Coinsclone : Cryptocurrency Exchange Script/Software Provider: Remitano Clone Script - To Start a Website like Remitano
Remitano clone script is a P2P cryptocurrency trading platform available online that can be customized with your brand-image, features, creative design and much more. The clone script can be scalable and can able to implement your future requirements to make it a better trading portal. This platform lets you connect with other cryptocurrency buyers and sellers to carry out trading using an intermediate escrow system for added security. The trading features and look of Remitano clone script remain the same as the local bitcoins clone script. PRO's of Remitano Clone Script Protect your cryptocurrencies safe: There’s no need of custody to your funds to a third party, which minimizes the risk of hacking.Remitano can be a useful way of cheaply sending money overseas as cryptocurrencies that can later sell it out to get fiat.Global marketplace: Remitano marketplace can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world.Can able to access some of the most popularly traded cryptocurrencies.Desire to Know more?? >>
: rIoT Engine
Magesolution: Shop by Look for Magento 2
Shop by look is a magical tool which allows you to create multiple image collections for your products basing on the images you upload. What makes this extension so special and unique is that it offers a Pinning option for every image, i.e you can pin different images for products/ items onto the main image, which ultimately envisages a comprehensive look and feel for the whole set of product as well as the individual items taking up that set. These specialties are undeniably crucial to any shops showcasing fashion items and fashion accessories or whatever stores you name it.
Acuity Brands: simplyloose has Invested 1,25,000 USD Self Funded in Last 2 years to Develop the Platform and Technology, We are seriously looking forward for this opportunity to discuss SIMPLYLOOSE project, I am planning to Establish SIMPLYLOOSE in your Country. We are starting India's First Smart Health/Fitness IoT Platform which would help patients to track there daily health issues using Smart Devices. Video - SimplyLoose's Digital Health Platform OverviewINTRODUCTIONWe are creating Online IoT Platform where Patience can sync all there daily activities using the Smart Devices. Our Platform Sync with almost 80% of all the Health Smart Devices in the market. Doctors, Dietitians, Gym Trainers, Yoga Gurus, & Psychiatrist can use our platform to manage there patient daily activities using our apps and Platform. Connect your Health Smart Devices to the Internet easily. Manage and Track your patient daily Health Activities using our AI Application with Ease. We are looking forward to take this venture to #MakeinIndia
Arnowa: Smart Water Monitoring Devices
With Arnowa's smart water meters, individuals. industries, cities, and other stakeholders can monitor the quality of wastewater, utility water and open water bodies remotely on a real-time basis and detect leaks.Our Smart meters and sensors capture reliable data in real-time with high accuracy. With the ability to detect faults and diagnose inefficient points, our technology ensures an uninterrupted stable supply of gas and water by providing turnkey solutions that help overcome these issues without interrupting operations. 
Kalkitech: SyncConnect
SyncConnect is an embedded software ideal for edge gateway vendors and system integrators to embed into their product/solution offerings. It simplifies and accelerates the collection, aggregation and protocol conversion of field device data from many vendors. Field devices use a wide variety of standards-based and proprietary communication protocols that increase the time and complexity for product vendors to develop technology to convert data. Once the data has been collected, it should ideally be aggregated and analyzed in ways that facilitate decision making, and ultimately increase the reliability and efficiency of the assets.
SpotnRides: Taxi Dispatch Software
SpotnRides is a leading taxi dispatch software solution provider dedicated to the taxi industry. Our taxi dispatch solution is used by many clients globally. If you are already in the taxi business or want to start a taxi business can get the support of us by purchasing our dispatch solution. We provide free after sale support for some time customization is done at a nominal fee.
ThingsBoard: ThingsBoard V2.2
ThingsBoard is an open-source IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualization, and device management.It enables device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols - MQTT, CoAP and HTTP and supports both cloud and on-premises deployments. ThingsBoard combines scalability, fault-tolerance and performance so you will never lose your data.
Coinjoker: Tron Smart Contract Based MLM Platform Development
Coinjoker - A dedicated and Professional Tron Smart Contract development team, builds tron smart contract MLM platform accurately with blockchain techology more transparent, scalable, accessible, adaptable, and dow to earth cost for every individual, enterprise and startup.  Build your Tron smart contract based MLM platform from us and know how our framework could transform your operations and makes it more effective. Our experienced developers, builds your MLM business company gets the best results and implements this tron smart contract solution in an perfect manner. We assist you to build MLM business at minimum expense and equip the platform with the most exploring business modules.Contact Us:Whatsapp : +91 9791703519Skype : live:support_60864Telegram:
Qt: TTEK Machine Condition Monitoring
uBeac: uBeac
Adaptive IoT PlatformAccelerated IoT Solutions, Insightful Real-Time Data, Cutting-Edge Digital TransformationsuBeac is a versatile IoT platform for centralized digital transformation, data integration, and visualization. uBeac’s IoT hub allows you to connect, process, and visualize real-time data in a secure way. Build an enterprise IoT solution that securely scales to millions of devices.Secure IoT platform to build or retrofit a better connected IoT infrastructure
Wistron Corporation: Ubnnding
VS CRM: Variablesoft
Are you looking for crm software companies in india for free for your business. At variable soft CRM you can find all basic features suitable for your business requirements which can help in your business growth. To use our free CRM you can simply click here and sign up . If you have any query then you can simply call us on +91-141-491-7487 or visit our website here :-
Octavo Labs: VerneMQ
VitaNet, Inc.: VitaNet Suite
WebNMS IoT: WebNMS IoT Platform
WebNMS IoT Platform is an End to End IoT Platform, buit ground up with integrated set of tools and features to enable large scale enterprise IoT deployments. The platform offers IoT functionalities right from data acquisition to end user analytics and visualization. The platform has three main capabilites being Energy Management, Remote Asset Monitoring and Fleet tracking and management.
WooberlyEats: WooberlyEats
 WooberlyEats is a readymade UberEats Clone solution that enables entrepreneurs to start their own business in a short span of time. It is built with a new technology called Flutter, gives the advantage of developing the platform at a faster pace at less cost. The owners can overlook and manage everyday orders and transactions that happen on the platform. It's flexible for all kinds of on-demand delivery business plans. It will be a perfect solution for startups and entrepreneurs desire to start a food delivery business with the standard and user-friendly application.
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