Qualcomm: Quectel BG36 Module
Bosch Software Innovations: Remote Service Manager
Increase the efficiency and quality of your maintenance services. With the Remote Service Manager, you can step in to assist your customers with problems at any time and from anywhere. The speed and simplicity with which you are able to handle service requests will help you increase customer satisfaction and, at the same time, optimize the deployment of resources for maintenance work. Using the same resources, you will be able to serve more customers and offer additional services.Benefits:- Optimized maintenance services - Efficient troubleshooting - Real-time tech support - Rapid integration- Secure data storage The Remote Service Manager is the ideal system platform for designing efficient remote services. By using state-of-the-art IT security standards, it enables you to support your customers via remote access to their machinery and equipment, both in the event of problems and during installation and maintenance – a rapid, reliable, and hassle-free solution. The Remote Service Manager’s open interfaces allow it to be integrated seamlessly into your existing IT system landscape, so you can continue to work with your usual systems.
Endian: UTM Software
Turn any PC into a Unified Threat Management ApplianceThe software appliance is ideal for those who are looking to leverage existing hardware (x86) for their networking and security needs. The product functionality is identical to our hardware appliances so there are no tradeoffs required.Endian UTM Software Appliance offers the same technology that resides in the Endian Unified Threat Management (UTM) hardware appliances, making it possible to turn any PC into a full featured security appliance. Unleash the power of Endian UTM using your preferred hardware to enable comprehensive security for your whole network infrastructure. Integrated security services such as stateful inspection firewall, VPN, gateway anti-virus, anti-spam, Web security, and e-mail content filtering offer granular protection in a single system, reducing management time and costs.
PINpoint Information Systems Inc.: PINpoint V5 MES/V5 ANDON
January 24, 2018 -- PINpoint Information Systems, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software developer, announced the release of its Version 5.1.1 (V5) MES and ANDON product’s manufacturing performance dashboards.Their V5 MES and V5 ANDON software now features two separate real-time reporting apps, i.e. a business and manufacturing intelligence dashboard for over-all plant performance monitoring and reporting for plant or engineering managers; and a corresponding plant floor or work station level dashboard screen for assembly line workers and area supervisors to track their progress.Combined, the dashboards afford manufacturers transparency into understanding their unique manufacturing operations. The manufacturer receives insight into how they are really performing right now, including live Over-all Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data visualization. By simply opening a website on any device, manufacturing stakeholders can see how their assembly line is performing at any given moment right to the second of cycle time. PINpoint V5 software was designed with the goal to make the transition from manual data interpretation, or paper based process manufacturing to paperless manufacturing, simple with a turn-key product. The V5 performance dashboards deliver the manufacturer knowledge, or the truth about how their assembly line is really running. 
: Bizowie ERP Software
: Genius Manufacturing Software
Altizon Systems: Datonis MInt - Manufacturing Intelligence with IoT
Datonis MInt (Manufacturing Intelligence Solution) presents an integrated view of critical operational KPIs and deeper integration with key enterprise systems such as ERP, planning and scheduling, Quality Management Systems, and Business Intelligence (BI) platforms to provide expanded analytics with a 360-degree view of all manufacturing systems and the business.Datonis MInt takes machine data and fuels it with the power of analytics. It combines Operation and IT data with business intelligence and customized application extensions for reporting and functional views. Datonis MInt solves one of the greatest challenges for manufacturers by bringing all of the key machine data into a well-integrated business view; regardless of the size or complexity of the industrial business. MInt is the first IIoT application that lets industrial manufacturers act on localized data from the edge and work it into bigger picture results in the cloud across distributed facilities, without boundaries. It is a single application that works across the lines, plants, and enterprise levels – driver for Industrial digital transformation.Offers a 360-degree view of all plant/floor data powered by data science and Machine LearningCorrelates benchmark reporting to draw business intelligence and share this data/intelligence into enterprise systemsProvides a single solution for real-time plant/floor visibility to top floor data-driven decision makingDeploys easily, delivers a fast return on investment and is ready to scale
Sensus: FlexNet System
The Sensus FlexNet™ communication system is an industry-respected and time-tested communications platform delivering high-speed, reliable, scalable and secure data via long-range radio. This award winning smart metering infrastructure supports Mission Critical IoT, tailoring its offering to a utility’s individual business case.The FlexNet system works with excellent coverage and latency, enabling smart meters and sensors to securely and confidently transmit and receive near real-time customer usage data. This improves your business intelligence, whilst also giving you an edge in the competitive marketplace. The data allows you to proactively manage your electric, water, gas, lighting and smart grid systems.
