HMS: Communicator - Protocol Converter Gateway
The Anybus Communicator CAN series makes it possible to integrate devices with a CAN port to all popular fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks without the need for any hardware or software changes to your device. Industrial devices with CAN based protocols can be easily integrated into popular networks such as PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, Modbus-RTU, ControlNet, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and Modbus-TCP.All data between the fieldbus and the CAN network is transferred through an internal memory buffer inside the Communicator. This method of data exchange also permits CAN devices with slow communication to be integrated into high-speed fieldbus/Ethernet networks without any restrictions. The Communicator appears as a standard I/O module on the fieldbus/Ethernet side.
HMS: eWON Cosy - Industrial VPN Router
The eWON Cosy 131 is an Industrial VPN Router designed to offer easy remote access, accross the Internet, to machines and installations at customers or in the field. The eWON Cosy lets maintenance engineer establish a secure VPN connection from the machine to anywhere via Talk2M, eWON’s cloud-based remote connectivity solution. The router seamlessly communicates on the local area network with the PLC and the HMI, and allows remote connection from anywhere with a simple laptop, tablet or smartphone. eWON Cosy and Talk2M make working across the Internet easy, so the user does not need to be an IT expert to take advantage of it.
HMS: eWON Netbiter EC350 - Edge Gateway
The Netbiter EC350 communication gateway connects to field equipment via several connection methods: Serial RS-232/485, Modbus RTU, Modbus-TCP or EtherNet/IP. The gateway sends data to the cloud-based Netbiter Argos data center via Ethernet or cellular communications. On-board I/O ports on the EC350 gateway provides the option to connect sensors and additional equipment to the system.Wherever clients' field equipment is located, just connect it to a Netbiter EasyConnect gateway and they will be able to access equipment data online in regular web browser. The plug-and-play functionality makes it possible to perform large-scale installations within minutes. EasyConnect gateways connect to field equipment via several connection methods: Serial RS-232/485 Modbus RTU, Modbus-TCP or Ethernet/IP. The gateways interface with the cloud-based Netbiter Argos server via the cellular network or Ethernet. By logging in to www.netbiter. net, you can access and visualize equipment data online and get alarms via email or SMS whenever certain thresholds are reached.
HMS: eWON Flexy - Modular Industrial M2M Router and Data Gateway
The eWON Flexy is the first industrial modular M2M router and data gateway designed for OEMs and system integrators.The flexibility allows a user to link remote devices in an environment where communication technologies are constantly changing. It also allows universal communication with the most varied field equipment, regardless of the protocol used.
HMS: Anybus Communicator
The Anybus Application Programming Kit gives increased usability to the Anybus gateway products Anybus Communicator RS232/422/485 and Anybus X-gateway (classic version with aluminum housing). No changes are required to the standard Anybus X-gateway product to support Anybus Application Programming Kit applications. Part numbers for the Anybus X-gateway will remain the same. At start-up, an LED light indicates if the module has been loaded with the Application Programming Kit application software.
HMS: OEM Toolbox for IIoT Edge Communication Gateway
HMS’s OEM Toolbox provides device and machine manufacturers with a toolkit for tailoring the functionality of HMS industrial communication gateways. Users benefit from industrially pre-qualified communication gateways and existing certifications and approvals when developing a customized communication solution.HMS’s OEM Toolbox is an open development platform that offers OEM customers the possibility to develop their own application to run within the Linux environment of HMS industrial gateways. A software development kit (SDK) for the Open Gateway Platform contains development tools for software engineers and enables the creation of customized applications for the gateways included in the OEM Toolbox offer.Using the SDK, it is possible to quickly develop new connectivity solutions to fulfill traditional automation tasks as well as realizing emerging IIoT applications. The functionality of the gateway can be tailormade for a specific application. Proprietary communication protocols, tailored control applications, IT/OT bridges, edge computing, etc.. can all be directly loaded into the gateways provided by HMS.The toolkit also enables connectivity to IoT software platforms such as ThingWorks, SAP, Microsoft Azure, Oracle since standard SDK agents have been pre-verified with the gateways.HardwareA range of high quality and high performing industrial communication gateways with different communication ports (industrial Ethernet, cellular 2G/3G, WLAN or Bluetooth, CAN, Serial RS232/RS485 and digital/analog I/O) making it possible to select the gateway that is most efficient for a specific project.SoftwareThe included Software Development Kit (SDK) contains development tools for software engineers enabling the creation of customized applications for the gateways. The SDK contains:• C-based SDK toolchain for application development• Power-up and access linux kernel and web interface• Sandboxed development area for custom applicationIP stacks• Modbus RTU / TCP, J1939, EtherNet/IP• Binaries with JSON / ZeroMQ APIBrand LabellingThe OEM Toolbox gateway are prepared for customer branding. By default, all gateways are "white labelled hardware" which means they are without product brand definitions allowing you to customize the look and feel to meet your requirements.• Create your specific solution based on certified hardware and software from HMS • Choice of readily available industrially certified hardware• Software development tools pre-prepared for an easy application development• Substantial reduction in ROI and time-to-market• A common development environment and Linux base which is maintained and updated• Pre-qualified and maintained implementations of industrial communication protocols• Cost efficient manufacturing with high product quality and preloaded firmware (optional)• HMS expertise and guidance through the development phase and the product life cycle
HMS: Wireless Bolt
Anybus Wireless Bolt enables you to connect industrial machines and devices to a wireless network. It is attached onto a cabinet or a machine to enable wireless access over Bluetooth®, Bluetooth Low Energy® or WLAN (WiFi). On the wired side, the Anybus Wireless Bolt communicates over Industrial Ethernet, supporting protocols such as BACnet/IP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP as well as TCP/IP and UDP.Anybus Wireless Bolt gives you direct access to configure or troubleshoot your machinery. With a range of 100 meters you can access the internal web pages via a laptop, tablet or smartphone. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) means that you no longer need an expensive HMI. A machine operator or technician does not need to be physically located at the machine to gain access.With Anybus Wireless Bolt you get an All-in-one package featuring, connector, communication processor and integrated antenna in the same unit, with an exterior IP67 protection class. Regardless of communication method you select, you have the same connector (2x9p Plug Connector) for both power and communication.• Configure or troubleshoot industrial machinery over a wireless network• Increase flexibility and mobility. Eliminate expensive fixed HMI’s by using a laptop, tablet or smartphone• Connect to moving field equipment such as an AGV’s (Automated Guided Vehicles)• Connect to a Cloud Service of your choice or get live data and integrate it into a SCADA system• Supports Ethernet and protocols such as: BACnet/IP, EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, PROFINET, TCP/UDP• Unique method to handle interference disturbances without consequences to the Bluetooth conformity or the interoperability with other devices• Uses Dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4/5 GHz to connect easier and identify interference-free channels• All-in-one package: Connector, communication processor and integrated antenna in the same unit• Includes a configurable Digital Input to control e.g. roaming behavior. Max. 3m signal cable• Uses the ARM mbed 3.0 IoT Device Platform.• Simultaneous operation of Bluetooth and WLAN allowing for bridging and redundancy between the two networks• Security features for a secure industrial operation• Starterkit available
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