GE Digital (General Electric): Asset Performance Management
GE’s Asset Performance Management (APM), powered by Predix, is a suite of cloud-based software and service solutions that works across all equipment, all OEMs, and all industries—across the plant and across the fleet. The solutions cover the full range of APM needs--Machine & Equipment Health, Reliability Management, and Maintenance Optimization--to help asset-centric industrial companies increase uptime, decrease costs, and reduce operational risks. Learn how you can unlock your data value.+ Move from Reactive to Proactive GE’s Asset Performance Management (APM), powered by Predix, is a suite of cloud-based software and service solutions that works across all equipment, all OEMs, and all industries—across the plant and across the fleet. The solutions cover the full range of APM needs--Machine & Equipment Health, Reliability Management, and Maintenance Optimization--to help asset-centric industrial companies increase uptime, decrease costs, and reduce operational risks. Learn how you can unlock your data value.+ APM Covers Your Needs Using APM is a three-step process—and we can help you no matter where you are along the journey. With APM, you’ll first understand how your machines are currently performing. Then you’ll move to improving your performance, while reducing costs and minimizing risks to your people and the environment. Finally, you’ll optimize your performance by making step-change improvements in your maintenance efficiency and effectiveness.
Siveco China: bluebee®
bluebee® is a unique tool designed "for the worker of tomorrow" to capture information from the field and to enforce best practices.By enforcing systematic recording of failures, non-compliances, and work done, the integrated bluebee® solution provides a technical knowledge base to support technical teams' daily work and to facilitate management decisions.Running on smartphone or tablet, the solution works with any back-office maintenance management database.With the first release of bluebee® in 2008, Siveco China has pioneered the development of Maintenance 4.0 technologies, putting man – not machine – at the center.More on our website.Support for work executionbluebee® supports all onsite activities: receiving work orders from any back-office system, reporting work done, inspection results, meter readings and measurements. bluebee® also allows users to visualize trends and graphical reports.Onsite audits and managementWith bluebee® tablet, managers conduct site surveys (safety, energy, maintenance). Non-compliance and risk areas are instantaneously reported.QR codes, RFID tags, NFC and Beacons…Areas, equipment and inspection points can be identified by QR codes or RFID tags. Scanning guarantees that technicians are physically present. The latest Beacon technology allows bluebee® to automatically detect related work orders upon entering an area. Using WeChat or any other QR code scanning App, users can simply report problems with their phone by scanning the equipment QR code. This easy-to-use solution motivates everyone to report incidents and help prevent disasters, in line with industrial best practices such as those of Lean Manufacturing (or TPM).IoT and Connected Objectsbluebee® connects to Connected Objects such as Bluetooth instruments and sensors, as well as to SCADA/DCS/BMS via bluebee®  sync. With bluebee®, the workers play the key role in the Internet of Things (IoT).