Exosite: Micro-Vertical Engine
Built on the Murano IoT platform, Micro-Vertical Engine offers the security and scalability required for enterprise IoT solutions, while reducing development costs, accelerating time to market, and maintaining the flexibility for customization.Micro-Vertical Engine powers our Remote Condition Monitoring and Home Automation Application Engine solutions—use it in the same way to power yours.Ready-to-use features and accelerator technologies:Responsive web and mobile application frameworkSolution templates for your unique businessEnterprise integrations to get data where you need it most
Software AG: TrendMiner
TrendMiner software is based on a high-performance analytics engine for data captured in time series. With TrendMiner, process engineers and operators can easily search for trends and question their process data directly – without help from a data scientist.
Aeris: magePoint
Founded in 2014, magePoint – Magento Development Company has been dedicated to eCommerce solutions across the globe. Offering the highest standards of Magento eommerce Development Services and tailored Magento  customizations to complement your bespoke business requirements. 
Arm: mbed Studio
Mbed Studio is an IDE for Mbed OS 5 application and library development, including all the dependencies and tools you need in a single package so that you can create, compile and debug on the desktop. Mbed Studio is currently in closed alpha, and we are no longer taking new access requests.With Mbed Studio, we're targeting application development as the focus, bringing together our command line tools and utilities into an environment that allows you to get up and running quickly with a single installer. We currently provide desktop command line tools and utilities such as pyOCD and Mbed CLI, which are often used to build custom environments, or for CI, but for users who are looking for a simple way to program and debug with Mbed, we wanted to make the experience easier. For the more gnarly embedded development challenges, which require powerful debug capabilities, you can work with Mbed OS in Keil uVision or IAR Embedded Workbench via our exporters.We've chosen Eclipse as the framework to base Mbed Studio on, since the C/C++ Development Tooling gives us a good level of functionality for microcontroller development out of the box. To that, we’ve added the Mbed OS tooling, and focused the UI around the idea of an active project, so that build, run, debug and other actions are all carried out against the active project. This is quite different to the way that Eclipse typically works, but we feel that it offers a more consistent development experience with our other tools. We sometimes find that Eclipse can be confusing when it comes to configuration menus, and so we populate as much as possible behind the scenes so that you won’t need to go menu diving.
Telia: Telia Carrier
Our online lives are changing. Our cars, our homes and the cities we live in are becoming online. And the more we connect, the more we need to connect.That’s where we come in. We are the backbone of the internet – and a whole lot more. We connect eyeballs to content and businesses to the cloud. And we do it with the security and performance we’re all going to need. So we can all keep focusing on possibilities.WELCOME TO AS1299We started building our network 1993 – and we’re not done yet. Because there’s no substitute for owning your own. Having the end-to-end control to know exactly what’s happening and the power to do something about it – before end users notice. That’s the difference our backbone makes: your end users won’t even know we’re here.KEEP THEM SEPARATEDWhen it comes to connectivity, you can never have too much certainty. Which is why we developed our red and blue networks.This strict separation of two geographically diverse networks delivers 99.999% reliability. And as both the red and blue networks have similar delay performance, delivery doesn’t suffer if one of them goes down.In contrast to most carriers, we have a high level of PoP diversity. All international gateway PoPs and heavily trafficked cities have a minimum of two identical PoPs, at two different locations, to guarantee performance.DIVERSITY BY DESIGNCrossings in the network are, in practice, unavoidable. But we are constantly rebuilding our network to minimize the risks.Where red-blue can’t be applied, documented standards – aimed at resilience by design – allow for meshing and ring concepts.Further, we try to double everything that’s feasible, including power, so if something happens it won’t affect our customers. And we are always on the lookout for new ways to improve our entire system.
