Sixth Energy Technologies Private Limited
6th Energy Technologies is a leading Energy, Environment and Water Data Intelligence Company. Their current focus is on providing end-to-end remote management solutions for Data Centers, Businesses, Banks, Telecom and Enterprise Infrastructures. They remotely monitor and manage power and cooling equipment in telecom towers (BSC, BTS), telecom switching centers (MSC), Data centers, Industrial locations, enterprise buildings, off-grid and grid-tie renewable energy power stations, etc. 6th Energy's wireless solutions include collection and analysis of energy and environmental data, mining, creating alerts and reports thereby providing valuable energy optimization and control solutions to their users. Their in-house R&D has created advanced, scalable and robust systems which have been successfully deployed in thousands of locations around the world. Their customers have reported significant operational and commercial benefits, showing ROI within 6 to 10 months. 6th Energy is driven by a core team of professionals with varied educational background and long international experience in the telecom and energy domain. Some of their team members have been part of companies like Ericsson etc. Their team members have authored many patents in their past with many more in the pipeline as part of their R&D work at 6th Energy. Their trademark solution - 6E IoT Platform consists of robust hardware, Firmware, software, and our tools and services.More to Know:
SLAMTEC was founded in 2013, and its core R&D team is experienced in the development and application of robot autonomous localization and navigation solution as well as related core sensors. By providing high-efficient and reliable solution for robot industry through developing technology and updating product continuously, SLAMTEC has already become the pioneer of autonomous localization and navigation solution in service robot industry. Currently, SLAMTEC owns three major production lines: RPLIDAR, the 360 degree laser range scanner; SLAMWARE, the modular system for realizing autonomous localization and navigation; ZEUS, general purpose service robot platform. Up to now, SLAMTEC has business from more than 20 countries and areas mainly distributed in Asia, Europe, Northern America and etc. And its accumulated enterprise users have exceeded 2000 and personal users 100000.
At SmartFactory, they help identify hidden losses, thus reducing planned and unplanned downtime, increasing productivity and maximising efficiency. Their Smart Factory solutions reduce the amount of resources required to gather and communicate critical information across an organisation and dynamically translate this data into actionable intelligence. Their own solutions are complemented by the industry proven technology of their hardware partners Siemens and TurckBanner.
Smart Touch Systems OÜ
STS Smart Touch Systems is the name for best home automation services. We merge technology with personal care. We are a team of rockstar developers and our hardware partners are the best well known brands. We provide perfect customised home automation solutions for your home/workplace. You can manage your home from anywhere in the world with our STS-Control app. Its all in one solution that takes care of your lighting, appliance control, security and surveillance needs.
Sony Semiconductor Israel (Sony)
Sony Semiconductor Israel Ltd. (formerly known as Altair Semiconductor Ltd.) is a leading provider of cellular IoT chipsets. The company’s cellular IoT chipsets are the smallest and most highly integrated LTE CAT-M and NB-IoT chipsets on the market, featuring ultra-low power consumption, hardware-based security, and a carrier-grade integrated SIM (iSIM), all 5G ready. Sony Semiconductor Israel partners with leading global vendors, including ARM, G+D (Giesecke+Devrient), HERE Technologies, Murata, and Sierra Wireless, to provide low-power and cost-efficient modules for a range of industrial and consumer IoT applications such as trackers, Smart Meters, smart labels, Wearables, and vehicle Telematics. The Altair chipsets are commercially deployed on the world’s most advanced LTE networks, including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Docomo, KDDI, SoftBank, Telstra, Verizon, and Vodafone. “Altair” is a trademark of cellular IoT chipsets by Sony Semiconductor Israel Ltd. For more information, visit our website. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Sophic Automation Sdn Bhd
Sophic Automation Sdn Bhd was founded in 2007 with the mission of providing the most innovative and effective Industrial Automation Solutions to their customers. Combining cutting edge and the adventurous spirit of their technical competency, we have seen an extensive growth in business solutions. They offer an attractively priced and complete outsourcing mechanism whereby they develop, supply and manage customized automation projects for their customers.
SOS Lab, a LiDAR development company focusing on core technology for self-driving cars, plans to present its differentiated hybrid LiDAR system, the SL-1 SOS LAB's long-range, hybrid scanning design combines the advantages of the widely-used motor scanning system with a solid-state MEMS mirror, and will be offered at a much lower price point compared to traditional LiDAR products on the market today. SL-1 is expected to play an important role in the popularization and accessibility of self-driving cars. In addition to the SL-1, SOS LAB offers two additional LiDAR products designed to integrate safe, effective, and affordable LiDAR technology into various industries: the GL-3 for factory automation and robotics, and the TL-3 for security and automatic doors. SOS LAB is also focusing on combining hardware-based sensors and AI-based object recognition and Tracking technology using 3D point cloud LiDAR data, and plans to provide LiDAR data space/object recognition solutions for self-driving vehicles. SOS LAB includes jointly developing their hybrid LiDAR with a partner automotive electronic equipment field company, continuing to develop the next generation of Solid-State-LiDAR with global semiconductor companies to overstep the limits of OPA-method LiDAR, and extending the global footprint of SOS LAB to provide the smartest solutions for self-driving and ADAS markets. SOS LAB is planning to enter global markets based on its R&D centers in Seoul and Gwangju and business centers in Silicon Valley.
