smartUC is dedicated to improving the communications infrastructure of major utility networks, bringing diverse resources, technologies and mobility under full control.For utilities companies around the world, renewables, distributed generation, and smart grid technologies demand new capabilities and are triggering new business models and regulatory frameworks. There is a need to manage this widening portfolio in a smarter, leaner and more efficient way.The key to delivering stronger and smarter critical communications, in an era of ever increasing assets and Internet of Things applications, is unifying diverse platforms and tools into a seamless solution. And this is where smartUC can help.smartUC is a dedicated support and delivery division of Simoco, with all the detailed knowledge of the utilities industry and experience of unified communications you will ever need. We know how to bring together new smart technologies to work effectively with existing voice capabilities across radio, IP, mobile devices, cellular and Wi-Fi.
Smartvue Corporation protects thousands of people, places and assets worldwide every day. Since 1998, the company’s mission has been to make the world a safer place with amazing video surveillance technologies. Smartvue is a cloud software company and video surveillance innovator with more than 20 patents and significant industry awards for its unique products and services. The company delivers end to end surveillance solutions which combine cost effective network video recording devices and cloud management services.
SML ( is a global branding solutions provider and is the parent company of SML-RFID. As the leading full-service RFID solution provider, SML is a trusted partner to the world’s largest retailers and top fashion brands, delivering proven results and rapid ROI for our customers. SML offers a broad spectrum of certified RFID-enabled labels, tags, stickers and inlays from the largest global network of source-tagging service bureaus. SML-RFID’s Clarity? enterprise-class platform has best-in-class features and functionality for RFID deployment in-store and throughout the retail supply chain.SML has successfully deployed RFID inventory management solutions to many of the world’s most successful retailers. With a presence in over 30 countries, unparalleled deployment expertise, and highly trained support personnel, SML is the leading technology provider for the new era in retailing, Retail 3.0.
Smooth Robotics
Smooth Robotics solution the operator teach the robot which path to follow and were and how to weld - just by using our joystick solution mounted on the robot.
An international team of expert hands-on information technology problem solvers that helps companies leverage today’s most cutting edge digital technologies to create value and grow. We are innovation enablers.
SoCe System-on-Chip Engineering
SoC-e offers top quality outsourcing services for the development of FPGA and embedded systems for the industry. SoC-e takes advantage from the proven experience of the staff, from the strong link for R+D activities with cutting-edge research groups and from a well stabilised net of partners and suppliers.SoC-e focuses on product development, feasibility studies and technical research in the expertise areas of FPGA and embedded systems.
Founded in 1922, Socomec is an industrial group with a workforce of 3100 people. Our core business – the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks with increased focus on our customers’ power performance.The Socomec Group’s independence ensures control over its own decision making, respecting the values advocated by its own family shareholders and shared by its employees. With around 30 subsidiaries located on all five continents, Socomec pursues international development by targeting industrial and service applications where the quality of its expertise makes all the difference. As undisputed specialists in UPS systems, mains supply changeover, power conversion and measurement, Socomec dedicates nearly 10% of its turnover to R&D. As a result the Group can achieve its ambition of always being one technological step ahead.As a manufacturer with complete control over its technological processes, Socomec is quite unlike the more general providers. The Group is constantly improving its fields of expertise in order to offer its clients increasingly customised, appropriate solutions.Backed by two European centres of excellence (France and Italy), the Group also benefits from competitive production sites such as Tunisia and locations in the major emerging markets (India and China). These sites have all implemented a system of continuous improvement based on Lean Management principles, and are therefore in a position to provide high levels of quality, and meet the deadlines and cost requirements expected by customers.Our manufacturer’s expertise naturally extends to a complete range of services designed to facilitate the research, implementation and operation of our solutions. Our service teams have built their reputation on reassuring guidance, flexible skills and reactivity.As a Group which is open to all cultures and firmly committed to human values, Socomec promotes employee initiative and commitment. Working relationships are based on the idea of partnerships and respect for shared ethics. Through the company’s commitment to achieving harmonious, lasting development, Socomec fully embraces its responsibilities not only towards its shareholders, employees, customers and partners, but also towards society as a whole and its environment. Socomec has been a signatory to the Global Compact since 2003.