Siveco China: bluebee® cloud
bluebee® cloud is an Industry 4.0 platform that enables Risk Prevention decisions based on true data from Mobile Users and Connected Objects.bluebee® cloud enables companies operating physical assets in China's tough business environment and fast-changing regulatory landscape to enforce Asset & Risk Management best practices from board room to field workers.bluebee® cloud is an Industry 4.0 platform that natively interacts with Mobile Users and Connected Objects to enable Risk Prevention decisions based on true data from the field. Entirely web-based, bluebee® cloud visually integrates with 3D BIM (Building Information Models) and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) for easy end-users access.luebee® cloud supports Asset Management, Risk Prevention, Maintenance and Inspection Management, Technical & Field Services based on highly configurable modules in three main functional areas.Asset managementbluebee® cloud provides a structured register of assets: objects and categories (e.g. city, building, equipment, sensor, control point) with specific attributes, function, criticality and operating status. Related data is readily available: meters and indicators, spare parts, work templates (SOPs, preventive maintenance, inspections), documents, etc. as well as past records, such as incidents, work orders, audit reports.Work managementbluebee® cloud manages corrective and preventive work, inspections, risk assessments, meter readings etc. with standard templates, actions and checklists. Thanks to seamless integration with the bluebee® mobile app, full traceability is assured. Work orders can be triggered by requests or incidents, based on condition, meter value or alarms, from Connected Objects or mobile input. Planning, scheduling and dispatch of work orders can be fully automated, with configurable workflows.Resources managementbluebee® cloud hold all data related to personnel, entities and teams, skills and certifications, as well as tools, parts, suppliers, contracts (including customer contracts for technical service suppliers) or connects to the ERP system when available. Resources are then assigned to assets (e.g. team in charge of a building under contract) and work orders (e.g. spare parts required to perform a task).A user-friendly web portalThanks to the fully configurable web portal, normal people not accustomed to business applications use bluebee® cloud via a standard browser on PC, tablet or large touch-screen display in the control room. Screens, menus and terminology are all customizable.Objects can be placed on embedded GIS maps and layouts. Focused 3D BIM models can be displayed for safe and efficient work preparationA powerful technological toolboxEmbedded tools allow system configuration and administration on a large scale, design of dashboards, KPIs and graphical reports, easy import and export of data, as well as mobile devices and users' management.
Schneider Electric: EcoStruxure™ Platform
EcoStruxure™ architecture and interoperable technology platform bring together energy, automation, and software. It provides enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity.In turn, this advancement opens up the digital world to users across key end markets, enabling them to be competitive in today's IoT economy.EcoStruxure is tailored to end markets in which Schneider Electric has decades of deep domain expertise and applied experience: building, data center, industry, and grid. Three levels of innovation — connected products; edge control; and apps, analytics & services — help drive full IoT integration across these markets. Customers can integrate solutions on premise and/or in the cloud. Each level has built-in cyber security to assure peace of mind across the digital landscape.
VMware (DELL): Liota (Little IoT Agent)
Liota is a vendor-neutral Open Source software development kit (SDK) which helps developers deliver innovation by building secure IoT gateway applications for data orchestration and control between things, gateways and the cloud or data center. Liota Open Source SDK provides the libraries to accelerate the development of these applications that connect and orchestrate data and control flows across things, gateways and the cloud.Gateways, whether embedded into things/devices or stand alone, are an integral part of any IoT infrastructure. They bridge, but also de-couple, the physical IoT devices from the analytics and management components in data centers. This bridge allows data and control to move freely, correctly and securely from the device to the cloud or data center.It is functionally useful on any IoT edge system that requires management and/or has attached devices that require management.
Stellapps Technologies: smartAMCU
smartAMCU™: Milk procurement applicationsmartAMCU™ is an Automatic Milk Collection Unit (AMCU) that optimizes and simplifies milk procurement for dairy farmers, milk collection centres, and societies in general. Advanced analytics and seamless MIS integration enable real-time acquisition and dissemination of milk procurement data, thereby improving procurement efficiency.• Next generation Android Tablet and PC based Milk Procurement• Easy to use, integrated, Internet-based AMCU• Remote monitoring system for access to daily, weekly, monthly milk collection data• Get the data anywhere using or Laptop, PC or Android based Smartphone• Portable system for door-to-door milk collection• Correlate and Integrate with SmartMoo™ Contrak™ monitoring data• Advanced reports and trend analysis
Urbiotica: U-Base
U-Base is a software platform designed and developed by Urbiotica which responds to the requirements and challenges of managing information posed by the Internet of Things.U-Base is responsible for interconnecting devices distributed throughout the territory with the cloud, processing and storing huge amounts of information generated by these devices and making it available to applications and platforms in real time. Latest generation technologies are used for this: Big Data, Real Time Processing and Publish-Subscribe combined in horizontally scalable, modular, extensible and open architecture.
