dairy farmers in premium milk production.• Under-chilling / Over-chilling detection• Cleaning –in-Place (CIP) adherence & compliance detection• Cold chain breakage detection• Real time monitoring and controlling system for temperature- configurable cut-off and cut-in temperatures• Real time monitoring system for volume• Real time monitoring and controlling system for agitator• Real time monitoring system for milk pump• Milk Lifting schedule adherence & compliance detection• Real time monitoring and controlling system for compressor• Real time monitoring and controlling system for Power supply – Electricity and Generator• DG / GRID power consumption computation• Data transfer through GSM to cloud server• Alerts via Email & SMS• Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports via Email – location-wise, vendor-wise, capacity- wise• Correlation with milk procurement data and milk lifting data
Stellapps Technologies: AgRupay
AgRupay™: Farmer wallet applicationAgRupay™ allows farmers to make real-time payments at the point-of-purchase of crops (milk). Farmer wallets ease out the money collection process for crop purchase by processors and service providers. In addition, they enable suppliers to make better offers to dairy farmers, allowing farmers to enjoy discounts and cost benefits.
Stellapps Technologies: smartAMCU
smartAMCU™: Milk procurement applicationsmartAMCU™ is an Automatic Milk Collection Unit (AMCU) that optimizes and simplifies milk procurement for dairy farmers, milk collection centres, and societies in general. Advanced analytics and seamless MIS integration enable real-time acquisition and dissemination of milk procurement data, thereby improving procurement efficiency.• Next generation Android Tablet and PC based Milk Procurement• Easy to use, integrated, Internet-based AMCU• Remote monitoring system for access to daily, weekly, monthly milk collection data• Get the data anywhere using or Laptop, PC or Android based Smartphone• Portable system for door-to-door milk collection• Correlate and Integrate with SmartMoo™ Contrak™ monitoring data• Advanced reports and trend analysis
Stellapps Technologies: MooKare
MooKare™ leverages herd management data to equip dairy farmers with accurate health, mortality, and yield estimates. It integrates seamlessly with existing insurance settlement and claim processes. The real-time view of animal parameters ensure that dairy farmers only pay context-based, animal-specific insurance premiums.
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