Schneider Electric: MyPact
Today, the manual process to configure LV circuit breakers and get a quotation is complex, with high risks in making mistakes using paper form and multiple interactions are needed with Customer Care agent. How can we solve this problem and provide a better customer experience to our customers? How can we improve our internal efficiency? Smart, secure and fast are the key benefits for Panelbuilders and end users using MyPact online selector. They can select and make configuration, generate BOM more efficiently and accurately.FastEasy-to-use interface with guided selection. Get configuration and bill-of-materials digitally faster than paper form.SecureMistake-proof with warning message on configuration compatibility.SmartGuided selection automatically filter compatible main equipment and accessories.MyPact integrated with MySEYou can access MyPact inside MySE as well to start your configuration, get a quotation and place the order. Simply login to your MySE account to enjoy the seamless experience.
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