Ubidots: Ubidots IoT Application Development Platform
Launch your business’ digital initiatives with Ubidots’ intuitive IoT application development and cloud platform. System Integrators and OEMs effortlessly self-construct business applications to collect, analyze, and visualize a system’s sensor or digital data to deliver agile business applications that improve KPIs and services.Hiring an engineering team to develop business applications that function and look great is costly in both time and money. Save development costs headaches with Ubidots pre-built analytics and visualization tools and effortlessly connect hardware to the Cloud to power your products and data-driven services.Ubidots engineering stack delivers a secure, white-glove experience with device friendly APIs (accessed over HTTP/MQTT/TCP/UDP protocols) to simply and securely connect hardware and digital inputs to Ubidots Cloud where it can be analyzed and formulated into business improving solutions. Ubidots exists for businesses and researchers to connect devices efficiently, manage data, and visualize the digital aspects of an environment with ease.Founded in 2013, Ubidots is an investor-backed startup providing an IoT Application Enablement to enterprising OEMs, System Integrators, Educational Institutions, and IoT enthusiast.In 2018, Ubidots spun out the Ubidots for Education platform to give IoT enthusiast and students a place to build, develop, test, learn, and explore the future of Internet-connected applications and solutions.Proven Device Libraries More than 80 device libraries to help you quickly connect any Internet-enabled device to the Ubidots Cloud. Our libraries are constantly used and tested by 40,000+ strong Ubidots community, contributing to their stability.Live Dashboards Create real-time dashboards to analyze your data or control your devices. Share your data through public links, or by embedding it into your mobile or web application.Time-series storage and playback Even the smallest IoT deployments can generate millions of data points per month. As your dataset grows, maintaining such infrastructure demands valuable engineering time that you could put to a better end. Our time-series backend can ingest or retrieve millions of data-points in a few seconds, helping you scale your application seamlessly.Data Analytics  Seeing is believing and Ubidots users are able to see the results of their work and drive decision making thanks to Ubidots Analytics Engine. This data computation and cloud function engine allow users to compute mathematical, statistical, and scheduled logic functions to deliver the data and insights to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Events and Alarms Stay in the know or alert those who need to know first with Ubidots Events Engine. Send SMS, EMAIL, TELEGRAM, and WEBHOOKS to individuals and M2M for efficient data notices and automation controls.End-user Access Deploy your IoT Apps directly to those who need to know with Ubidots User Management and Authentication. System Integrators and OEMs have all the tools they need to develop and deploy IoT solutions. 
VMware (DELL): vSphere Platform
vSphere is the industry-leading server virtualization platform, the ideal foundation for any cloud environment. vSphere with Operations Management adds intelligent operations and consistent management to vSphere. It provides you better insights, resulting in better performance and availability.
Telit: deviceWISE
Quickly Connect Plant Floor Devices to EnterpriseWhen it comes to building and managing your IIoT solution, you need a platform that helps all of your devices and applications “talk” to one another easily. That’s where Telit deviceWISE® for Factory, our IIoT platform comes in.With Telit deviceWISE for Factory, you don’t need custom code to quickly connect to your enterprise and IoT applications, including those on Amazon, SAP, IBM Watson. Our IIoT platform makes it easy to quickly connect factory to enterprise and the value chain so that you can get the data you need to improve productivity and drive profit.Eliminate Custom ProgrammingYou have better things to do with your time than create custom code to address all your IIoT connectivity challenges. With our platform, you simply plug in deviceWISE, allow it to automatically connect your devices and applications, and start quickly configuring with drag-and-drop logic.Integrate Around Your Existing SystemsUse deviceWISE to seamlessly integrate around your existing system architecture or build a new system as you see fit. Our IIoT platform is the only system that natively and directly connects shop floor to top floor and extends to the cloud (or hybrid) and horizontally to all your assets, additional plants, suppliers, machine builders, customers, etc.Scale to Any Size System, Now or LaterWith deviceWISE for Factory, you can easily scale your IIoT solutions from as small as a pilot project to a full-blown enterprise solution with multiple factories. You can even extend your IIoT outside of the four walls of the factory to build new service offerings that leverage data from your plant floor.  
