Domatica IoT Technology:
The easiest way to connect devices to IoT applicationsThe is an IoT Edge platform that deeply reduces the complexity and cost of using and managing devices in applications, enabling developers to deploy their IoT solutions extremely easy and fast, facilitating IT/OT convergence.easyedge enables the implementation of highly scalable IoT solutions, especially in the professional and industrial segments, with high flexibility and simplicity, saving time and resources, improving services and increasing productivity.
Linux Foundation collaborative project with expanding liaison relationships with other key industry efforts. (Launch Hannover Messe, April 24, 2017)FUSE provides micro services to achieve flexibility performance. The information flow is suited for your needs: You can choose what kind of information, from which sensor, where and when can be used for your use case.
Inglobe: Hyperindustry
HyperIndustry supports field technicians with paperless Augmented Reality instructions in real time using mobile devices and smartglasses By pointing the camera to the equipment, object recognition is enabled and the worker can access procedures that provide contextual information including 3D highlights, pictures, videos and documents. Procedures are easily created and assigned by means of an intuitive web-based interface- Digitization of Technical Systems and Equipment: The platform can be used by enteprises to create a digital layout of their equipment even in challenging and changing environments.The digital assets are enabled to be updated anytime, hence no reliance on out of date information anymore.-Procedure Management System: Enterpises can manage and their assets and resources through an augmented reality workflow for the industry.-Ubiquitous and Mobile Collaboration: Hyperindustry is a collaborative platform for technicians and experts that need to share knowledge quickly and efficiently. Sharing information such as standards and assignments or sharing insights on the processes and activities to help teams make interventions more eficiently.-KPI Management and Data Analytics: Thanks to data collection and analysis, the platform allows to identify bottlenecks and areas of improvement quickly.
InFocus: InFocus Software
: NDS Systems ERP Applications Software for Manufacturing
The NDS ERP Solution for Manufacturing fits assemble-to-order, configure-to-order, engineer-to-order, make-to-order, fabricate to order, make-to-stock, and mixed mode business types in multiple industries.
Atheer: The AiR Suite for Enterprise
The AiR Suite for Enterprise is comprised of three individual applications: AiR Hub, AiR Flow, and AiR Designer. Together, they improve collaboration, management, and rapid task flow deployment.AiR Hub is a cloud-based collaboration and management console that provides end users with remote expert guidance for AiR Flow users through live video, photo, and text. It supports multi-device & user profile management and integrates with leading enterprise databases & applications.AiR Designer is a task flow creation tool that lets users author procedures, checklists, and task flows with a simple drag-and-drop interface.AiR Flow is a customizable task flow and collaboration application that offers remote expert and multimedia collaboration with AiR Hub and easy interaction for task flow compliance.- See-What-I-See: Atheer provides your team with video access to remote experts, for collaboration & real time assistance. Get your expertise to where is it needed.- Flexible Deployment: Atheer is cloud-based and highly configurable for easy deployment and management of users, devices, and integration with your other enterprise systems.- Task Guidance: Whether your team is working on a noisy factory floor, outdoors, or in the quiet of an office environment, Atheer allows your users to be effective in all working conditions.
CivicConnect: CivicConnect Platform
This platform is a cloud-based data management, development & deployment platform purpose-built for the public sector, enabling Augmented Reality (AR) based mobile & web applications for smart cities. Main use cases are:- Speed up development with a single platform for integrating a diverse set of data sources.- Compelling applications to deliver compelling urban mobility & exploration applications with CivicAR capabilities (a CivicConnect AR application).- Actionable analytics to gain actionable intelligence with a dashboard for reporting and analytics.The CivicConnect platform is built for the public sector to speed development with predefined datatypes and schemas for the public sector. The main functionalitites are the following:- Data Management: Integrate and manage structured public data sources, commercial data sources and unstructured data sources in a single repository. Allow for data sharing and connectedness across platform-enabled applications.-Augmented Reality Experience: Create a compelling, contextual experience through AR enabled mobile applications that overlay rich data and information on the real-world with the integrated CivicAR Mobile Platform.- Mobile Ready: Develop applications that engage citizens and visitors with iOS and Android application support.- Extensible: Integrate systems such as payments or reservations, providing an end-to-end experience in each of your platform-enabled applications.- Analytics: Better understand and meet user priorities and preferences, and enhance city responsiveness through actionable analytics.- Open Source: The platform is built on top of industry standard open source components that reduce the costs of licensing and maintenance. This also enables rapid application development, flexible data integration and technology adaptation to help future-proof your smart city solutions in this rapidly changing technology environment.
