Ambyint: Production Optimization Platform (POP)
SoftDEL: softBAC | BACnet Device Simulator PR-19
Softdel’s BOSS Simulator simulates a network of virtual BACnet devices, properties and service configurations, without the need for physical devices. It provides a comprehensive ability to effectively troubleshoot BACnet functionality and interoperability, without conducting field tests. Its easy-to-use interface allows developers and systems integrators to configure, monitor and issue service commands to accessible physical or virtual devices on the BACnet network.
Splunk: Splunk Cloud™
No infrastructure, no problem—aggregate, analyze and get answers from your machine data.Fast Time to ValueGo live in as early as two days with minimal delay and change management.No Infrastructure RequirementsDon't waste time and resources on building a foundation—Splunk has you covered.Maximize Limited ResourcesFocus on building data automations, dashboards, reports and alerts instead of backend plumbing.Set It and Forget ItTrigger custom actions and workflows toautomate the collection and indexing of machine data critical to your organization’s operations and performanceBuild Intelligence with Machine Learning and AIGet actionable insights with the help of smart algorithms that help you make more informed decisions. Don't waste time or resources, when you have Splunk in your corner. Keep Access and ControlTiered data storage services are included with Splunk Cloud and empower you to move your data from Splunk Cloud to your own storage environment. 
Tibbo Systems: AggreGate Building Automation
AggreGate Building Automation is a powerful and flexible Building Management System (BMS). Its vendor-agnostic technology and open-source interfaces based on IT standards are extremely well suited for controlling all intelligent building systems.
Astrata: Astrata AFMS
Astrata AFMS is utilized by domestic and MNC transport fleets that rely on Astrata as an integral part of their operations. Often integrating its Astrata AFMS with a customer’s other systems, the Astrata solution minimizes risks, increases efficiency, reduces costs and enhances productivity in transport and fleet operations. Users of Astrata AFMS are able to access critical and actionable information in real time via Astrata’s powerful online web interface–GLSi™–from a control centre, workstation computer, tablet and even smartphone.
Salesforce: Salesforce Einstein
Think of Salesforce Einstein like a personal data scientist — it infuses advanced AI capabilities into your apps so everyone can deliver more personalized and predictive customer experiences. Salesforce Einstein automatically discovers relevant insights, predicts future outcomes, proactively recommends best next steps, and even automates tasks. And since it’s built right into the Salesforce Platform, it enables anyone to build AIpowered apps — using clicks or code — so everyone can get smarter with every customer interaction.
Upskill: Skylight
Upskill is the market leader in enterprise software for augmented reality devices in industrial settings. Trusted by the world's greatest companies, such as GE and The Boeing Company, both also investors, Georgia Pacific, and many others, our technology enhances the capabilities of hands-on workers to measurably and immediately improve business operations from the factory to the warehouse to the jobsite.With our industrial platform, Skylight, workers can be connected to the information they need to do their jobs with greater efficiency and fewer errors, enabling businesses to become more agile and competitive.  Upskill offers multiple Skylight product tiers and deployment options to provide organizations with more choices for how to get started and increase usage of AR across their company. For the new release, the most notable capabilities include:-Skylight Application Builder: A simple, drag-and-drop interface and library of UI cards that allow non-technical personnel to quickly build Skylight Applications based on existing processes. This reduces time-to-market and development costs associated with identifying and piloting new AR use cases across an organization.-Skylight Connect: A tool that enables immediate, codeless integration of Skylight with common databases and web services. With Skylight Connect, customers can quickly deploy new Skylight Applications that tap into enterprise systems while reducing complexity, support and maintenance costs for IT.-Skylight SDK: An all new software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to use common programming methods, languages, and toolsets to rapidly build a deeper level of control and customization of Skylight Applications.-Skylight Live: A comprehensive suite of new live HD video collaboration tools built into the Skylight experience to allow workers to solve issues faster and improve outcomes. Added features include remote camera zoom and capture, and annotation on shared documents and snapshots.