Soda Mobility is a technological innovation company focusing on smart vehicle and intelligent mobility solution. They have proven technique on telematics, car-sharing solution and data-driven SaaS platform. SODA is building the platform to power the Next Mobility. They are driving the Internet of vehicle and pushing the pulse of next mobility with the power of big data, the mobile internet and innovation of cooperative economy. Soda Mobility offer end-to-end solutions enabling mobility operators to launch large-scale car-sharing services. their solutions provide robust In-Car Technology, complying with automotive standards, a Back Office facilitating daily operations and white-labeled Mobile Apps offering a seamless and intuitive user experience.
Established in 2011Based out in Bangalore with Installations pan IndiaSpecialized in Lean Manufacturing solutions ,IOT,AI & Industry 4.0Intel Technology ProviderAwarded as “20 Most Promising Manufacturing Technology Solutions Provider for the year 2018” by CIOReview
Softeq Development Corporation was founded in 1997 in Houston, TX, as a full-stack software development services provider. Over the years, we shifted our focus from mobile and web application development to niche solutions — particularly, Machine Learning, immersive technologies and software and hardware for the Internet of Things.
Softing connects disparate automation components to feed data from the shop floor to the cloud for control and analytics. Softing monitors and diagnoses network health to ensure the data between your connected components flows. Softing delivers data connectivity solutions and network health solutions for industrial automation so you can optimize your plant. Softing dataFLOW enables the digital flow of data on the shop floor and to PLCs. Gateways, software, and mobile tools for device and network configuration establish integrated communication. Embedded solutions provide field devices with fieldbus and industrial Ethernet connectivity. Softing dataCHECK monitors and diagnoses industrial network health to ensure reliable data exchange because network outages cause plant and facility downtime. Softing dataFEED bridges the gap between operational technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT), offering easy integration of production data into Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and enterprise business systems, on premise or in the cloud.
SOFTLINK Automation was founded in 2003 as a manufacturer providing industrial automation products and solutions for mechanical equipment manufacture and projects in many fields. Products category includes SOFTLINK 300 PLC system, LMC 2000 PLC system, IDEABOX Embedded Motion Controller, Mini IDEABOX, PROFIBUS Remote IO modules, PROFIBUS DP Connectors and etc.
Softnautics is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA with business offices in Ahmedabad, Pune, and Surat is one of the most-promising Product Engineering Services Companies in India. Established 10 years ago in the hub of Silicon Valley, Softnautics Inc. has been accelerating customer execution by doing whatever it takes to help our customers ship their solution. Softnautics is a product engineering solutions company with expertise in VLSI IP and embedded software development. We have developed several VLSI IPs for semiconductor companies as well as growth-stage startups to integrate with their solution and have built successful ASICs and SoCs. Our engineers have varying levels of hands-on experience in domain knowledge, latest technologies, design methodologies, modeling languages and verification techniques used in the industry. Our expertise in VLSI design & verification services can transfer your product ideas into cost-effective System-on-Chip (SoC) designs for Networking, Mobile, Multimedia and Consumer Electronics solutions. At Softnautics, we outclass in providing turnkey product design and engineering services to semiconductor companies. We excel in providing customized IPs as per customer requirements along with design engineering and quality engineering services from concept to realization.
Softomotive is one of the leading worldwide providers of Robotic Process Automation solutions, trusted by more than 7,000 companies worldwide. Both attended and unattended RPA are delivered through powerful, robust RPA technology from desktop installation to server based software which is quick to deploy, easy to use and provides best value for money.
Soft Robotics Inc.