Urbiotica: U-Display
U-Display is a modular and flexible solution to show to the drivers in real time the number of free parking spots detected by Urbiotica sensors. It completes our range of Dynamic Message Signs offering more options in guidance projects designs.Features:Modular displays for outdoor parking guidanceInformation and advanced dynamic guidance in real time 24/365Designed for outdoor urban or private useHigh visibility LEDs and remote management of brightnessWireless communication with U-Admin platformUp to 5 displays module per communication unitIntegrable by any signs manufacturer A wide range of products available:3 digits numeric displays8 digits alphanumeric displaysCross and arrow optionUp to 80m visibility
Panasonic: Content Management Software
This is software that can be used to set the schedule for USB Media Player on a personal computer. With this software, you can distribute playlists and schedule settings created on your computer via USB memory, or LAN. When using wireless LAN, it may be difficult to connect depending on the network environment. Delivery via wired LAN is recommended.
: Masterplan Software
Masterplan is a Web-based materials requirement planning (MRP) system designed for small to midsize manufacturers.
Toshiba: SynchroTrend
The SynchroTrend is an optional software which can be added in the V-series Engineering Tool Ver.2 (V-Tool2). The SynchroTrend can gather the specified user data from V-series cotrollers and save into a file histrically. The data gathering is synchronized with the controller's tasks (SS/HS/MS). Real-time trend graph display is available as well as saved data display. The SynchroTrend supports the testing and commissioning of large systyems effectively.The New Instrument FB Library is a collection of the function blocks that perform loop controls and sequence operations, which appear frequently in process control applications. By adding this library to the V-series Engineering Tool Ver.2 (V-Tool2), the programming for process control becomes high productivity and reliable.The New Instrument FB Library has the following features:Higher productivityHigh-speed processingFlexible expandabilityReliable code The Remote Engineering Package can provide remote maintenance environment through Internet. By using the technology of HTTP tunneling and Windows® Remote Desktop, it provides a secure remote maintenance environment without changing the network security policy at the user site.Main FeatureSystem integrators can make remote maintenance network worldwideOnly Internet connection is required (Port 80 and 443 are used)There is no need to change the firewallData is encrypted using AES encryptionInitial cost and running cost are reasonable
Silicon Labs: Everlink
Connected-BIM provides building owners continuous and automated supervision of their assets to ensure hassle-free operating of building systems with increased efficiency at decreased maintenance cost.metrics from sensors can be viewed in real-timeadjustable time periods, samplinglibrary of existing sensor from Silicon Labs, TE, S+S Regeltechniksystem automatically detects newly connected devicesAI module automatically detects anomalies
RTI: RTI DDS Toolkit for LabVIEW
The RTI® DDS Toolkit for LabVIEW allows you to reliably and securely exchange data across highly distributed and heterogeneous systems. Built on RTI Connext DDS, the market-leading implementation of the open standard Data Distribution Service (DDS) for Real-Time Systems, the RTI DDS Toolkit seamlessly exchanges data between LabVIEW VIs and other DDS compliant applications. By providing a high performance, secure and interoperable alternative to custom communication solutions, the RTI DDS Toolkit significantly reduces your development, integration and maintenance costs.Standard Features:Extremely low latency and high throughput Secure authentication, encryption and access controlHighly resilient with no single point of failureScales to thousands of nodes and millions of data pointsReliable multicast for efficient data distributionDecentralized architecture with no services or brokers requiredSeamless communication over shared memory, LAN, WAN and internetCore technology proven by 1000+ customersSupports LabVIEW Real-Time targets running NI Linux
: PDXpert PLM
: Quality Management Software System (QMS)
Microsoft Azure: BioT
Industiral IoT System Integration
Kalewa: Kalewa Smart Hunter using app
The products developed by our engineers use APP
Werma: AndonSPEED
AndonSPEED: a unique system for optimising warehouse logistics processes Since 2016 AndonSPEED has been playing its part in optimising processes on manual workstations and in warehouse operations. The system is a unique and innovative intelligent monitoring and call-for-action system, unlike traditional andon light systems.AndonSPEED not only gives a clear local visual signal of a disruption or change in status on the line or workstation, but also documents and analyses down-time. The wirelessly connected system passes information to a control station display on a PC or screen and can also despatch call for action e-mails automatically to personnel required to intervene and resolve a problem.
