PTC: Axeda Machine Cloud
Axeda Provides the Most Advanced Cloud-Based Service and Software for Managing Connected Products and Machines- We take the cost and complexity out of connecting and managing devices and machines and remotely servicing the products of the world’s leading companies.- We turn raw machine and sensor data into useful information for business insights and better decision making.- We make it easy to integrate machine and sensor data to business systems so companies can optimize their business processes with accurate real-time machine data.- We provide a platform and application services so companies can develop new innovative M2M and IoT applications that reinvent the customer and product experience and differentiate their product and service offerings.The Axeda IoT Cloud Service, what we refer to as the "Machine Cloud", provides the most advanced cloud-based software for managing connected products and assets and implementing innovative IoT applications. The service provides you with a secure and scalable IoT data integration and application development platform, connectivity over wired or wireless networks, and out-of-the-box device and asset management applications to reduce the cost and complexity of implementing IoT solutions.The Axeda IoT Cloud Service includes:Axeda Connect – IoT Connectivity Middleware. Cloud-based communication software that enables you to easily and intelligently connect machines and devices to the cloud and then process, transform, organize and store machine and sensor data.Axeda Build – IoT Application Enablement Platform. Cloud-based tools that simplify development and enables you to rapidly and economically implement IoT applications. Capabilities include data management, a scripting engine, an integration framework, SDKs and web services for accessing data and application services in the Axeda Machine Cloud.Axeda Manage – Connected Machine Management Applications. Cloud-based web applications that enable you to remotely monitor, manage, service, and control wired and wireless connected products and assets. Capabilities include remote access, security management, software distribution and configuration management.Connected product management includes a set of technologies and cloud-based services for connecting and managing intelligent products, integrating the product data with back-end systems, and building M2M and IoT applications for nearly every industry.With connected products, you can more effectively and efficiently:- Manage your connected products- Provide remote service and analyze usage to improve performance- M2M-ize business processes to enhance service, billing, sales, inventory management, and product development
GE Digital (General Electric): Brilliant Manufacturing Suite
Field-tested and optimized within GE’s own factories, the Brilliant Manufacturing suite maximizes manufacturing production performance through advanced real-time analytics to enable all manufacturers to realize GE’s Brilliant Factory vision.GE’s industrial strength Brilliant Manufacturing Suite leverages GE’s Predix platform for edge-to-cloud connectivity, security and manufacturing analytics. Best-of-breed Predix capabilities are extended with a rich partner ecosystem that includes Cisco and PTC. Together, these solutions implement GE’s Brilliant Manufacturing Suite.Brilliant Manufacturing Efficiency Analyzer - Get a single, up-to-date view of your entire production process with GE's Efficiency Analyzer.Plant Pulse Optimizer - Plant Pulse Optimizer provides a panoramic view of all production activity for all factory personnel via real-time, multi-shift based KPIs.Plant Applications - Plant Applications helps process manufacturers, such as Food & Beverage, collect and analyze data to help manage highly automated processes.Tracker Software - Accelerate Time-to-Market and improve Just-In-Sequence performance at global scale with Tracker asset tracking software for automotive manufacturers.Discrete Manufacturing Software - Stay competitive with reduced WIP, tighter control on quality & a streamlined supply chain with GE’s Discrete Manufacturing production management solution.
Dell Boomi (Dell): Dell Boomi AtomSphere
The Boomi AtomSphere integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is 100% native cloud. It’s a shared-everything, multi-tenant platform that supports cloud-to-cloud, SaaS-to-SaaS, cloud-to-on-premises, on-premises-to-on-premises and B2B integration. Boomi AtomSphere supports real-time integration and elastically scales to meet high-volume needs in mobile, batch (ETL) and EDI environments. Easily accessed via a browser, it delivers an impressive range of integration, master data management (MDM) and platform extension capabilities.100% Native CloudBoomi AtomSphere’s multi-tenant architecture enables underlying physical computing resources to be shared securely among multiple tenants (customer organizations). Boomi manages, updates and maintains the software and hardware infrastructure, all for a monthly subscription. Costs are predictable and manageable.Intuitive InterfaceBoomi AtomSphere delivers enterprise-class integration capabilities without the hassle. With its visual design interface, Boomi takes care of the complexity that would typically require developers deciphering complex APIs, developing web services or implementing a service oriented architecture (SOA). It’s all handled through one, simple-to-use visual interface.Unprecedented Ease of UseOnce your account is provisioned, you can begin creating integration processes immediately and accessing a library of pre-built connectors and processes. Using familiar point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools, you can build integrations with exceptional speed—from simple to sophisticated. Boomi AtomSphere delivers high-end integration capabilities such as content-based routing, process flow control, exception handling, and messaging that take you well beyond just data mapping.Reduced Time-to-ValueAs the AtomSphere community expands, an increasing number of connectors are ready for your use, reducing costs and errors, and reducing time-to-value. With Boomi AtomSphere you will achieve unprecedented implementation speeds that are just not possible with traditional software packages, hardware appliances, or custom coding.