Nozomi Networks: Central Management Console
Consolidated cybersecurity management andremote access to distributed appliances.Optionally connect to the Nozomi Networks customer portal for vulnerability, rules and SCADAguardian updates. Easily propagate changes to all appliances in the field.
Echelon: IzoT Commission Tool
Install and commission a community of devices by simply drawing your network with the integrated Microsoft Visio tool. As you draw your network, IzoT CT communicates with your devices and automatically configures them to match your drawing. To make two devices communicate, you draw a line between them. The result is a network drawing that serves as the as-built documentation for your network. IzoT CT 4.1 is the newest release of Echelon’s OpenLNS CT, adding support for native IP-70 (LON/IP) devices and interfaces in addition to classic LON devices and interfaces.Commissions LON/IP and ISO/IEC 14908-1 LON devices with a simple graphical interfaceEliminates commissioning fees (credits) required by previous toolsIntegrates Echelon’s LNS network management engine, which has been used in more than 90,000 systems to commission more than 5 million devicesProvides an open platform supporting multiple simultaneous users commissioning devices and running multiple applications from multiple vendorsSupports LON/IP and ISO/IEC 14908-1 LON compatible devices including LON/IP IP-70 and IP-852 devices on Ethernet or Wi-Fi channels, as well as LON/IP and classic LON devices on ISO/IEC 14908-2 FT, ISO/IEC 14908-3 PL, or TP-1250 channelsCompatible with IzoT CT 4.0, OpenLNS CT, and LonMaker drawings and databasesSupports IzoT Net, OpenLNS, and LNS plug-insSupported by hundreds of third-party applicationsIncludes integrated IzoT Net Server for network managementIntegrates easily with third-party tools and applications with an XML file import/ export capabilityReduces network design time with support for custom shapes and automatic connection–type selectionSupports networks with up to 32,385 devices on up to 1000 channels, with each device supporting up to 4096 data points or network variablesSupports multi-channel networks with multiple LON/IP, classic LON, IP-70 and IP-852 routersFree trial edition is available for download (requires separate purchase of Visio 2016)
Sierra Wireless: AirVantage® IoT Platform
Build, deploy and manage complete IoT solutions. No other platform can get your IoT service to market faster.AirVantage is much more than an IoT application enablement platform. It is purpose built to provide all of the platform services you need to build unique, global wireless IoT Services.Connectivity ManagementSimplify your SIM fleet management with an operator-agnostic platform that offers everything you need for tracking your global SIM inventory, monitoring usage and managing the lifecycles of your Sierra Wireless and legacy SIMs from the operators of your choice.Application EnablementWhether you are building new applications or integrating your data into ERP, CRM or data analytics systems you need a high performance platform, tools and a development community that will get your service to market faster. Focus on your customer experience and leave your IoT infrastructure to Sierra Wireless.Device ManagementGetting to market quickly only matters if you can deliver an amazing, always-on user experience to your customers. You need to know before your customers when problems are about to occur and be able to fix them quickly. Give your team the industry’s only set of cellular device management tools to keep your service running.Supported HardwareIn order to collect a return on investment on your projects and get to market quickly, you need hardware that is natively supported by your platform and allows you to build value added applications from day one.
