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Cisco Jasper

Cisco Jasper is a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform leader. We believe that IoT is more than a smart thing, a great app, and a way to connect to the internet. It’s not about things, it’s about meeting the changing needs and expectations of customers with new services, experiences and business models that deliver bottom line growth.

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  • For more than a decade we’ve been helping companies launch, manage and monetize connected IoT services to drive business transformation and deliver innovative connected services. Companies of all sizes use Control Center, our automated connectivity management platform, to ensure the secure, reliable delivery of IoT services that enhance customer experiences and drive revenue.

  • Garmin, GE Aviation, Tesla

  • Cisco Jasper: Garmin delivers real-time data to customers using IoT
    Garmin operates on a global scale and offers a vast array of products across a number of industries, including aviation, marine, outdoor, fitness and automotive. Garmin is looking for a solution that can help them better manage all their connected devices.
    Cisco Jasper: ABB Increases Productivity and Reduces Operational Costs
    ABB relies on Control Center to monitor connections to its customers' industrial robots for potential problems. As soon as conditions change, ABB engineers want to know about it so that they can act on it. Engineers wanted a solution so that they can anticipate problems by constantly analyzing the information that they receive from the devices. They have developed a set of predictive KPIs, which they share with their customers to help them decide if their equipment requires maintenance.
    Cisco Jasper: Enhancing Honda's Connected Car Experience
    Honda Connect Services needed a way to ensure the best possible connected car experience for their customers.
  • Cisco Jasper: Jasper Control Center
    Control Center, a leading automated connectivity management platform, helps ensure your IoT services run reliably, securely and at the lowest cost.Because connectivity is what links your devices to global networks, your customers and your backend systems, it has to be continuously managed – not just turned on to bring a device online and turned off when a device is retired.Automating managed connectivity addresses five critical challenges companies running IoT service businesses face:- Protect against potential security breaches- Control cost and reduce operational expenses- Ensure that devices work anywhere they’re needed- Detect abnormal behavior- Ensure reliable data deliveryLifecycle AutomationA powerful automation engine manages devices by exception, reducing time and costs associated with ongoing operational support. Monitoring and diagnosticsIdentify and respond to unusual device behavior in near real-time with remote diagnostics and analytics. Comprehensive securityMulti-layered, comprehensive security controls safeguard your customer data, devices and IT systems. Cost management controlsNear real-time cost monitoring and controls help you lower total cost of ownership and eliminate unexpected spend. Global deploymentPartnerships with 30+ mobile operator groups, representing 120+ networks, ensure your devices work everywhere. Back-end integrationA rich library of 100+ APIs makes it easy to manage devices, change rate plans, and much more.
  • European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
    We produce globally applicable standards for Information & Communications Technologies including fixed, mobile, radio, broadcast, internet, aeronautical and other areas.
    The purpose of oneM2M is to develop technical specifications which address the need for a common M2M Service Layer that can be readily embedded within various hardware and software, and relied upon to connect the myriad of devices in the field with M2M application servers worldwide.
    Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)
    The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) is a standards body which develops open standards for the mobile phone industry. The goal of OMA is to deliver high quality, open technical specifications based upon market requirements that drive modularity, extensibility, and consistency amongst enablers to reduce industry implementation efforts.
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  • Misurio AG
    Misurio AG, based in Switzerland, has its own IoT platform which is used to help clients with their problems, improves processes and allow for new revenue models. Misurio originates from the cleantech sector and has strong mathematical, engineering and software development skills.