Digabit: Documoto
Integrate your legacy files and data to automate the publishing process creating interactive parts catalogs with point-and-click simplicity. Stand out from the crowd by giving customers, servicers, and affiliates the comprehensive product information they need to succeed! Make it easy for your customers to purchase OEM replacement parts and accessories – instead of buying from “those other guys.”Manufacturers face new challenges staying ahead of both the competition and technology advances. More B2B buyers want to conduct business online, and manufacturers’ web platforms need to be up to the task.Your parts catalog and eCommerce software must be able to handle machines with thousands of parts, display interactive exploded drawings, allow searches for old part numbers, and produce custom parts books for one-off machinery. These platforms also must be flexible enough to easily exchange data with enterprise applications to enable end-to-end integration from the back office to the parts counter.CREATE Parts CatalogsFind out how easy it is to create professional, high-quality parts books for online and print distribution.SHARE Technical InformationYou can provide all the technical documents your sales and support network needs in one location: catalogs, text documents, PDFs, videos and more.SELL Parts & AccessoriesSee how upgrading the quality of your parts catalogs and other product information improves customer satisfaction and increases part sales revenue.INTEGRATE with Manufacturing SoftwareFuture proof your eCommerce platform by ensuring that it works with ERP, EAM, PLM, PDM, dealer management software, or whatever makes your business engine purr.SECURE Your DataDocumoto’s security protocols instill confidence in the security of your—and your customers’—critical information.MANAGE User ExperienceEasy-to-use admin and publishing interfaces let you control changes to part information, user access, document design and other user experience details.
PTC: Kinex™ Navigate™
Kinex™ Navigate™ is a next-generation PLM platform that grants users universal data access on their products and help them improve decision making and performance. It is the first application branded under the Kinex™ suite of applications. Kinex™ Navigate™ helps break down silos in the product lifecycle by allowing not only the technical, engineering work groups but all extended members of the product development team from manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, service and even external partners access to product data. Kinex™ Navigate™ apps can be tailored according to user requirements and deployed strategically along different segments of the product development chain. It has been extended to include data from other systems of record and even data from smart, connected products.
MageAnts: Magento 2 Login as Customer
It's provides an option to view and track a customer login attempts. It helps you to enrich your store efficiently.More info at:-
Exosite: Murano
Murano is a breakthrough cloud-based IoT software platform that enables an end-to-end ecosystem to help customers develop, deploy, and manage connected products.CONNECTED PRODUCTSMurano simplifies the complexity of connecting products with a platform that was purpose-built by engineers who understand how products are developed, manufactured, and deployed. With easy-to-use APIs and integrated tools to manage critical IoT functionality, Murano enables large-volume connected product deployments that are secure and scalable.CONNECTED SOLUTIONSTurn your connected products into complete connected solutions with user applications, custom services, and integrations. Murano’s comprehensive suite of solution features provide everything solution architects need to quickly navigate data-to-application integration without requiring years of IoT expertise.CONNECTED BUSINESSLeverage the power of Murano to transform your connected products and solutions into a complete data-driven business. With enterprise-grade enablement features, Murano integrates seamlessly into your business so you can unlock the true value of IoT and fuel your transformation to a connected product company.