ClearBlade: ClearBlade IoT Portals
Easily visualize, discover, interact and operate your devices securely with role-based ClearBlade IoT Portals.ClearBlade Portals give you a secure and flexible model to intelligently interact with your machines, devices and users in real-time.Orchestrate and define rules with a unified view across all IoT assets including the aggregation of data, events, and alerts down to the individual machine, device and sensor components.Leverage pre-built widgets and industry specific Portal templates to accelerate your delivery to the business in customized visualizations and operations.Responsive design delivers dashboards and management consoles on mobile, desktop and embedded screen sizes.Easily display the health and status of your factories, warehouses, and buildings.
Far South Networks: Com.X Call Center Analyser
Com.X Call Center Analyser provides a flexible, real-time call queue monitoring and reporting engine for the Com.X IP PBX.  -Comprehensive Reports: Display accurate and clear information of your business call center activity in formatted tables and informative charts-Affordable: Once off, license purchase for the complete Analyser package-Integrated: Powered by Asternic Call Center Stats Pro 2, pre-integrated within Com.X PBX for ultimate flexibility and ease of use--Web based: All setup and report reviews via web browser interface
Cumulocity (Software AG): Cumulocity IoT Platform
Connect your things and innovate your businessCumulocity is the leading independent Device and Application Management Internet of Things (IoT) Platform since 2010. Our Internet of Things Platform connects and manages your machines effortlessly, so you can focus on your business’s value adding activities.Our IoT Platform is open, application centric and free-to-try which allows you to prove your end-to-end business concept quickly with a handful of things and rapidly scale your deployment to over 20 global data centres as you connect millions with telco grade reliability.ConnectConnect your things over any network in minutes with a 'plug and play' approachManageCondition monitoring, real-time analytics and fully configurable dashboardsExtendExtend your service with easy workflow integration to your business applications (Google): Delivery Management Software
ManageTeamz is a technology product that helps •    Companies to track their employees, sales team performance•    Fleet companies to track their fleet location, time to destination•    Distribution agencies to track their order and location•    Food Delivery companies to monitor their customer's location, delivery boys will be navigated to customer location and get immediate acknowledgement once the order is deliveredLive Tracking App for Sales and Support Team: ManageTeamz consists of Web app, iPhone and Android app, which bridge the gap between Managers and their Sales team. It's a complete product, which maximizes communication with their employees, gather customer feedback from their location, collect orders, tickets, and issues and handle specific cases. Manager shall know what's happening in customer location through various status messages. Live Tracking App for Fleet Companies: ManageTeamz web admin panel helps Fleet owners to enter customer location, create fleets and assign delivery schedule.  Owners can see their fleet’s current location, time for destination and track their route.  Owners will be immediately notified when the goods are delivered. Fleet Drivers will use Android or iPhone App to view their customer location and navigate to their place. Drivers can also view the tasks assigned to them and deliver goods as per the order. Live Tracking App for Food Delivery Company ManageTeamz web admin panel allows companies to schedule their deliverables and Employees can deliver the goods. Employees will use their mobile app to deliver and get the acknowledgement through an app. Why ManageTeamz? •    Increase your Operational Efficiency•    Robust Technical Solution•    Cost effective subscription and customized plan•    Customer SupportContact us for a Demo! 