Bosch Software Innovations: inubit BPM
You need to optimize your digital processes and want a prototype of your BPM or BRM solution?Powerful and flexible processes are the key to a company’s success in dynamic markets.ScenariosOur customers use inubit BPM in a remarkably wide variety of projects. We can help you in many areas: from application and process integration to automation of procedures and EDI / WebEDI.Intuitive useThanks to the visual interface and customized allocation of roles in inubit BPM, you do not need IT skills to design your processes.Flexible process automationMore than 70 standard connectors make it easy to integrate inubit BPM into your IT infrastructure and connect third-party systems. This flexibility makes inubit BPM especially powerful regarding SOA, EAI, and EDI functions.Process management with our BPM software from start to finishinubit BPM aids you in all phases of Business Process Management (BPM). You will have all the tools you need to model, implement, and monitor your processes, thus laying the foundation for optimum BPM. Your workflows will become leaner, more efficient, and more transparent. Thanks to a wealth of interfaces, you can easily and quickly integrate our platform-independent BPM software into your business environment.You can also count on high availability and system reliability because inubit BPM runs on a cluster network of multiple computers. Known as an active-active cluster, it will handle the processes of any node that fails, therefore ensuring uninterrupted operation. In addition, you can expand our BPM software with add-ons. The fruit of successful projects, our add-ons offer best-practice solutions that have proven themselves many times over.Pursue your path to the goalinubit BPM visualizes the results of your process management, so you can check whether you are on the right path – if not, you can take action. Our BPM tool collects and provides all data in real time. Managers and business users can always access all current key performance indicators (KPIs). In turn, you are always in control of process management and do not lose track of your goals.
Implico: OpenTAS BDP
OpenTAS BDP (Business Data Processor) is an innovative system enabling high end and highly integrated communication processes.It can function as a stand-alone system that integrates the business processes of your field based systems (e.g. SCADA, TAS, Cardlock, etc.). Or it can integrate your field systems into a company’s ERP or another back-office system. OpenTAS BDP was especially developed for the Oil & Gas Industry.OpenTAS BDP has the ability to connect to any system currently in use. It automatically pulls in the required data, checks it for accuracy and schedules it for appropriate delivery to the ERP or back-office system.
Implico: OpenTAS NET
With OpenTAS NET (Net Production) you always have an overview of the net production in your refinery. The system analyzes the tank stocks as well as input and output. The product flow is calculated from these measurements; reports show you the exact daily, weekly and monthly balance. This pragmatic approach delivers comprehensive, easily accessible and fast results.
Implico: OpenTAS QCM
When petroleum products are traded, volumes have to be converted into weight, and vice versa. It is vital for this calculation to be performed correctly because even the smallest inaccuracy will affect key processes in the supply chain of oil and gas companies – from the safety of the loading and warehousing operations through to the computation of tax liability.OpenTAS QCM (Quantity Conversion Module) offers a proven, precise and extremely flexible set of functions for quantity conversion: One single system for accounting, terminal management, and administration.The tool can be deployed as a stand-alone system accessed over RFC (Remote Function Call) as well as in any Terminal Administration System like OpenTAS. Beyond that it works as an integral part of ERP/SAP systems and industry solutions such as SAP IS Oil and SAP SDM (Secondary Distribution Management for Oil & Gas). This standardized solution is highly cost-effective in terms of both procurement and maintenance.