Prodapt: Synapt Connect
Synapt’s multipurpose M2M Connect is a lightweight, efficient, and scalable framework for connecting a variety of devices from multiple industry verticals and IoT middleware platforms. The Framework supports bidirectional communication for devices using ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, BLE, 6LoWPAN, RS232, and other short-range wireless protocols and access connectivity using cellular networks, satellite, and broadband. In addition, the Framework can be ported to any gateway box.
Google: Google Cloud IoT Core
The Google Cloud IoT Core allows businesses to connect their IoT devices, build and host applications and websites as well as acquire and manage data. The Google Cloud IoT Core service integrates with many existing Gogle cloud analytics services Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Machine Learning Engine and the BigQuery big data analytics service.The Cloud IoT Core also enables for system integration by allowing businesses to securely connect their globally distributed devices on one central platform. Several IoT hardware and software companies such as Intel, Microchip, NXP Semiconductors, Sierra Wireless and Litmus Automation have utilized the Cloud IoT Core to build secure and sustainable applications and infrastructure.
Gambit Communications: MIMIC® IoT Simulator - MQTT, CoAP, Modbus, HTTP, HTTPS, REST
The MIMIC IoT Simulator creates a real-world test lab with thousands of IoT sensors and devices. It is a suite of simulators to cover all protocols required by IoT Applications, Middleware, Brokers, Load Balancers and clients. MIMIC allows suppliers of sensors, devices and applications to design, develop and test their applications using secured connections, in a virtual and scalable network environment. Using MIMIC, they can assure their customers that their applications will be able to handle the scales of connections, topics and varieties of messages to work properly when deployed across heterogeneous environments. They can also create variety of benchmarks to show the scalability for sensors, volume of messages and topics.Compatible Protocols: MQTT, CoAP, Modbus, HTTP, HTTPS, RESTTechnical Support:Phone: 603 881 3500Email:• Simulate thousands of Publishers and Subscribers: - Each with their own IP address, Port, Client ID and Authentication - Each Publisher can publish to multiple, unique topics - Each Subscriber can subscribe to multiple, unique topics, including Wildcard topics - Each Publisher can be a Subscriber also.• Connect to Brokers, Load balancers and clients using secured connections using TLS.• Include Authenticated (with User Name/Password) messages for every connections.• Send messages with various QoS levels.• Send messages with various message length, different frequencies or malicious information to test the security.• Configure Connect and Re-Connect as needed.• Simulate faulty sensor network to verify robustness of subscriber application• Monitor the end-to-end delay (latency) for messages going from Publishers to Subscribers through the Broker.
Bosch Software Innovations: Production Rules Configurator
The Production Rules Configurator is a software tool that can be tailored to the specific needs of each individual user in their production environment. The tool makes it easy to translate know-how into rules for evaluating process and machine data in order to trigger the required action in the event of deviations or trends. This software solution makes it possible to achieve a fully transparent production process while simultaneously increasing production output.The Production Rules Configurator offers a graphical approach to rule modeling that enables you to monitor adherence to specified parameters in your manufacturing environment.The starting point for this rule-based analysis is provided by production data (process and machine data), which is forwarded to the Production Rules Configurator from existing systems such as a Manufacturing Execution System (MES).Data can be incorporated from individual machines or from the production line as a whole. The production experts at each plant can then use a flexible and tailored method of configuring the rules to be applied to this data in order to create an optimum production process.
Solair (Microsoft): Solair IoT Platform
No matter if you have enabled equipment, legacy devices or if you plan to start new products from scratch, Solair's IoT platform can connect every product and enable Better Business across all industries.
SPARKL : SPARKL Sequencing Engine
The SPARKL Sequencing Engine is a powerful piece of code that can be installed inside a computer or other hardware device. It can run in your laptop, or be installed inside devices such as a Cisco router or Intel IoT gateway.The SPARKL Sequencing Engine lets you design and execute distributed business processes such as orchestrating technical infrastructure and making machines work together on a factory floor. This generates a blockchain-secured audit trail, which logs every datacenter event as well as the logical flow of events that form a given process - so you can prove the right data crossed the right path to get to the right place.