Soft Robotics designs and builds soft robotic gripping systems and automation solutions that can grasp and manipulate items of varying size, shape and weight. Today, the company is a global enterprise solving previously off-limits automation challenges for customers in food & beverage, advanced manufacturing and e-commerce. Soft Robotics’ engineers are building an ecosystem of robots, control systems, data and machine learning to enable the workplace of the future.
SoftServe is a digital authority that advises and provides at the cutting-edge of technology. We reveal, transform, accelerate, and optimize the way enterprises and software companies do business. With expertise across healthcare, retail, media, financial services, software, and more, we implement end-to-end solutions to deliver the innovation, quality, and speed that our clients’ users expect.SoftServe delivers open innovation—from generating compelling new ideas, to developing and implementing transformational products and services.Our work and client experience is built on a foundation of empathetic, human-focused experience design that ensures continuity from concept to release.We empower enterprises and software companies to (re)identify differentiation, accelerate solution development, and vigorously compete in today’s digital economy. No matter where you are in your journey.
Software Motor Company
Software Motor Company (SMC) is the world-leading provider of ultra-high-efficiency motors that feature a patented, software commutated, high rotor pole switched reluctance motor system. The company was founded in Silicon Valley to bring the benefits of the Internet of Things secure wireless networking and big data to electric motors, which collectively consume over 45 percent of global electricity. SMC motors are easy-to-install and integrate with new and legacy HVAC, refrigeration, and pumping systems, and deliver energy savings that are 20 to 50 percent higher than existing NEMA Premium Efficiency solutions.We are the "LED of Motors"?!
SoftWear Automation
SoftWear Automation is an Atlanta, Ga. based company with the sole focus of developing innovative core technologies and products for the apparel manufacturing and sewn products industries by harnessing its experience and expertise in machine vision, robotics, and computing. SoftWear expects its technology will lead the conversion of labor-intensive industries to ones that are capital intensive and economical.
Solcon Industries Ltd. is a dynamic high-tech Power Electronics Company that has been at the forefront of design, development and manufacturing of industrial electronic systems for over 30 years. As a global industry leader in Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Soft Starter Technology, as well as Motor Protection, and associated products, we take pride in being The Soft Start Specialist, providing solutions for the toughest applications including the Mining, Marine and Oil & Gas Industries.
SolePower creates a connected work boot that helps industrial workers become safer and more efficient. Industrial worksites are dangerous and dynamic; the costs of small inefficiencies add up quickly, and big mistakes can result in serious incidents or loss of life. SmartBoots aim to lower incident rates, increase work site visibility, and establish metrics from which workflow and safety improvements can be made. At the core of the system is an Army-tested, patented kinetic charger which uses walking motion to sustainably charge sensors embedded inside the boot. (Pilot unit includes GPS, Ultra Wideband, RFID, IMU, Sub-GHz RF, thermocouple, Wifi, altimeter). SolePower's mission is to take the functionality of a variety of standalone wearables and combine them into a single, compact, self-charged platform. The team is partnered with SR Max (a leading safety footwear provider) and the US Army.
SolidParts is a Simple, Powerful and Affordable library of native SolidWorks standard parts created using configurations. Designed with the user in mind, SolidParts is simple to install and implement, as well as easy to use and administer. SolidParts? is a SolidWorks Gold level certified product. Containing over 17,000 configurations of over 200 standard fasteners as well as electrical and piping components, SolidParts is used by thousands of engineers and designers worldwide. Experience the reduced design time and improved part re-use firsthand by beginning your SolidParts demo today.
SoloInsight Inc. is an innovative electronics engineering and IT company working in the fields of research and development of diverse intelligent pattern recognition technologies and products. As a technology provider with core expertise in computer vision, SoloInsight provides the development of technologies and solutions related to the human recognition that targets the workforce management and security industry. Leveraging the most advanced multi model biometric platform for face & retina recognition, our solutions provide a circle of trust around all aspects of the identity and the credentials assigned to it. This includes enrolment, registration, usage, access and reporting. SoloInsight has specialised in Face, Eyes and Fingerprint recognition based Access Control hardware, software and integrated solutions. We have successfully catered our solutions to environments where other biometric devices did not work efficiently.