Iomote: Mymote
NavVis : NavVis M6 Indoor Mobile Mapping System
NEXT-GENERATION REALITY CAPTUREFast, all-in-one mobile scanning captures 360° immersive imagery and point clouds without compromising data quality.Find out how the NavVis M6 mobile mapping system can change the way you capture indoor environments. Designed for speed, usability and accuracy, the M6 can quickly capture even the most complex indoor environments. M6 is an all-in-one mobile mapping system that lets you capture reality without compromising on accuracy.NavVis brings all-in-one reality capture to even the largest indoor environments. The NavVis M6 indoor mobile mapping system is designed for large-scale scanning projects where data quality matters. You can now automatically capture point clouds, 360° immersive imagery, and sensor data at the speed of walking through a building:Scan up to 30x faster than with stationary scanners and devicesCapture up to 30,000 square meters per dayAdapt to complex indoor environments while continuously scanning Fast data capture does not have to mean compromising on quality. The NavVis M6 combines a mobile LiDAR system with our innovative mapping software to facilitate survey-grade scans. At the same time, the multi-camera head captures dense 360° imagery:All-in-one capture: photorealistic point clouds, 360° imagery, Bluetooth beacons, Wifi signals, magnetic field data6D SLAM: The M6 accurately maps changes in elevation and uneven surfaces in 6 degrees-of-freedomHigh accuracy and low drift: The new 6D SLAM system includes our renowned Precision SLAM technology to reduce drift error NavVis improves scanning by making it faster and easier to capture indoor data. A single operator can transport, assemble, and scan with M6.  The integrated workflow from device setup to data publishing results in faster turnaround and less time spent scanning:Easy to assemble and can be transported in a hatchbackIntegrated workflow from device set up to data publishingOptional ground control points are compatible with the NavVis workflow
Sensorbis GmbH: Sensorbis
Acquire, store, visualize and export telemetry of Internet-connected devices.Acquisition and storage of telemetry data;visualization and export of data on charts, maps and user-provided plans;real-time tracking;management through web application and API;email notifications based on thresholds;no installation required.
VKS is a powerful Electronic Work Instruction solution developed to help manufacturers improve profitability through improvements in quality, productivity and efficiency. VKS makes the creation, deployment and management of work instructions simple and efficient while providing an integrated platform for data collection and live productivity monitoring.
Scope AR: Worklink
WorkLink allows for the quick assembly and dissemination of information and skills across your organization, ensuring that your experts’ knowledge is captured and codified, and that the entire organization has the most up-to date information and instruction the moment it’s available.By enabling in-house creation of virtual instruction manuals, WorkLink accelerates the production process, lowers production costs, and improves data security. It also makes it possible to continuously improve workflows by gathering and analyzing meta-data such as timestamps, video logs, and user activities.The Worklink platform allows users with no prior coding knowledge to create rich, engaging, augmented reality Smart instructions that automatically collect data, provide actionable insights, and can be deployed globally through a simple app.By transforming traditional paper-based work instructions into Smart instructions, users are immersed into animated, intuitive, 3D computer generated imagery that overlay on top of the real world.
Yazzoom: YASENSE Excel
Tribal Systems: Zenario (CMS)
Zenario: the easiest way to manage the content of your siteA content-managed website lets a non-technical person update content on a website through an easy-to-use interface.Building your site so you can enjoy adding contentWe build every site using a set of templates that you can work with. The templates control the overall layout, font, colour and other styling, so with a simple double-click you can edit the words.It's easy to expand your site, as the menu navigation is designed to grow with the site, and there's handling for easy upload of images, videos, documents and other media.Powerful, standard featuresMobile-friendlyThese days every good site is standards-based and mobile friendly; so we build responsive sites that make you look good on desktop, table and smart phone.Version controlPrepare new pages in draft mode, and share them with other administrators, before publishing. Archived versions can be preserved.DocumentsDocument libraries may be private or public, but setting up a document library, whether you have one download or thousands, is simple. More advanced featuresLocationsMany sites that we build include geographic information, so Zenario can include a database of physical places, anywhere in the world.This may mean retailers, branch offices, project sites, places to stay, places to go out... the list is endless.Zenario even has capabilities to handle hierarchies of places - such as a head office and branches - and relationships between locations and people through "roles".By giving you the ability to model the real world in data, your website connects your world to your customers'. Multi-lingual supportWebsites can be multi-language, and serve multiple countries. A multi-lingual website has special demands, ranging from the visitor interface to the maintainability of the site's content.Customisable online databasesIt's increasingly expected that a site has a database built in: your site may be a repository for products; projects; cases... or anything.Whatever it is, we believe that you should be able to edit that data, to import it, to export it, even to change the schema of that data by adding your own custom fields.Zenario lets you do this. Every Zenario site has a built-in Dataset sub-system, which allows exactly that to happen.Extranet and intranet secure areasWhen you need to control access to web pages, documents, other data or functionality, you need an extranet or intranet type site.We've built Zenario to have full user management built into its core. An extranet needn't be hard to deploy.
