Ericsson: Smart Optimization
SoftBank Mobile wanted to secure high-performance mobile broadband services following the rapid traffic shift to LTE, prepare for VoLTE and manage signaling increase in the most highly populated metropolitan areas in the world.
Ericsson: Service Agility for a Connected World
CenturyLink wanted to accelerate design and delivery of IP-based enterprise services, drive all processes from a central catalog for improved service agility and position CenturyLink for SDN/NFV with an open, standards-based solution.
Ericsson: Premium Brand
Due to doubled data traffic demand, Telstra wanted a solution that can meet insatiable high-speed mobile broadband demand and secure a smooth network migration while re-farming spectrum.
Ericsson: OTE - Achieving Customer Experience and SLA Excellence for Enterprise Customers with Service Management
OTE sought to implement new practices to achieve even more reliable,high quality service and to ensure a consistently outstanding customer experience.
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