Endian: Endian Hotspot Management
See for yourself how easy managing your WIFI and guest networks can be with Endian Hotspot. In addition, you can turn these into value-added resources by leveraging them for marketing, branding and sales activities for your business.Endian Hotspot main features Service CustomizationFreely configurable home page after successful loginCompletely customizable welcome page and printed user information through a user friendly visual editorPersonalized list of public Web sites that do not require authenticationAccount ManagementUser information management definable according to your needsPrintable account data in order to let your customers connect easily and quicklyAccount activation and deactivation possible at every momentAccount expiration time definable as you preferReal-time monitoring of the account balanceConfigurable payment metrics according to the needs of your businessAccount search and filtering options for optimal account management,especially in case of big infrastructures and high numbers of connectionsBandwidth restrictions per user in terms of download and upload speeds in kb/sAccount import from existent lists and archives through CSV filesAccess MonitoringSingle user access tracking (e.g. with login and logout time stamps)Export of access information through CSV filesTicket DefinitionPricing metrics definable by typology (time or data quantity)Billing metrics definable by typology (prepaid, postpaid, and free connection)Traffic limitations for every single ticketTicket hourly price configurable and changeable with easeQuick-Ticket feature for creating accounts and tickets with a single clickSecurity and FirewallProtocol and Internet address filter for secure Web browsingContent filter for inhibiting access to illegal or unwanted Web sitesFully integrated anti-virus protection when browsing the WebActivation and deactivation of the connection possible at every moment
IBM: IBM Cloud Private
IBM® Cloud Private is a transformative private cloud platform that provides the benefits of the public cloud from the safety of your firewall-protected data center. It is an integrated cloud platform built on Kubernetes-based container architecture, and is designed to help rapidly create new cloud-native apps and modernize existing workloads in a client-controlled, security-rich environment. IBM Cloud Private allows developers to use built-in development tools and services, while giving operations teams access to enterprise-grade management tools to help keep the platform more secure and up to date.Deploy apps more quicklyGet development and data-integrated monitoring, logging and scalability with DevOps tools for continuous integration and delivery backed by enterprise-grade operations management resources.Adhere to regulatory demandsProtect highly regulated data when building mission-critical applications using IBM Cloud Private.Customize your environmentPersonalize your environment based on your security requirements while getting the benefits of public cloud, including rapid deployment, scalability, ease of use and elasticity.Integrate with other servicesRapidly create and deploy enterprise applications by combining IBM Cloud Private with data, messaging, Java, integration, blockchain, DevOps, analytics and other crucial services.
IBM: IBM Maximo Asset Management
IBM® Maximo® Asset Management is a comprehensive solution for managing physical assets on a common platform in asset-intensive industries. It offers “built in” mobile access, out-of-the box mapping, crew management and analytical insight.Maximo Asset Management allows organizations to share and enforce best practices, inventory, resources and personnel. It helps manage all types of assets – including plant, production, infrastructure, facilities, transportation and communications. Asset management – Achieve the control you need to more efficiently track and manage asset and location data throughout the asset lifecycle. Work management – Manage both planned and unplanned work activities, from initial request through completion and recording of actuals. Service management – Define service offerings, establish service level agreements (SLAs), more proactively monitor service level delivery and implement escalation procedures. Contract management – Gain complete support for purchase, lease, rental, warranty, labor rate, software, master, blanket and user-defined contracts. Inventory management – Know the details of asset-related inventory and its usage including what, when, where, how many and how valuable. Procurement management – Support all the phases of enterprise-wide procurement such as direct purchasing and inventory replenishment.