Sopheon: Accolade Go
Accelerate Innovation and New Product Development with Accolade GoMobile access to work-related information is now considered routine. Innovating from anywhere with Accolade Go can improve your innovation performance and business success by allowing you to make better, faster decisions on the go.With Accolade Go you will never again be a bottleneck simply because you're not at your desk.Monitor and track innovation projects from anywhere.Keep up to date on the status of critical priorities and actions.Enter gate decisions and submit approvals to keep workflows moving smoothly.Quickly review and assess innovation initiatives and key deliverables.
Google: ARCore
ARCore is a software development kit developed by Google that allows for augmented reality applications to be built. 
AXOOM IoT: An open, modular platformThe AXOOM digital business platform enables straightforward connection of machines, sensors and components as well as continuous data transfer between the systems and interfaces. Our technical infrastructure bears the qualification »Hosted in Germany,« which attests that all data flows are protected optimally at all times under Germany’s strict data protection laws. AXOOM is intuitive to operate, modular in construction and provides unique possibilities for analyzing and visualizing machine data.The AXOOM IoT Starter Kit is your quick and easy ticket to taking advantage of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things. Within just a few weeks, your first machines will be connected. You will receive insight into the field data of your networked equipment and can collect and evaluate it.IoT Management with Connection Center: Management and networking of your machinesCondition Monitoring: Live monitoring of the performance of your machinesPerformance Dashboard: Visualization and analysis of historical performance data and faults for your machine
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE): HP Reveal
HP Reveal makes it easy for anyone to create and use AR, from educators teaching the next generation to the world's leading brands by providing:-Intuitive & Easy To Use Interface: Upload assets and assemble Auras in our easy to use interface - so fast and easy, it can be done in under 60s.-Personalized AR: Reach audience segments using targeting tools like platform, region, time of day, and more.-Real-Time Campaign Insights: Measure campaign results through a comprehensive analytics dashboard.HP Reveal helps the world's leading brands use augmented reality in mobile campaigns to drive results across diverse KPIs and goals including social engagement, landing page visits, and merchandise sales.-Audience engagement: Shorten the path to conversion by connecting offline marketing to online channels with an augmented reality experience that directs customers to points of sale, landing pages, social engagement channels, and more. -Results analytics: HP Reveal adds measurability to offline marketing and gain deeper insight into how your marketing mix contributes to conversions and sales. HP Reveal's best-in-class web studio for creating, managing, and tracking augmented reality campaigns includes a comprehensive analytics dashboard for views, interactions, clicks, and more.
Physical Web: Physical Web
The Physical Web is an open approach to enable quick and seamless interactions with physical objects and locations.
Wrike: Real-time Work Management Software
World class features that empower your teams to be efficient, no matter where they're located.Core Building Blocks of WorkBreak large goals into manageable pieces, attach files, and set due dates. Add any task into multiple folders or projects and create any combination of folder structures.Request Forms & AutomationAccelerate delivery and scale your project volume with Dynamic Request Forms. Collect all necessary information from requesters up front and automatically assign it to the right team. Learn more about Automation in Wrike.Live Editing & File ManagementWork collaboratively and see everyone’s changes in real-time. Upload and edit documents without saving attachments to your computer.
