Sirqul, Inc: How Sirqul’s IoT Platform is Crafting Carrefour’s New In-Store Experiences
Carrefour Taiwan’s goal is to be completely digital by end of 2018. Out-dated manual methods for analysis and assumptions limited Carrefour’s ability to change the customer experience and were void of real-time decision-making capabilities. Rather than relying solely on sales data, assumptions, and disparate systems, Carrefour Taiwan’s CEO led an initiative to find a connected IoT solution that could give the team the ability to make real-time changes and more informed decisions. Prior to implementing, Carrefour struggled to address their conversion rates and did not have the proper insights into the customer decision-making process nor how to make an immediate impact without losing customer confidence.
Sirqul, Inc: Engaging Fans at one of the Largest Stadiums in the USA
Engaging and delighting fans has become the number one priority. However, the identity and behavior of fans within the stadium have been impossible to detect until Sirqul. Furthermore, standalone mobile apps historically have only seen a 5-30% penetration rate, thus leaving venues with poor data, insights and little interaction with the fan itself.This large stadium was looking for a set of recommendations to improve the fan experience, increase revenue and optimize operational efficiency based on this never seen before data.  
Sirqul, Inc: Sirqul and Catalyst Workplace Activation Reveal the Future of Smart Offices
This partnership will disrupt the “traditional” office furniture conversation by examining the intersection of people, place, and technology. We realize it is increasingly evident that the design of spaces is an enabler to meaningful interactions between people and fosters a sense of community and culture by taking on the challenges of designing for a more productive, collaborative, and inspiring workplace, leveraging technology to process data on how people work, communicate and engage with one another.
Sirqul, Inc: Routing and Logistics for Fleets - Greenlight SmartRoute
SmartRoute powered by Sirqul is a routing and optimization solution that enhances a fleet’s operational efficiency, enabling each vehicle and driver to maximize the amount of cargo they can pick up and deliver while minimizing miles, hours, and overall cost.
Sirqul, Inc: Remote operation of deployed teleoperated robots - Sarcos
Remote operation of deployed teleoperated robots (Guardian™ S) to perform complex tasks and video mapping and monitoring in areas where human safety is at risk.
Sirqul, Inc: Ride-Sharing Service for One of the Largest Car Manufacturers
A youth transportation service was developed and launched for a local community car-sharing service leveraging Sirqul's platform and technology.
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