Toshiba: Toshiba S2E/S2T
Gemalto: Gemalto IoT platform
Working with enterprises, industrial OEM, consumer OEM, mobile network operators and cloud service providers, Gemalto has a holistic view on the different building blocks like software, hardware and data are gelling together to build robust IoT ecosystems. In order to realize the benefits of IoT, such as increasing customer intimacy, improving operational excellence and generating new revenue streams through business model innovation; there are three critical components for the ecosystem to thrive: reliable connectivity, reliable security and an agile monetization framework. ​​Connect: Gemalto addresses miniaturization needs for OEMs, enables out-of-the-box connectivity for IoT devices, and delivers solutions to manage the network's quality of service.Secure: Discover IoT security as an enabler for a robust IoT ecosystem. Gemalto helps customers secure the device, secure the cloud, and manage lifecycle of security for the entire life span of devices.Monetize: Gemalto helps customers to enable innovative business models through embedded licensing, and quicker time-to-market with an application enablement platform.
GE Digital (GE): GE Predix IoT Platform
Predix is the software platform that powers the Industrial Internet. Based on GE’s unparalleled expertise in brilliant machines, Predix handles big data at an industrial scale and with industrial-strength security. Deployed on machines, onsite, or in the cloud, Predix drives the insights that transform and improve asset performance management (APM), operations, and business.Built on Cloud Foundry, Predix is optimized for secure connectivity and analytics at scale - in the Cloud and on the Edge. Predix combines services that simplify development and accelerate your application delivery, offering capabilities including edge software connectivity, data management, security, analytics, mobile apps and development operations.
GE Digital (General Electric): HMI-SCADA Suite
Powered by the Industriall Internet, GE's proven HMI/SCADA solutions precisely monitor, control and visualize every aspect of your operations for intelligent control using high-performance technology. With a quick glance, operators know what’s important and the right actions to drive increased efficiency and reduced costs.HMI-SCADA iFIX - iFIX is the industrial automation system of choice for many applications, ranging from common HMI, to complex SCADA.HMI-SCADA CIMPLICITY - CIMPLICITY is a proven automation and control platform, making it the HMI/SCADA choice for many of the world’s largest manufacturers.Workflow - GE's Workflow helps you prevent mistakes, reduce response times, and optimize processes for greater productivity, less risk, and higher quality.Mobile - Take industrial automation to a new level with GE Mobile Apps, transforming operational data into actionable information, accessible anywhere, anytime.
IXON Cloud: The most powerful, customisable & easy to use Industrial IoT platformConnecting machines to your web-based IIoT portal has never been easier. Manage, monitor and control your systems, and turn machine data into insights using advanced reporting and alarms with integrated IXON Cloud and connectivity (IXrouter: industrial IoT gateway, IXagent: 3rd party software agent).Experience how easily Industrial IoT can be implemented with IXON Cloud – reliable, Plug & Play and secure. Benefit from ready-to-use features so you can stay focused on what you do best — building and maintaining industrial machines and systems.Features of IXON CloudRemote VPN access to PLC and other industrial devicesWeb Access to the machine (HMI, Web server, WebSockets)User managementDashboards & AnalyticsAlarmings & notificationsCloud Data LoggingWhitelabel / Custom branding (app, web, router)API / Webhooks 
Panasonic: Panasonic FP0R
SenseGrow: SenseGrow ioEYE
ioEYE is an Application Enablement Platform designed for IoT/M2M System IntegrationsMonitor asset data in real timeioEYE can capture data at an interval of one minute or above from a variety of assets, devices, equipments and automation systems. You can then view this data from anywhere online.Control assets in real timeYou can manually switch equipments or devices on and off from anywhere online. You can also setup automatic control rules. Example - Automatic switching (on or off) of equipments or devices if an alarm occurs.Web based user interfaceRequires only a web browser. Scalable vector interface fits any size screen without distortion. You can now have a larger screen in your plant, building or team area to display vital parameters. This is a good way to keep your team informed of latest asset and equipment conditions.Real time alarms over email and SMSYou can set alarm rules to monitor unacceptable conditions or readings. ioEYE immediately communicates alarms via email and SMS alerts to the right person for immediate action.Hardware and network agnosticChoose the best combination of hardware and network. ioEYE can acquire data from any equipment or device that supports open communication protocols, like the MODBUS protocol. It comes with a pre-supported list of hardware and building support for new hardware is easy.Device diagnosticsioEYE constantly monitors devices that are part of its infrastructure, like gateways and routers that send data to it. Administrators can quickly identify devices that are faulty, and address issues quickly. This reduces any system downtime due to device failure.SNMP alarm TrapsioEYE supports SNMP alarms traps. When a SNMP enabled device detects an alarm condition it immediately sends out an alarm trap to ioEYE. ioEYE then communicates this alarm to you. And all this happens in near real time.Group assets, devices or equipmentsYou can group assets, devices or equipments in functional hierarchy. Group them according to department, location, functionality or any other way that makes sense to you.Control user access at asset levelYou can manage access at asset or equipment level by assigning users or managers to them. Only users authorized can monitor, control or receive alarms from these assets, devices or equipments.
