Saviant: Powering Smart Home Automation solutions with IoT for Energy conservation
Many industry leaders that offer Smart Energy Management products & solutions face challenges including:How to build a scalable platform that can automatically scale-up to on-board ‘n’ number of Smart home devicesData security, solution availability, and reliability are the other critical factors to deal withHow to create a robust common IoT platform that handles any kind of smart devicesHow to enable data management capabilities that would help in intelligent decision-making
Saviant: Transforming Water Utilities with IoT, saving a Billion Gallons every year!
The big problem that Utilities face includes:(i) How to make meters “smart” and ingest the data from homes to the companies and;(ii) how to derive intelligent actions from huge amounts of meter data, in an efficient and cost-effective way.Solving these problems would help Utilities track & monitor water consumption data, identify leakage, theft & various anomalies. This demands the need of a scalable system with remote asset management & proactive maintenance capabilities. This would also help end-consumers understand their water usage for better decision-making to conserve water.
Saviant: High-end, scalable Cloud based IIoT solution for Device Management & Analytics
Many instrumentation leaders face challenges including how to:Track & monitor their instrument data such as Temperature, Humidity, Dew point or PressureAchieve real-time visibility of data to take necessary measures/actions.Enable Remote Asset management capabilities to keep a watch on the end-devices at pre-scheduled intervalsIntegrate notification engine to alert the end-customers in case of asset failures or abnormal conditions
Saviant: Real-time visibility of Supply chain operations with IoT
Food service delivery companies generally manage large volumes of food or non-food products, with very low profit margins. And, one of their major challenges involves optimizing operational efficiency during food delivery, for accelerated business growth and competitive advantage.However, to address this challenge, they had no means to know what exactly happens during the delivery hours. Was the food inventory ready to deliver is kept under optimum temperature conditions? Were the drivers taking the right routes? Was the customer order being delivered on time? Their business required visibility of its supply chain operations in real-time, so they could track & monitor what’s happening every minute. This would help optimize operations and save money.
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