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Wellrain is located in Shanghai Caohejing Development Zone Songjiang High-tech Park and provides customers with factory automation, equipment IoT, energy management, ROMS and MES integration, such as the wisdom of the plant design, software development , site commissioning to full system solutions and related services to technology companies. Inception of the company established a green energy, factory digital, information, intelligence as the goal, is committed to providing customers with the best solutions for plant intelligence and technical services. As B & R (B & R) area authorized partners China, Germany Fu Kan (FORCAM) the company's strategic partner, the Company PLC (programmable logic controller), DCS (Distributed Control System), database technology, IT communication technology, field bus technology, SCADA systems, FCS system (FCS), EMS systems, MES system has a wealth of engineering experience, and strive to provide customers with the best products, the most optimized system solutions, the most complete technology services to help our customers to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the industrial era of information technology, to improve the core competitiveness.

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  • With our strong technical team and a wealth of implementation experience, help Wei Rui plastic pipe industry, injection molding, food and pharmaceutical customers enhance their competitiveness. Wei Rui production information platform covering one yard product Traceability, production technology, production efficiency, equipment operating status and warning equipment energy consumption information. By aggregating the production process real-time information can be required to render production management related graphs and reports. In addition, the production process real-time data provided by Wei Rui also as a source of real-time data MES, ERP system.
  • B&R Automation, Forcam
  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • APX Labs
    APX Labs have been the industry leader in building software for smart glasses since 2010. They have more customers, users, and smart glasses software experience than any other companies in the world.The APX mission is to use wearable technology to give the hands-on workforce the data, help and access they need to do their best work. For our customers we make every employee as good as their best employee. Year founded: 2010
    Being able to store energy at the optimum moment and use it when it is needed is of the utmost importance when it comes to convenience, economy and the environment. We construct storage and control systems for energy from the sun, wind, water, waste, biomass etc. based on our lithium battery technology – a complete solution that optimises your product.When Alelion Energy Systems AB was set up as far back as 2006 we were pioneers within lithium-ion battery technology. Since then numerous products have been developed within a range of sectors.We have worked primarily with vehicles and materials handling, especially electric forklift trucks and other vehicles for storage and transport where lithium-ion technology is of great benefit to our customers' businesses and the environment we all share. The company is now established and continues to supply high-performance solutions using tried and tested technology. The batteries deliver savings for both smaller companies and large international companies. Alelion Energy Systems AB sets high requirements on quality. Our extensive experience of the automotive and materials handling industries allows us to deliver world-class products.
    Fetch Robotics
    Fetch Robotics is a San Jose, Calif.-based industrial robotics startup that develops and manufactures collaborative, autonomous mobile robot solutions for the warehousing and logistical markets. It takes takes advantage of its deep robotics expertise to provide reliable and safe collaborative AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) solutions for two commercial applications: material handling and data collection. Fetch Robotics is a venture-backed Silicon Valley startup founded in 2014.
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