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We solve the data accessibility problem in Industrial sites, process plants and utilities by leveraging data from remote assets and control rooms to the right beneficiaries. Many a times, breaking data silos is not practical completely. In such cases, our shared name space concept allows secure sharing of only those data points that are required to be shared protecting the interest of individual departments and the organization as a whole.

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  • SPIA’s Tech Stack maps SPIA’s participation in the IoT tech stack.
    • Application Layer
    • Functional Applications

    • Cloud Layer
    • Platform as a Service
      Infrastructure as a Service

    • Edge Layer
    • Automation & Control
      Processors & Edge Intelligence

    • Devices Layer
    • Robots
    • Supporting
    • Analytics & Modeling
      Application Infrastructure & Middleware
      Cybersecurity & Privacy
      Networks & Connectivity
    Technological Capability
  • SPIA’s IoT Snapshot maps the range and focus areas of SPIA’s IoT business across Technologies, Use Cases, Industries, and Services. Only categories with active products will be shown. Missing categories indicate that there is no activity in those areas.
    Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    Connectivity Platforms
    Application Infrastructure & Middleware
    Data Visualization
    Analytics & Modeling
    Real Time Analytics
  • i4 Suite EdgeEnterprise

    The i4 Suite EdgeEnterprise is a suite of applications designed for industries that take a holistic approach to the different stakeholders in an industry - Control Room Operators, Field Engineers, Middle Managers and Higher Level Management.

    This suite follows an Extended Hybrid IIoT architecture which, can harness the power of Edge and can achieve complete functionality On-Premise. The extended Cloud Computing, currently under development can increase manageability, flexibility and reliability

    IIoT Next

    IIoT Next enables device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols - MQTT and HTTP on cloud based deployments. It combines scalability, fault-tolerance and performance so you will never lose your data. IIoT has the the capabilites to provision, monitor and control your Industrial IoT end-points in a secure way using RESTful APIs. Relations between devices, assets, customers or any other entities can be easily defined.

    IIoT Next can collect and store telemetry data in scalable and fault-tolerant way. Easy visualization of data is possible using widgets and flexible dashboards. Dashboards can also be shared with different stakeholders. Another important feature of IIoT next is the possibility to define data processing rule chains. Rule Chains can transform and normalize device data. raise alarms on incoming telemetry events, attribute updates, device inactivity and user actions.

  • Sensorbis
    Software - Web - Internet of Things
    Created by the company Lucid Design Group in 2004, BuildingOS and earlier versions of the platform addressed the needs of energy, facility, and sustainability professionals to easily access critical data that was previously locked behind complicated systems. We believe (and still do!) that teams are most successful at reducing costs and improving building performance by leveraging technology to centralize data, automate processes, and identify savings opportunities through powerful data analytics.Today, BuildingOS continues to go beyond the meter using modern energy management best practices to some of the world's leading organizations to meet and exceed their energy and sustainability goals.
    GeoPal Solutions
    GeoPal is an IoT-enabled cloud service and mobile app that is transforming the operation of asset management and field service companies from a reactive break-fix model, to a proactive, preventative model. GeoPal gives businesses a competitive edge with;? Customizable mobile forms? Job scheduling and dispatch? Intelligent Field Service Management powered by IoT? Location Tracking for employees and asset management? Detailed, custom reporting. An ideal solution for Facilities Management, Field Service, Utilities, Downtown Associations and Transport companies, GeoPal reduces administration time and costs by up to 50%, and increases productivity by up to 30%. 4 of the top 5 US cities use GeoPal to improve the productivity of their field workforce and we work with some of the largest companies in the world like Verizon and Three Mobile.
  • Opto 22
    Opto 22 manufactures Controllers, I/O, solid-state relays, and software products that link electrical, mechanical, and electronic devices to networks and computers.Customers use their products to monitor, control, and get data from all the machines and devices that are essential to their business.
    eWON (HMS Industrial Networks) (HMS Networks)
    eWON is an innovative Belgian company that manufactures industrial routers for secure industrial connectivity across the Internet. Over the last 10 years, eWON has become a worldwide market challenger for intelligent Internet remote access devices for PLCs and automation systems. Year founded: 2001 Acquired by HMS Industrial Networks in 2016.
    We have been creating the Internet of Things (IoT) for over 20 years now and we want our products and solutions to be used globally and to become indispensable in any business.Our team of professionals is the key to our success. This is why our efforts to help our employees are our primary priority: we want to meet our employees’ expectations, take into account their wishes, provide them with opportunities, and ensure a friendly working environment, understanding, peer help, learning opportunities, ongoing improvement and personal well-being.We are eager to understand and cherish every customer, which we can and must help to create the maximum value possible and to avail of all the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things (IoT) in the customer’s business.And, what is most important: we want to work together and be able to promote and share good things with people who need our help most.
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