Chirp: Data-Over-Sound Software Development Kits
Chirp technology encodes data into a series of audible or inaudible near-ultrasonic pitches and tones to form a ‘sonic barcode’. Data is encoded on a sending device before being transmitted, over the air, to a receiving device, or group of devices where it is decoded.Any device with a speaker can emit a Chirp and most devices with a microphone and small amount of processing power can receive and decode it.Our technology comes packaged as a suite of interoperable SDKs, and we can also develop custom products optimised for our partners' specific requirements. Data transmission
Gambit Communications: MIMIC® SNMP Simulator
MIMIC SNMP Agent Simulator creates a network of up to100,000 SNMP manageable devices. You can create any SNMP based device with any number of public or private MIBs to run a large variety of device configurations with your SNMP management application. It lets you generate thousands of traps to simulate disaster scenarios.MIMIC Features1. Multiple Agents in One BoxFamily of SNMP simulators with a variety of sizes geared to any budget.Simulate up to 100,000 SNMP agent instances on one computer.Each agent instance has its own IP (or IPv6) addresses on any subnet.Each SNMPv1 agent has independent read and write SNMP community strings.Each SNMPv3 agent has independent USM and VACM parameters. (MD5, SHA, SHA-2 / RFC 7860 Authentication, DES, AES, AES-192, AES-256 Privacy).Each agent instance has its own notion of uptime, eg. one can be running for 100 days, while another has just started.2. Customized SNMP SimulationSelect any subset of supported MIBs for each agent instance.Use any of the 2000+ pre-compiled MIBs for devices from the leading networking companies.Run any mix of the supplied actual device simulations from the device library, among them are Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, HP, Marconi, 3Com and many more.Build your own SNMP simulation with the topologies and devices you need.3. SNMP Agent Instance ConfigurationConfigure each SNMP agent instance individually or collectively.Control each MIB object instance of each SNMP agent instance independently or as relationships.4. Extensible EnvironmentAdd any MIB to the SNMP simulation by compiling it with the MIMIC CompilerCreate basic simulations of actual devices with the MIMIC RecorderExtend the simulation with standard scripting languages.Customize the simulations with a powerful simulation language.5. Real-time Modifiable SimulationsUse the MIB browser to manipulate each MIB object simulation independently at run-time.Configure the simulation via batch scripts for automated regression testing or hands-off product demonstration.Pause simulations to investigate a particular problem and resume at any point in time.6. Configurable SNMP Trap GenerationConfigure arrival rate, cutoff time, variable values, etc. on a per Trap basis in real-time and generate Trap storms.Take snapshots with the Trap Wizard to replicate exact Trap sequences.7. Recording EnvironmentTake snapshots of real world scenarios and simulate them almost immediately.Discover large networks with Discovery Wizard.Create dynamic simulations over time with Snapshot Wizard.
Opentrends Inc.: Thingtia
Opentrends Thingtia simplifies the way businesses collect, monitor, analyse and broadcast information gathered by sensors and actuators. Thingtia avoids vertical solutions and makes data sharing easier, while reducing specific technology, product and supplier dependency. A solid proven solution for city infrastructure with full-application in other sectors: Agriculture, Farming, Energy, Logistics,  Automotive, Smart Home, and Consumer electronics.
BlackBerry: BlackBerry Enterprise Software
Securely Enabling the Enterprise of ThingsThe Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as one of the most significant developments of our time. IoT devices connecting to the enterprise all need to be secured, managed, and enabled by IT. Collectively, these endpoints are the Enterprise of Things, and are driving new levels of business transformation.Data breaches and cybersecurity threats are some of the biggest roadblocks to realizing the potential of the Enterprise of Things. BlackBerry Secure is a comprehensive, mobile-native approach to security that addresses the entire enterprise, from endpoint to endpoint. BlackBerry® offers comprehensive, cloud-enabled software that helps companies manage and secure the Enterprise of Things. Gartner gives BlackBerry Software highest scores in all 6 of 6 use cases of the Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management.Mobilize Your BusinessSecurely Manage and Control EndpointsManage your diverse and growing set of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, IoT) from a single console.Increase Productivity on All DevicesIncrease productivity with an integrated set of apps for email, calendar, contacts, documents, browsing and more.Transform Your Business With AppsDevelop custom mobile apps and workflows to drive new value while protecting your sensitive business information.Protect Your Files and IPEnable users to confidently access, share and collaborate, on any device with the leading secure EFSS solution.