Beckhoff: TwinCAT Automation
The Beckhoff TwinCAT software system turns almost any compatible PC into a real-time controller with a multi-PLC system, NC axis control, programming environment and operating station.TwinCAT consists of run-time systems that execute control programs in real-time and the development environments for programming, diagnostics and configuration. Any Windows programs, for instance visualisation programs or Office programs, can access TwinCAT.
Bosch Software Innovations: Bosch IoT Cloud
Addressing the specific needs of IoT developers, the Bosch IoT Cloud comprises a large portfolio of ready-to-use cloud services. The cloud design helps you to: accelerate IoT projects, improve time-to-market for new IoT solutions, profit from integrated security mechanisms, and lower complexity and costs in your IoT projects.The Bosch IoT Cloud is hosted in a dedicated data center near Stuttgart, Germany. Additional cloud locations are planned for the United States and Singapore.One of the fundamental requirements for the IoT to become firmly established is that customers must be able to trust that their data will be handled properly and securely. Bosch Group will fulfill this requirement by ensuring strict data protection using the latest protective mechanisms. Furthermore, the Bosch Group has setitself fixed rules for dealing with personal customer data – we respect the right of our customers to know what happens with their personal data. Ultimately, our customers themselves can choose when to provide their personal data and when they want to have it deleted.Cloud infrastructures usually comprise three levels which are also available on the Bosch IoT Cloud:- Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): This layer serves as technical foundation for IoT applications and provides the necessary resources to maintain the overlying Platform and Software as a Service layers.- Platform as a Service (PaaS): This layer comprises the ready-to-use cloud services of the Bosch IoT Suite, which are tailor-made for common requirements in IoT scenarios. In addition, base services, such as database services, runtimes, an e-mailing service, and many more, can be directly used. Therewith, our PaaS offering provides developers the tools they need to create cloudnative scalable applications.- Software as a Service (SaaS): This layer represents the broad range of IoT solutions we offer our customers. Thanks to the cloud design of these solutions, customers do not have to worry about either the technical infrastructure or – in most cases – application installation and updates.
Bosch Software Innovations: Bosch IoT Suite
The Bosch IoT Suite is a cloud-enabled software package for developing applications in the Internet of Things (IoT). It serves as the platform on which Bosch and its customers build a broad range of solutions and projects. More than five million devices and machines are already connected via the Bosch IoT Suite. At present, the Bosch IoT Suite services are integrated in the Bosch IoT Cloud marketplace. In the future, it will be possible to use certain services via other marketplaces that are based on Cloud Foundry.The Bosch IoT Suite provides you with a comprehensive toolbox in the cloud as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). The individual, highly available software services make it easier for IoT application developers to perform their daily tasks, and facilitate rapid development of applications in the Internet of Things. These services offer all the necessary functions to connect devices, users, and companies.The Bosch IoT Suite services allow developers to quickly build, implement, and operate cloudbased and highly scalable IoT applications. Bosch Software Innovations plan to gradually expand the initial set of services, frameworks, and containers, which already includes the technology from ProSyst. Their services are tailor-made for use in IoT scenarios and address the most common requirements:- reliably managing devices, machines, and gateways- providing secure access management- executing software roll-out processes- connecting third-party systems and services, and- analyzing data.