    Founded in 1986, Azteca Systems supports more than 650 customers throughout the United States and around the world ranging in size from single user sites to installations that service millions of people and multiple disciplines. These clients include public works agencies, large and small communities, water/wastewater/stormwater districts, streets and traffic, parks and recreation, facilities, and other organizations involved with capital assets infrastructure and the maintenance associated with its care and operation.Azteca Systems began as a consulting firm focused on delivering mapping support to US Federal agencies. Earning a solid reputation in the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the company was sought to help public works agencies understand and implement GIS in their organizations. As a result, Azteca Systems’ attention was turned toward the management and care of assets and infrastructure. The company pioneered a new approach to work management with Cityworks and in 1996 released the first iteration of the product.A recognized industry leader, Azteca Systems created Cityworks, a GIS-centric asset maintenance management solution integrated with Esri’s GIS technology. The Cityworks approach is innovative and unique among a cadre of legacy systems, leveraging the inherent value and investment of GIS data.
    AuroSys Solutions, LLC
    AuroSys Solutions, LLC is a New York based leader in high-end Product Engineering, IoT Solutions & Enterprise Mobile Development. AuroSys has provided Technology excellence for more than 9 years to StartUps, SMEs and Fortune 1000 companies including Microsoft, Unilever, Bombardier, Intel, AMD, Boeing, Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil as well as state and local governments. No matter your industry, size or platform, AuroSys can help your enterprise or agency produce results.
  • ThingWorx (PTC)
    The ThingWorx IoT Technology Platform. One Platform. Limitless Possibilities. ThingWorx is the only enterprise-ready technology platform that enables innovators to rapidly develop and deploy smart, connected solutions for the Internet of Things. Build Fast Connectivity and development tools made for IoT enable developers to quickly create, test and deploy solutions faster than ever thought possible. Build Smart Integrated capabilities of the platform enable developers to create more feature-rich solutions in a fraction of the time of other platforms. Build for Enterprises Developers quickly and easily create IoT solutions that are scalable, secure, and meet the needs of the largest of enterprises.
    SAP is the leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software used to integrate back-office functions such as distribution, accounting, human resources, and manufacturing. The backbone of SAP's products has been its on-premise offerings, spearheaded by its Business Suite, which includes ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) software, among others.Year founded: 1972Revenue: $17.6 billion (2014)NYSE: SAP
    IBM is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation that manufactures and markets computer hardware, middleware and software, and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. IBM is intent on leading the development of a global data field. Year founded: 1911 Revenue: $92.7 billion (2014) NYSE: IBM
    Gemalto provides digital security services across four user-oriented segments: Mobile Communication, Machine to Machine (M2M), Security and Secure Transactions. Mobile Communication segment provides long-term evolution (LTE) services, trusted service manager (TSM), and mobile payment platform using near field communication (NFC) technology.
    Microsoft Azure (Microsoft)
    Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. It provides both PaaS and IaaS services and supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems. Azure was announced in October 2008 and released on 1 February 2010 as Windows Azure, before being renamed to Microsoft Azure on 25 March 2014.
    Telit offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of integrated products and services for end-to-end IoT deployments – including cellular, GNSS, short-to-long range wireless modules, IoT data plans, and IoT platform services that allow companies to seamlessly connect edge devices and feed data directly into apps and/or enterprise systems, enabling real-time, actionable insights to improve business operations.
    Xively (Google)
    Xively (formerly known as Cosm and Pachube) is a division of LogMeIn Inc (LOGM), a global, public company that is a leading provider of essential remote services. Organizations worldwide rely on LogMeIn's suite of SaaS customer care, remote IT management, access and collaboration products. Xively is built on LogMeIn's cloud platform Gravity, which handles over 255 million devices, users and customers across 7 datacenters worldwide. Xively, the IoT division of LogMeIn, works with companies around the world to bring to market the most successful and innovative IoT products available today. Xively's Connected Product Management (CPM) platform helps companies connect products securely, manage connected products and the data they produce, and reimagine how they engage with their customers.
    Accenture is a leading professional service company, providing consulting and outsourcing services through their strategy, digital, technology and operations capabilities.
    Cumulocity (Software AG)
    Cumulocity is the IoT (Internet of Things) / M2M (Machine to Machine) spin off of Nokia Siemens Networks. It focuses on innovate software solutions based on cloud technology for the IoT / M2M market. The solutions have set new industry standards and received industry awards for its innovative concepts.
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