astozi: systemONE
systemONE is a complete enterprise environment monitoring system, that allows toprevent outages,optimalize costs,keep production processes’ quality parameters on desired levelsthanks tohardware, software and custom solutions delivered by astozi,3rd party hardware integration capabilities,3rd party software suites integration capabilities.So, if youmanage the IT infrastructure,are responsible for production quality / storage management,deliver environmental data driven servicesdon’t hesitate and choose astozi professional solutions for you or your customer.GET THE DATAThe system is designed for environmental monitoring of single locations, as well as complex and distributed installations that could spread across many physical locations. The complete solution consists of the network of sensors and adata processing & visualisation platform in form of a dedicated Hardware or Virtual Appliance. The communication between sensors and central unit is achieved with use of both wireless and wired technologies. systemONE can work either with dedicated astozi mote sensors, or 3rd party sensors and industrial probes (PT100/1000, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V DC, 1-Wire etc. ) making it the most versatile solution available on the market.VISUALIZE & ANALYZEThe system allows monitoring of multiple types of parameters at the same time. The server analyses the data and presents it via dashboards, graphs, or several types of maps. All views can be customized and used in any type of application.GET INFORMEDThe system allows to create multiple alarm policies that may be adapted to user’srequirements. They include both safe range settings as well as choosing thenotification type (like SMS, e-mail and other). Every measurement exceedingsafe range set for selected type of sensor is logged, and a notification issent to infrastructure maintenance personnel. The possibility of continuous accessto data and events gathered from external sources is a very important feature of systemONE. This allows to implement the system not only in new installations, but in existing ones too.
XKI: XKI.Cloud - IoT Management Platform
XKI.Cloud is a cloud-hosted Internet-of-Things Platform for Device, Event and User Management. Beside other advantages, the Remote Client for IoT devices comes with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and enables device authentication without having to write a single line of code.Remote Monitoring & Control from the Cloud Dashboard.Flexible Rules Engine for Custom Triggers & Actions.Real-Time Data Processing, Analysis & Alerting.Secure Remote Firmware & Software Updates.Remote Client with Graphical User Interface.
Ossisto 365: Active Directory Health Profiler
AD Health Profiler can do health check of production Active Directory Forests. A complete health check indeed is needed before implementing new solutions to your customers and/or before making a big change in your production environment. Our Health Checks have been designed by Microsoft MVPs and IT Industry experts.
Magesolution: Advanced Ajax Newsletter for Magento 2
Newsletter subscription is an important characteristic in Magento, which helps site owner to collect customer information and send them regular promotion programs. However, sometimes, newsletter form brings its own problems due to spam mails, or customer complaint for not unsubscribing your page in order not to receive promotion.This extension helps you to solve these problems by adding captcha for newsletter form, while creating a page allowing customer to unsubscribe. In there, after customer submit their mail which has been registered for promotion purpose, a template mail will be sent to them with a link, customier click the link to unsubscribe.EXTENSION FEATURESAlow using Ajax or notDisabling/Enabling captchaAdding First name/Last name to newsletter formAdding unsubscribe pageOptions of email template 
Magesolution: Advanced Content Manager Magento 2 extension
Advanced Content Manager Magento 2 extension by MGS assists administrator to create a variety of content types, eg. portfolio, testimonial, gallery, news, lookbook... and many other custom forms at light speed but effortlessly at the same time. This content builder is also a breakthrough in Magento 2 extension development owing to its uniqueness and multifunctional maneuver.
Magesolution: Advanced Form for Magento 2
Advanced Form for Magento 2 allows administrator to create numerous shapes of web form with 11 useful fields to collect customer’s information to meet your marketing demand. You can easily create your own forms tailored for your business purposes.Advanced Form - FeaturesUnlimited number of forms createdAutomatically create email template, meanwhile, the form is being createdGenerate display page while creating form11 super exciting input types for each field (text, text area, file, image, drop-down, radio, checkbox, multiple select, date, store view, product) to chooseSupport data storage and sending mail after form is submitted.Ability to configure Send mail panel with email template, recipients and fields to replyAllow to add CAPTCHA code to formAllow to configure Display page similar to creating a CMS pageAllow to create your own template to display the form using available shortcodes
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