Hitachi Data Systems (Hitachi): Hitachi Integrated Operations Management JP1
Since its debut in 1994, JP1 has provided value that has met the needs of countless companies in many different fields and throughout several generations of technology. JP1 has always sought to optimize system operations, making it a mainstay at small businesses, large enterprises, and everything in between. Our customers are active in a wide variety of fields, from finance and other industries to government agencies. JP1 is continuously evolving to adapt to changing times, but one thing remains constant: our support for our customers' businesses.1. Quality that comes from years of product developmentJP1 products are developed in an environment that incorporates the technological expertise and experience that have accumulated at Hitachi over many years.This development process results in a consistent output of high-quality products that can be applied to increasingly complex and diverse systems. Furthermore, because JP1 products of different versions can be used within the same system, administrators can easily upgrade the products in their systems in phases.2. Strong platform and environment supportJP1 products can be used with a number of different platforms, including Windows, Linux, and UNIX; with cluster and virtualization platforms; and with cloud services. JP1's continual evolution ensures that it always keeps up with the latest trends in platform technology.3. Full support for 10 yearsHitachi Support 360 guarantees you a minimum of ten years of support for a given product version. For example, for a server that you plan to replace every five years, you will have access to standard support services for up to two upgrade cycles. To ensure the stable operation of your systems, Hitachi provides robust support consisting of three elements: resolving problems, sharing information, and patching software.4. Support from JP1 professionalsGet support from the more than 50,000 certified JP1 professionals in Japan. Continue to receive support after installation, such as whenever you set up or modify one of your systems. Our support personnel are available to help you build systems based on your requirements (including system scale and environment) and are available to respond to any inquiries concerning system modifications.5. Quality and reliability that come from being made in JapanJP1 supports operating systems in many different languages, which has contributed to its adoption in countries all over the world. To handle inquiries from all regions of the world, sales offices and support sites are present not only in Japan, but also in China, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe. JP1 representatives are ready to provide solid support for the operations management of your most important systems.
relayr: Neokami Analytics
Neokami is a fully integrated deep learning platform that brings value to your IOT data. Our team of PhDs, software engineers and scalable data analysis platform address all use cases from Computer Vision to streaming Anomaly Detection.
Dassault Systemes: SOLIDWORKS
SOLIDWORKS Solutions Cover All Aspects of Your Development ProcessSOLIDWORKS design software is as simple as it is powerful – enabling any company to bring its vision to life and capture global markets.SOLIDWORKS® solutions focus on the way you work every day, with an intuitive, integrated 3D design environment that covers all aspects of product development and helps maximize your design and engineering productivity. Over 2 million designers and engineers worldwide use SOLIDWORKS to bring designs to life—from the coolest gadgets to innovations for a better tomorrow.3DEXPERIENCE LABFor over 100 centuries, cities have been epicenters of human civilization, continually shaping and reshaping culture and commerce. Never has this been more true than today. Cities around the globe are bristling with innovation as they seek to address longstanding urban challenges while leading the charge to meet emerging challenges like climate change and significant population growth.
Mojix: STARflex™ RFID Reader
RFID reader provides high performance inventory tracking and analytics for retail, ambulatory healthcare and other complex environments.The STARflex™ RFID reader combines the unmatched performance and location capabilities of the STAR receiver architecture with a highly flexible new interface design optimized for cost effective, easy-to-deploy solutions for enclosed environments such as real-time retail inventory tracking, ambulatory patient flow management and indoor asset tracking.HIGH PERFORMANCE HARDWARE DESIGNDistributed excitation architecture scales efficiently to 48 antennas per readerDual receivers provide the highest sensitivity available in a 4-port readerCompliant with EPC Gen2V2, ISO 18000-6c and ISO 18000-6cTrueRTLS™ location precision when used with the Mojix RTLS MCON applianceFLEXIBLE SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURERESTful APIJSON and MQTT payload optionsjs supportSupport for local execution of user code via RESTful API or shell access (expert)Automatic phone-home registration process speedsCompatible with ViZix IoT platform solutionEasy automatic “phone-home” setup process out of the box
Aicas: JaimacaVM
JamaicaVM is a hard realtime Java VM with a fully preemptable, deterministic garbage collector. Depending on the hardware and operating system a submicrosecond jitter can be achieved. The JamaicaVM toolchain contains an application builder and profiler for optimizing your applications. The J2SE 6 language features are supported.JamaicaVM is optimized for intelligent systems and critical applications, like M2M, HMI and industrial internet. JamaicaVM is widely used in the automotive, industrial automation, mil/aero, medical and financial markets.
Aicas: VeriFlux
VeriFlux is an automatic static code analysis tool for use in complete applications, as well as custom program parts. Nothing needs to be changed in the application to carry out the analysis. Error sources such as run-time errors or thread-related errors are highlighted in the source code.Early detection of bugs at the source code level reduces the need for dynamic testing, and helps prevent bugs from making it into the field, resulting in a substantial reduction in development costs and time.