Spinwave Systems
"Spinwave Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of Wireless Sensor Networks and sensing products used to dramatically cost-reduce and simplify monitoring and control of commercial and industrial buildings. Spinwave's network and sensor products are used for building automation, energy management, demand-response, remote monitoring, process control and data center environmental monitoring.'
SST Wireless
SST Wireless provides industrial wireless sensor that are designed to work in extreme environments. The company was originally founded as a joint venture with KalTire to develop and bring to market, a Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System (TPMS) for heavy haulers used in mining operations around the world. Through continued engineering efforts, SST has also introduced a TPMS for mass transit and municipal vehicles which have completed a successful field trial with a metropolitan transit operator. The company has been working with several industrial partners to develop and bring to market, a number of new sensors designed for industrial equipment monitoring to increase safety and reduce downtime. Many of these new developments are very exciting as they have far reaching implications for the industries involved.SST continues to develop new applications for its extreme condition sensors, zone Controllers and central monitoring stations. The company is is experiencing accelerated growth.
SteamaCo is a venture-backed technology company that enables its customers to sell energy anywhere on the planet.
StrongArm Tech
StrongArm Tech is a safety science company that develops data collection, assessment, and safety solutions for the industrial worker. It offers a risk monitoring device that uses Machine Learning to capture and analyze physiological and environmental risk; and FUSE Risk Management Platform which is a cloud-based IoT enabled software informed by an array of motion-interpreting sensors that allow organizations to monitor, assess, and intervene.The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.
Sumeru Verde Technologies
Agnitio is a provider of completely integrated and optimized energy management solutions that are industry oriented, ready to deploy with best practices and tailored to suit the need of its clients. While focusing in providing the full spectrum of smart energy metering and grid solution, data analytics, big data solution for Energy & Utility domain, we are passionate in working towards sustainable energy efficiency and environmental solutions that transforms business processes.
Suntront is one of the largest smart meter manufacturers in China and has been a pioneer in the development of smart meter technologies and solutions for use in the electricity, gas and water utility and distribution industries in China.Suntront today employs over 1,000 people, with more than half of these being specialist engineers and technicians with a high skill level in all fields related to smart meter manufacturing and technology.
SuperRFID specialises in 2.45G active RFID products and solutions for high-tech enterprises, and provides research and development, engineering design , product manufacturing, systems integration and engineering services.As the industry leader in active RFID, SuperRFID has implemented local and international projects in areas of mining, intelligent transportation and other areas of construction. SuperRFID's smart city sensor networks solutions and products create a range of services to the people of intelligent management system, including urban electric vehicle anti-theft Tracking, Metro bus signal management, community intelligent access control and others.SuperRFID's products has received national certifications, mine safety, FCC, CE and other relevant certification, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. The company is one of the sponsor of Radio Frequency Identification Laboratory, is an international standard: one of the drafting "ISO 18186 2011 -RFID Container shipping label system" and the national standard "IT 2.45GHz RFID air interface protocol," the. The company also has won the "integrity of enterprises in Shanghai", "Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise", "high-tech enterprises in Shanghai", "China RFID leader" and so on.
TAG Optics
TAG Optics is the maker of the worlds fastest focusing lens: the award winning TAG Lens.It is the first device in the world to utilize the power of sound to shape light - a technology that is proprietary to TAG Optics.This new technology enable scanning speeds that are more than 1000 times faster than competing devices providing significant speed improvements to existing systems in sectors ranging from medical pathology to laser manufacturing.The company was funded in 2011 and is headquartered in Princeton NJ.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (TSMC)
TSMC provides foundry's most comprehensive CMOS Image Sensor process technology portfolio, featuring superior resolution, faster speed, and lower power consumption.TSMC's CMOS Image Sensor technology ranges from 0.5-micron (µm) to 28nm nodes and supports a variety of applications, including PC cameras, digital cameras and recorders, digital TVs, toys, security systems, video cameras and other portable devices.In 2018, TSMC had several achievements in CMOS image sensor technology including: (1) mass-production of new-generation sensors of sub-micron pixel for mobile application; (2) successful development of Ge-on-Si sensor for 3D range sensing applications with performance superior to Si sensor; (3) successful application of wafer stack technology to prototype Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) sensor array technology for 3D time-of-flight applications.