Wind River: VxWORKS
Powering billions of intelligent devices, VxWorks® is the world’s most widely deployed realtime operating system (RTOS). It delivers unrivaled deterministic performance and sets the standard for a scalable, future-proof, safe, and secure operating environment for connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). Leading global innovators such as ABB, Airbus, AlcatelLucent, BD Biosciences, Boeing, Delphi, Eurocopter, Huawei, Mitsubishi, NASA, Northrop Grumman, Siemens, and Varian leverage VxWorks to create award-winning, innovative, IoT-ready products effectively and efficiently. The VxWorks product family supports the broadest spectrum of 32-bit, 64-bit, and multicore processors, including ARM®, Intel®, and Power Architecture®. Its portfolio of additional middleware and optional advanced technology components, as well as a large ecosystem of validated complementary third-party hardware and software solutions, enables you to differentiate your platforms with best-of-breed capabilities, reduce development costs, and accelerate time-to-market.
Hitachi Data Systems (Hitachi): Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere
Increase Productivity Through Secure CollaborationSupport bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) initiatives while maintaining visibility and control of business dataEliminate shadow IT risks with a secure and protected private cloud solution at a cost comparable to public cloud servicesReduce cost and capacity requirements and IT overhead with compressed, backup-free object storeSecure, On-premises, Integrated Storage Solution- Access-controlled links synchronize user files and folders to multiple devices for internal or external sharing- Simplify administration with self-service mobile device management- Simple to deploy; intuitive for end users and works with your existing IT investments, practices and policiesSecure- Retain Visibility and Control of Your Data- Diminish Shadow IT and Unsanctioned Application Use- Protect Proprietary Data From Loss or TheftSimple- Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Access to Data- Avoid Mailbox Quota and File-Size Limitations- Streamline Deployment for Enterprise EnvironmentsSmart- Control Operation Costs- Reduce Your Help Desk Burden- Store Data EfficientlyFlexible- Deliver Private, Hybrid or Public Cloud Storage Services- Customize for Your Business Needs- Grant Mobile Access to Corporate File Shares
B-SCADA: CitiWorx Sensing Platform
Long-Range Sensing Hardware, Cloud Analytics, and Real-Time VisualizationCities today are tasked with managing ever-increasing populations and demand for limited resources, while combating pollution and ensuring a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for citizens both today and tomorrow.CitiWorx is comprised of a cloud based solution for monitoring vast numbers of assets in real time, including equipment, signs, sensors and key performance indicators (KPI). The system also provides a vital set of tools for monitoring resources including vehicles, traffic and public transportation. Users can access the system with any mobile device or tablet with a web browser.CitiWorx is built on Microsoft Azure and has the ability to support millions of assets through information modeling using OPC UA. An extensive suite of development and design tools, API's and utilities allow for rapid deployment of full featured solutions. The B-Scada development team has extensive experience in working with real time data from diverse sources and integrating that information into meaningful solutions to empower decision makers. B-Scada's partner ecosystem includes world class suppliers of hardware and sensors, system integrators and engineers ready to address the needs of the most challenging projects.
Indicus Software: Contineo.World
Contineo is “one of a kind” rapid application development and execution platform for building and provisioning vertical agnostic enterprise applications enabled with AI and IoT.Main benefits:- Rapid application development of Enterprise and IoT applications- Provides an online designer studio to design, configure, deploy, manage and consume applications.- Built-in components to assemble your solutions- Device provisioning and management- Data ingestion- Workflow orchestration for streaming, batch flows and APIs- High-speed parallel computing, ML integration- Visualization controls such as charts, map, indicators, gauges, timeline, grid, lists- Data entry form builder- BPM- External system and social integration- It is possible for non-tecnical users to learn to create simple applications within minutes. Complex applications can be built by users with knowledge of Javascript and SQL within hours.
Losant: Losant IoT Platform
Losant is an easy-to-use and powerful developer platform designed to help you quickly and securely build complex connected solutions.Losant provides device connectivity using open and industry standards like MQTT and REST. This allows any custom device to connect to the Losant platform using tools and libraries available for almost any environment.All state information reported by devices is stored. This allows you to visualize complex aggregations across one or more devices. For example, if you manufacture water quality sensors, Losant easily provides the ability to view, in real-time, the average water quality across all sensors, or view an average for a subset like a region or single building.Losant's drag-and-drop workflow editor allows you to easily build complex interactions between your devices and 3rd party systems.