9Solutions is the leading manufacturer of Bluetooth Low Energy RFID real time locating solutions for healthcare safety and work flow optimization. We provide our Integrated Positioning and Communicating System (IPCS) technology for system integrators, and sell safety and work flow optimization solutions built on the solid 9Solutions IPCS platform. Our solution portfolio comprises advanced solutions for hospitals, care homes and home care. The IPCS solutions are used globally in improving the productivity and safety of the healthcare professionals, residents and patients. 9Solutions has offices in Oulu, Helsinki, Düsseldorf, London, and Stockholm. In addition, we have Partners in almost every European country, as well as in North America, Asia, and the Middle East.
Solutions 4 IoT
Information is money, but it is often difficult to obtain it. With our solutions, you will not have to worry about the hardware or the way you get that information. Instead, you’ll be able to add value to that data, innovate within your company, or create a business model based on the Internet of Things (IoT). The modularity of our products allows you to generate solutions for smart cities, logistics, environment, agriculture, and almost any industry; the possibilities are limitless. The philosophy of our company is to democratize the IoT, so you can get our technology at a low cost and guide your efforts in developing a complete solution for your customers or your company. With our solutions, we will enable you with the hardware and software needed to transform your industry!
Sonnet Labs
Sonnet brings the long-range wireless communication of the walkie-talkie to the smartphone. It connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, and it will relay any data sent from your phone to other Sonnet devices via the long-range radio wave. This completely removes your smartphones’ dependency on cellular grid and other network infrastructure, and allows it to be used even when you have no cellular connectivity or internet access.
Sophic Automation Sdn Bhd
Sophic Automation Sdn Bhd was founded in 2007 with the mission of providing the most innovative and effective Industrial Automation Solutions to their customers. Combining cutting edge and the adventurous spirit of their technical competency, we have seen an extensive growth in business solutions. They offer an attractively priced and complete outsourcing mechanism whereby they develop, supply and manage customized automation projects for their customers.
Sophos develops network security and threat management products to protect organizations against malicious acts.
SOS Lab, a LiDAR development company focusing on core technology for self-driving cars, plans to present its differentiated hybrid LiDAR system, the SL-1 SOS LAB's long-range, hybrid scanning design combines the advantages of the widely-used motor scanning system with a solid-state MEMS mirror, and will be offered at a much lower price point compared to traditional LiDAR products on the market today. SL-1 is expected to play an important role in the popularization and accessibility of self-driving cars. In addition to the SL-1, SOS LAB offers two additional LiDAR products designed to integrate safe, effective, and affordable LiDAR technology into various industries: the GL-3 for factory automation and robotics, and the TL-3 for security and automatic doors. SOS LAB is also focusing on combining hardware-based sensors and AI-based object recognition and tracking technology using 3D point cloud LiDAR data, and plans to provide LiDAR data space/object recognition solutions for self-driving vehicles. SOS LAB includes jointly developing their hybrid LiDAR with a partner automotive electronic equipment field company, continuing to develop the next generation of Solid-State-LiDAR with global semiconductor companies to overstep the limits of OPA-method LiDAR, and extending the global footprint of SOS LAB to provide the smartest solutions for self-driving and ADAS markets. SOS LAB is planning to enter global markets based on its R&D centers in Seoul and Gwangju and business centers in Silicon Valley.
SourceDay automates direct procurement to simplify complex buying processes by driving collaboration between procurement and suppliers to improve supplier performance and reduce procurement costs.
SpaceAge Labs
SpaceAge Labs is a full-stack IoT design and engineering firm that helps companies turn Internet of Things (IoT) ideas into functional products – quickly and cost effectively. SpaceAge Labs has a team of innovative engineers and designers capable of creating a complete IoT product – electrical & electronics, embedded software, mechanical, industrial design, software and UI/UX. It has also established strategic partnerships with vendors, subcontractors and manufacturers to accelerate the product development cycle.
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