Talentcloud aims to use the world's leading networking, mobile Internet Network, Cloud Computing and other information technology to transform innovation, transformation of traditional agriculture, agricultural production technologies and Agriculture Integration, to create a new model of modern agriculture production, helping large-scale agricultural producers to improve the safety of agricultural products and goods quality and enhance the realization of agricultural output and profits.
Tanand Technology
Tanand Technology Sdn Bhd specialises in combining customised engineering processes, future technology such as IoT and big data analytics, to improve energy, productivity and process efficiency. We aspire to create world smartest building & autonomous in manufacturing processes that save money & improve productivity through the convergence of accelerated technologies & data-driven decision making. They empower businesses and clients with solutions that monitor and manage all sorts of data such as energy consumption, raw material, processes, environment conditions, wastages, performance, working environment safety, as well as a predicted maintenance schedule and potential downtime.
TAS, Incepted in year 2006 to provide remote engineering in the area of Automation and Control solutions to customers in India as well as Middle East. Now providing advanced solutions based on new technologies and also developing own products to support it’s M2M/IoT/IIoT/Industry 4.0/Quality 4.0 offerings.
We offer comprehensive solutions for remote monitoring of road and off-road trucks, locomotives, sea and river vessels, diesel generators (gensets), fuel storages and tanks, technological machines. Major parameters monitored are: fuel consumption, time and engine operation mode, volume and temperature of fuel, operation of attached equipment, axle load.
Teeptrak solutions are the results of several years of consulting in operations and strategy. One major learning is that there is a real need of simple tools to better understand industrial performance in order to improve it. They believe the IoT technologies combined with the good old Lean philosophy are the key to success.
Teledyne Technologies
Teledyne Technologies provides electronic components, instruments, and communications products in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Canada.
Beijing Tianyi Zhonghe Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint-stock enterprise with active radio frequency identification technology (RFID), wireless sensing technology and wireless transmission technology as its main research and development, production and application directions. Through independent innovation and active exploration, it has accumulated profound practical experience in the field of active RFID and the Internet of Things, forming a unique It has obtained 48 patents, 12 of which are invention patents, and 41 software copyrights. Based on the self-developed intelligent active RFID products, the company provides users with a series of comprehensive software and hardware solutions for industrial application needs. , intelligent transportation and many other fields. With a solid technical foundation and a broad strategic vision, the company has successively built demonstration projects in Beijing, Foshan, Suzhou and other places, popularized and applied, and won the affirmation and support of relevant national ministries and local governments.
Temp Genius
TempGenius? is a highly reliable industrial Wireless Temperature Monitoring Platform for Temperature, Humidity, Differential Pressure, and more ― providing real time Logs, Alerts, and Monitoring direct to industry. TempGenius? reduces costs with automatic wireless temperature monitoring while eliminating errors, reducing storage losses, preserving quality, and improving energy efficiency. This is achieved with advanced wireless monitoring technology utilizing WIFI and wireless monitoring technologies. Plus seamlessly integrated wired monitoring options.
Thingstel is a leading provider of end to end IoT solutions integrating the latest innovations in Network Technologies, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to offer data-driven decision support which in turn increases productivity and lowers cost.Registered in 2018, the company has its HQ in Bangalore, India with sales offices in United Kingdom and North America.
ThingTrax is an Industrial IoT company offering Software as a Service(SaaS) based solution to the manufacturing industry helping them track,capture and analyse data from machines and operators in real-timeproviding actionable business insights.
ThunderSoft is a provider of operating system technologies, superior products and solutions, experts in mobile, IoT, automotive, and enterprise. Headquartered in Beijing and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZ: 300496). It has established strong partnerships with the world-leading technology companies, including semiconductors, components, terminal devices, and software and Internet providers, as well as mobile carriers, bringing the company a unique vertical integration advantage in creating high-quality intelligent devices. ThunderSoft has more than 30 R&D centers and offices in China and a global presence in Germany, Ukraine, Finland, Bulgaria, Japan, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, and the U.S.
Tianchen Electric
tsti's parent company, Tatung Group Corporation, has extensive resources in the four focus areas of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent buildings, smart energy, intelligence and medical, to support the integration of ICT technology to customers and increase the value of the mission, aimed at business users together to create a higher level and broader scope, more competitive business model innovation, the establishment and improvement of market-oriented Cloud Computing, big data application of intelligent analysis, networking and other integrated solutions, to undertake a comprehensive enterprise IT infrastructure build services, outsourcing services, as well as operation and maintenance services.
T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom)
As America's Un-carrier, T-Mobile US, Inc. is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation.
TOA Electronics, Inc.
Manufacturer of High Quality Audio, Mass Notification and Intercom Equipment. Paging Systems, Mixers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Speaker Arrays, Wired/Wireless Microphones, Conference Room Systems, IP Intercom Systems, Megaphones, Signal Processors, Digital Message Repeaters, Network Audio
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