Arm: mbed OS
ARM mbed OS is an open source embedded operating system designed specifically for the "things" in the Internet of Things. It includes all the features you need to develop a connected product based on an ARM Cortex-M microcontroller, including security, connectivity, an RTOS, and drivers for sensors and I/O devices.
Rockwell Automation: Rockwell SLC500
4NG Limited: SMARTset
SMARTset Software & Hardware Solutions – Cloud, on-premise or on-device, we have the solutions you need. Data Centre Monitoring and ControlPower & Branch Circuit monitoringCapacity ManagementFire Panel monitoringSMARTzero cold chain monitoringTelecoms monitoringEnergy Management SystemSME Building Management SystemsMany more available including bespoke solutions – just askSMARTset is a state-of-the-art Industrial IoT platform that provides operational managers with the tools to connect to any equipment, sensor or element of their built environment. It can analyse data to discover insights and remotely or centrally control source equipment and sensors.It is suitable for technical estates, data centres, communication rooms and street cabinet applications, connecting industrial built environments for SME’s or as part of a Demand Side Response initiative.It has different modules including:MONITOR - Smart Visualisation with user defined dashboardsALARMS & CONTROLS - infinitely flexible alarms and controlsREPORTS - providing insight and analytics to the inboxOPTIMISATION - Real time CFD and environmental analysis in the browserINTEGRATION - extending SMARTset with plugins and widgetsSENSORS - Low cost wired and wireless sensor networks 
B-SCADA: Status Device Cloud
Status Device Cloud is a customizable IoT platform that uses OPC UA information modeling to allow users to connect data from hundreds of different types of hardware for real-time visualization, reporting, archiving, workflow, and other higher level functions.
B-SCADA: Status Enterprise
Consolidate and Organize Disparate Data for Real-Time Monitoring and ControlStatus Enterprise collects and organizes data from hundreds of potential sources for real-time visualization, automation, and analysis. Data is collected from various locations and aggregated into an information model. The system is open, accessible by REST, OPC UA or our .NET object model. Clients can view screens from a high performance Windows client, or any mobile device supporting HTML 5 - including iPhone, iPad, Android devices and desktop browsers.- Information Model Based Architecture Built on OPC UA- HTML5 Publication for Native Web and Mobile Support- Fast, Easy, Code-Free Application Development
B-SCADA: Status Machine
Status Machine Edition is an easy to use HMI/SCADA data monitoring system designed for quick results. Design, connect and view your real time data in minutes.Binding to Real-Time DataWith Status Machine edition anyone can create modern, compelling HMI screens for Windows or the Web without having to write a single code. Simply drag one of our many controls from the toolbox to the design surface. Select a data item to bind to from the data binding tab, and click bind. It's that easy.DatasourcesStatus Machine Edition can be used display real time data from OPC DA, OPC UA, OPC HDA, OPC AE, and OPC XAML DA Servers. Data can also be brought in Status from ODBC databases. Custom data sources can be written allowing data to come from almost anywhere. B-Scada offers OPC Servers for hundreds of devices and interfaces.Through interoperability testing, connectivity has been tested with the OPC Servers of many companies.Web Accessible - Silverlight CompatibleStatus Machine Edition publishes to Microsoft Silverlight, a powerful platform for creating interactive user experiences on the web. Silverlight is a browser plugin supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Silverlight is by far the most sophisticated web technology available today.Extensible - .NET SupportAlthough complex Status Machine Edition applications can be created without programming knowledge, Status was designed from the ground up to be fully customizable and extensible. Status projects are formatted using Microsoft Visual Studio C# and Visual Basic. Projects can be extended in Visual Studio 2010 or better using the full power of .NET and maintain their compatibility with Status.
Telia: TeliaSense
TeliaSense in actionThe easy-to-use mobile app puts everything you need to know right at your fingertips. However you use your car, ownership will become smoother, easier and more convenient.