Stellapps Technologies: MooKare
MooKare™ leverages herd management data to equip dairy farmers with accurate health, mortality, and yield estimates. It integrates seamlessly with existing insurance settlement and claim processes. The real-time view of animal parameters ensure that dairy farmers only pay context-based, animal-specific insurance premiums.
Bosch Software Innovations: Production Performance Manager
The Production Performance Manager consists of a modular and scalable system. Selectable modules and add-ons supplement the software solution with specialized functionalities that are perfectly suited to your unique use cases and requirements: - Ticket Management Module- Process Quality Module- Data Processing ModuleEvery improvement process is based on a sound data foundation. The first step is to make the data visible. Taking machine data from various sources across a production environment, the Production Performance Manager visualizes it at one central point. The measured values are depicted live in a time series and as machine feedback, and can be viewed anywhere in the factory on the employee’s device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.). In addition, the Production Performance Manager features all necessary functionalities for solution administration – from user and device management to the messaging service.Benefits at a glance:- Less machine downtime - Users are in control - Flexible configuration- Virtual real-time model - Provision of open standards
Beckhoff: TwinCAT 3
Beckhoff created a global standard for automation with the launch of PC-based control technology in 1986. On the software side, the TwinCAT (The Windows Control and Automation Technology) automation suite forms the core of the control system.only one software for programming and configuration Visual Studio? integration more freedom in selecting programming languages support for the object-oriented extension of IEC 61131-3 use of C/C++ as the programming language for real time applications.
Wind River: Wind River Helix Device Cloud
Wind River® Helix™ Device Cloud is a device management platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) that helps organizations greatly reduce the complexities of building and operating large-scale device deployments.IoT can only be effective if connected devices are actively monitored and managed. To ensure that the devices enterprises depend on for crucial business data are secure, responsive, and performing at the highest possible level, device management should be part of an IoT strategy from the start. But building device management capabilities into a system from scratch can take time, resources, and money. Device Cloud is a ready-built platform that makes it possible.
Wind River: Wind River Linux 8
Wind River® Linux is the leader for building outstanding open source embedded products, ensuring customers work with the latest code from the most important open source efforts and most recent technologies.Lower Your Total Cost of OwnershipReduce production and maintenance costs by as much as 57% and accelerate build cycles by more than 30% compared to in-house efforts.Rely on Predictive Maintenance and 24/7 Product SupportBypass the hassles of managing your embedded software across its entire lifecycle, from initial designs to retirement.Access a Broad Open Source EcosystemWind River has been a significant contributor and maintainer of open source embedded software for more than a decade.
Implico: OpenTAS TMS
OpenTAS TMS is a powerful Terminal Management System that optimizes and automates all logistic and administrative processes in terminals and refineries. It equips tank terminal operators with all the tools needed to manage their plant in an efficient, transparent and safe manner.OpenTAS TMS enables tank farm operators to automate loading and unloading activities for all modes of transport (truck, railcar, ship, pipeline), including access control, load planning, loading and printing delivery notes. This makes it possible to operate tank farms cost-efficiently around the clock.Most important functionalities:Planning and control of product movement and product storageDepot stock management dividable for each tank (own and 3rd party stock)Loading and unloading of all modes of transport (truck, railcar, ship, pipeline)Supports tank-to-tank movementsExtensive check-in controlsEnsured compliance to legislation and safety regulationsSecurity management (trucks and drivers)Safety procedures (e.g. prevention against overloading)Integration to tank gauging and SCADA systemsIntegration with all kinds of field equipmentIntegration of ERP and SAP systemsAutomatic generation of product receipts and goods issuedTax & customs handling (certified for EMCS 2.2)Complete end-to-end supply chain managementEasy-to-use configurable report generator to deliver customized reportsMobile access via app OpenTAS TFM
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