NetFoundry (Tata Communications): Branch Office Internet Connect
Securely and reliably connect your branch offices, cloud sites and IoT sites using your existing network providers in two steps with no custom CPE:Deploy our endpoint software to user devices or in your DMZ as a virtual machine or appliance. The endpoint software connects to the NetFoundry global SDN, via your existing network providers.Use the NetFoundry Console or APIs to instantly spin up your own private networks “AppWANs” across the NetFoundry security-optimized, high-performance fabric.Software clients, adapters and cloud gateways enable you to extend your private network to cloud, IoT, extranet, remote worker and SaaS applications. Without any CPE or Internet provider restrictions.NetFoundry’s dark network, software defined network security and real-time application performance enable the branch offices to avoid hardware deployments and hub-and-spoke backhaul.
Bridgera LLC: Bridgera Rescue
A Personal Security and Emergency Response App offering security at home or away. With a low acquisition cost, Bridgera Rescue is the perfect companion for lone workers, teenagers, aging-at-home adults, and anyone that might require an added level of security when on-the-go.Features:Panic Button - Instant call for help. Sends location and identty to a security monitoring center for rapid assistance.Location Tracking - Transmits the app location to a monitoring center, tracks movement and maintains history.24x7 Monitoring - Always-on personal security monitoring service available whenever a request is made.Geo-Fence Alerts - Personal contacts receive arrival and departure notifications via SMS and email.When it comes to personal security, "good enough" is not enough. Carrying a PERS device may not be practical, desirable, or cost effective with no guarantee you will have it when you need it. Most people are inseparable from their smartphone. Bridgera Rescue runs as an App in the background of a smartphone ensuring that it is available when you need it.A simple button push automatically alerts a monitoring center and opens up a direct communication channel. If voice communication is not possible, the subscriber's information and precise, real-time location is automatically transmitted to the monitoring agent so that help can be dispatched without delay. Simultaneously, predefined emergency contacts will be notified via SMS and email for an added level of comfort. Worried about losing the Bridgera Rescue App among all the other Apps on your phone? No problem, coming soon is a BLE pendent that can be worn as a pin, on a chain, or carried in a purse or pocket. 1 simple push of the pendent's button will set the App in motion hands free! The pendent will also come with a tethering feature to notify you if your phone is out of range of the pendent. 
NetFoundry (Tata Communications): Integrated AppWANs
Quickly take new applications from prototype to production by using ready-made, application-integrated networking to eliminate the costs and time of custom infrastructure and network engineering, and not disrupt your entire WAN as you add new applications.Integrated AppWANs optimize network security and performance according to the specific needs of the application, creating a private, app-specific WAN for the application, accessed from your existing broadband Internet connection.AppWAN for IBM Watson Voice enables contact centers and enterprises to instantly and securely connect to Watson Voice, without requiring expensive networking infrastructure and SIP interworking projects.NetFoundry APIs also enable app developers and admins to make your own Integrated AppWANs, embedding networks in your apps which meet the specific performance and security needs of your app, without requiring custom engineering on the enterprise network (private beta; contact us to participate).
NetFoundry (Tata Communications): IoT AppWANs
NetFoundry’s IoT software is deployed on IoT endpoints (Linux, Windows, Mac), or at IoT WAN edge gateway sites (virtual machine or appliance). The software enables your IoT device or campus to securely and reliably connect to anywhere, from any Internet connection, and can bundle multiple connections into a hybrid IoT WAN. Each of your IoT AppWANs is application micro-segmented and provides superior security and performance.NetFoundry is a certified Dell IoT partner, running on Dell’s 3000 and 5000 IoT gateways.NetFoundry’s IoT software can be embedded directly in your IoT solution via NetFoundry APis. For example, Integron, a managed healthcare provider,partnered with NetFoundry for secure connectivity for healthcare IoT.NetFoundry is a founding member of EdgeXFoundry, an open IoT edge platform managed by the Linux Foundation. NetFoundry functions as a network microservice enabling EdgeX deployments to simply and securely connect to fog, core or cloud.
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