Valarm: Valarm Tools Cloud
Valarm's free basic cloud tools allow you to view the location and remote sensor / telemetry information of your Valarm Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices in real-time. Scroll through the history to see previously recorded locations and sensor information of your business's assets. Use this free mode to test devices with Valarm Tools Cloud integration, and see how well the service works for you.Valarm Tools Cloud gives you real-time mapping (2D and 3D with Earth Globes), graphing, tracking, historical analysis, alerting (SMS Text Messages and Email Alerts) & sensor data forwarding (see our JSON, CSV, other APIs) for any number of Valarm Industrial IoT devices.Web Dashboards for Remotely Monitoring Fire Risk + Meteorology Sensors in Southern CaliforniaValarm remote monitoring station is marked by a flag on the software where Valarm is collecting various sensor data and sending it to the Valarm Tools CloudPolygon clouds are used to distinguish areas with more immediate fire danger:• Green - low wildfire risk• Yellow - moderate wildfire risk• Orange - high wildfire risk• Red - extreme wildfire riskValarm remote monitoring units can be powered by an power source and send remote sensor data to Valarm Tools Cloud via any Internet connectivity.A Valarm telemetry unit on the dashboard map will display more info and the latest sensor data from that station. At these locations, Valarm is monitoring the following environmental factors:• Fuel moisture (for wildfire risk)• Precipitation (rain)• Relative humidity• Solar radiation• Barometric pressure• Temperature• Wind speed & direction Remote Water Well Telemetry using a Real-Time Web Dashboards to see Levels and Flow MetersSave money and time with water resource management by deploying Valarm water monitoring solutions; your organisation's water data is automatically put on a private webpage so you and your teams can view it on any device with a web browser and receive e-mail alerts.The Valarm Web Dashboard has an Esri map showing the location of each water well with a flag icon. Other than the latest sensor information that Valarm device(s) has sent to the Valarm Tools Cloud, the dashboard includes widgets that visualise these factors:• Water pump rate from McCrometer flowmeters (gallons per minute)• Water flowmeter totalizer (in gallons)• Water above sensors as reported by In-Situ pressure transducers• Depth to water• Pump headroomHistorical graphing: Use the calendar to select the historical dates to view a graph of and then select which factors you want to be visualised.Real-Time Remote Tank Sensor MonitoringValarm devices are using ultrasonic and radar level sensors, along with WiFi or ethernet internet connectivity, to get real-time sensor data to Valarm Data Cloud to achieve the following:• Cost-Effective, Solar-Powered Tank Monitoring with WiFi• Tank Level Monitoring with Pulse Radar Level Sensors• Remote Tank Telemetry in Real-Time
Wonderware (Schneider Electric): Wonderware InTouch
InTouch goes beyond simplistic graphics to enable application builders to focus on creating meaningful content that will drive enterprise-wide operations productivity and cost savings. InTouch empowers operators to optimize their routine human interactions with industrial automation systems. This results in a quantifiable net increase in operator effectiveness. Wonderware's unique approach through situational awareness libraries provides contextualized information that operators need to quickly and accurately address abnormal situations before they impact operations.Experience Wonderware InTouch:- Stunning process graphics and out-of-the-box ready-to-use symbol library- Increase operator effectiveness with improved situational awareness- Make better decisions in real time- Increase operational and engineering productivity- Accelerate operator training- Securely access your system from any device, anytime, anywhere
Oracle: Agile PLM
Oracle's Agile Product Lifecycle Management helps you innovate profitably, with the broadest and most comprehensive solution to efficiently centralize product data, streamline processes, and launch quality products faster.+ Accelerate innovation through ideation management and collaboration, product portfolio management and analytics, data consolidation and cleansing, and a rich enterprise product record+ Design for supply with product cost management, outsourced manufacturing and product collaboration, product supply risk analytics, and spend consolidation+ Rapidly commercialize through integrated portfolio and business planning, enterprise quality management and analytics, accurate and clean product data publishing, and rapid product commercialization
Sierra Wireless: AirVantage Smart Automation
Sierra Wireless AirVantage Smart Automation enables creation of new remote services for industrial products.Comprehensive M2M cloud platform now simplifies connection to industrial control systems, enabling new revenue-producing services and reducing development costs
Kalewa: Kalewa Smart Lock using app
The products developed by our engineers use APP
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