Implico: OpenTAS RDM
OpenTAS RDM (Replenishment & Distribution Management) offers all the functionalities to optimize and automate the complete service station supply. The integrated complete system covers all the production steps: OpenTAS RDM maps the overall process chain, from forecasting and automated order generation to route planning, supply, reconciliation and invoicing. This leads to higher performance and quality and minimizes logistic expenses.Most important functionalities:Order takingMonitoring of service station stock levelsSales forecast (based on historical data)Perfectly timed, automated order takingTakes into consideration opening hours, public and school holidays, day and night fluctuation, etcPlanning & OptimizationRoute plans are compiled intelligently and updated as necessaryPersonnel and vehicles are employed in a way that minimizes idle timesOptimal system support with TDO functionality (Truck Dispatch Optimizer)Orders can be carried out as efficiently as possibleExecutionRoute planning is transmitted electronically to driver's PDAMaximum transparency during executionControl center and driver are updated immediately in case of changesProcessing of real-time data: compliance with route plan is always controlledReconciliationAutomatic or manual reconciliationOpenTAS checks, sorts and enriches the data before connecting it to the SAP business workflowReporting Wide range of standard reportsAdditional customer-specific reports can be created
Implico: OpenTAS TFM
The OpenTAS TFM app is an easy to use utility for OpenTAS customers who wish to have quick access to terminal information via their iPhone or iPad. Real-time information from OpenTAS is provided via web service connections regarding one or even multiple terminals. Access information on:Tank farm and tank levelsCountry, terminal and customer informationProduct volume and movement detailsArrival and departure information of all means of transport units (truck / ship / railcar / pipeline)
Qualcomm: Quectel BG36 Module
Bosch Software Innovations: Remote Service Manager
Increase the efficiency and quality of your maintenance services. With the Remote Service Manager, you can step in to assist your customers with problems at any time and from anywhere. The speed and simplicity with which you are able to handle service requests will help you increase customer satisfaction and, at the same time, optimize the deployment of resources for maintenance work. Using the same resources, you will be able to serve more customers and offer additional services.Benefits:- Optimized maintenance services - Efficient troubleshooting - Real-time tech support - Rapid integration- Secure data storage The Remote Service Manager is the ideal system platform for designing efficient remote services. By using state-of-the-art IT security standards, it enables you to support your customers via remote access to their machinery and equipment, both in the event of problems and during installation and maintenance – a rapid, reliable, and hassle-free solution. The Remote Service Manager’s open interfaces allow it to be integrated seamlessly into your existing IT system landscape, so you can continue to work with your usual systems.
Endian: UTM Software
Turn any PC into a Unified Threat Management ApplianceThe software appliance is ideal for those who are looking to leverage existing hardware (x86) for their networking and security needs. The product functionality is identical to our hardware appliances so there are no tradeoffs required.Endian UTM Software Appliance offers the same technology that resides in the Endian Unified Threat Management (UTM) hardware appliances, making it possible to turn any PC into a full featured security appliance. Unleash the power of Endian UTM using your preferred hardware to enable comprehensive security for your whole network infrastructure. Integrated security services such as stateful inspection firewall, VPN, gateway anti-virus, anti-spam, Web security, and e-mail content filtering offer granular protection in a single system, reducing management time and costs.
PINpoint Information Systems Inc.: PINpoint V5 MES/V5 ANDON
January 24, 2018 -- PINpoint Information Systems, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software developer, announced the release of its Version 5.1.1 (V5) MES and ANDON product’s manufacturing performance dashboards.Their V5 MES and V5 ANDON software now features two separate real-time reporting apps, i.e. a business and manufacturing intelligence dashboard for over-all plant performance monitoring and reporting for plant or engineering managers; and a corresponding plant floor or work station level dashboard screen for assembly line workers and area supervisors to track their progress.Combined, the dashboards afford manufacturers transparency into understanding their unique manufacturing operations. The manufacturer receives insight into how they are really performing right now, including live Over-all Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data visualization. By simply opening a website on any device, manufacturing stakeholders can see how their assembly line is performing at any given moment right to the second of cycle time. PINpoint V5 software was designed with the goal to make the transition from manual data interpretation, or paper based process manufacturing to paperless manufacturing, simple with a turn-key product. The V5 performance dashboards deliver the manufacturer knowledge, or the truth about how their assembly line is really running. 
: Bizowie ERP Software
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