Veniam's technology is currently under deployment in the world’s largest mesh-connected fleet. Five years in development, Veniam offers robust and cost-effective ways of providing in-vehicle internet access and seamless connectivity to cars or fleets. Their networking platforms are designed to overcome urban dead zones, switch automatically to cost-effective wifi, and expand the vehicle's communication range through the self-organized vehicular mesh -- all while on the move.
Venture Corporation
Venture Corporate provides original design and manufacturing ("ODM") services for Point-of-Sale ("POS") systems and other industrial applications such as metering products, industrial Controllers and diagnostic test equipment as well as contract manufacturing for electronics products. Founded in 1984, the Venture group comprises about 30 companies with global clusters of excellence in South-East Asia, North-East Asia, the Americas and Europe, and employs more than 14,000 people worldwide.
Venture Technologies
Venture Technologies is a provider of Application Specific Embedded Wireless data solutions for product developers. We specialize in products where the market demands more than off-the-shelf modules can provide, most typically much lower cost, much lower energy consumption and/or higher network performance.
Veo Robotics
Veo Robotics is transforming manufacturing with products that incorporate advanced computer vision, 3D sensing, and AI. Their first product lets high-performance industrial robots work collaboratively with people to enable much more flexible, productive, and efficient manufacturing workcells.
Veridify Security
Veridify Security, formerly SecureRF, delivers fast, small footprint, ultra-low-energy, and quantum-resistant public-key security tools for low-resource processors powering the Internet of Things (IoT).
Verimatrix is a trusted business partner providing software security and business intelligence solutions that protect content, devices, applications and communications across multiple markets. Many of the world's largest service providers and leading innovators trust Verimatrix to protect systems that people depend on every day. With more than 20 years of experience and the top minds in the industry, Verimatrix is uniquely positioned to understand and proactively anticipate security and business challenges for our customers. We partner to provide the best solution that is cost-effective, easy to deploy and supported with responsive customer service with teams based worldwide.
VersaFleet™ believes that every business should be powered by software that's easy to live with. We tackle transportation’s $60 billion dollar ‘empty miles’ problem by advancing global supply chain from the ground up. Incubated by Get2Volume and NUS Enterprise, the company has raised about SGD1 million to date. With 350% year-on-year growth, VersaFleet™ is actively used by hundreds of vehicles across ASEAN.
A leading supplier of industrial computers since 1976, VersaLogic focuses on high-quality board-level products for embedded OEM applications. Its five-year product availability guarantee and outstanding warranties demonstrate a commitment to service. Product platforms include EBX™, PC/104™, PC/104-Plus™, EPIC™, SUMIT™, and SPX™. VersaLogic received ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2009 and was one of the first companies in North America to be registered to the 2008 revision of the standard. For six consecutive years, VersaLogic has received the coveted "Platinum" level vendor rating based on independent user surveys by technology research firm VDC Research Group, Inc.
VersaSense delivers the IoT fabric to power the 4th industrial revolution.The VersaSense Wireless Fabric consists of software, networking and hardware elements that can be combined to securely deliver sensor data to IoT platforms or enterprise back-end systems.With VersaSense you can IoT-enable your plant or facility in a matter of days and radically reduce the total cost of ownership for industrial sensing and control systems.Plug & play IoT solutions from VersaSense power and secure the Industrial Internet for major industrial, consumer goods, technology and agricultural companies across diverse Industry 4.0 application domains.As a spin-off of the imec-DistriNet research group at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), VersaSense builds on a decade-long foundation of leading research in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
Vertex Software was founded by pioneers in manufacturing visualization and experts in cloud computing. Our founder and key leadership team got their start building transformative visualization software for the manufacturing industry at Engineering Animation, Inc. (EAI). Many of these individuals also established Workiva, a cloud-based collaboration platform that is well-known for revolutionizing the financial industry. Now, the capabilities of 3D collaboration and cloud computing are finally coming together.
VertiAI, short for Vertical Artificial Intelligence, is an organization that fuses subject matter expertise, Data Science and business models to solve big problems. It is a codified process that extracts relevant domain and technical expertise to provide value through harnessing complexity and embracing nuance.
VG SmartGlass
VG SmartGlass’ patented solution delivers glare, privacy, and energy control using layers of polarized film. Their user-controlled system is making smart glass a more affordable option for residential and commercial buildings alike.
Viavi Solutions
Viavi software and hardware platforms and instruments deliver end-to-end visibility across physical, virtual and hybrid networks. Precise intelligence and actionable insight from across the network ecosystem optimizes the service experience for increased customer loyalty, greater profitability and quicker transitions to next-generation technologies. Viavi is also a leader in anti-counterfeiting solutions for currency Authentication and high-value optical components and instruments for diverse government and commercial applications.
Videas is a solution provider for enterprise management software for Chinese machinery and equipment, mold manufacturing, precision machinery and electronics parts and components, electronic appliances as well as pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing industries. With MES system as core, Videas integrates ERP, PM, PDM, CAPP, APS, etc., and uses advanced B / S system architecture, design and development. Headquartered in Suzhou Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone, and set up R & D center in Xi'an Gao Xin Zone, Videas has offices in Shenzhen, Jinan, Xi'an and other places, and many software agents companies formed a strategic partnership with Videas to promote the localization of application services.
View main aims is a Create Delightful Human Environments. At View, they believe strongly in the benefits of natural light and its positive impact on human health, wellness and productivity.
Viezo is developing the vibration Energy Harvesting device, capable of generating current from ambient vibrations and powering the wireless IoT hardware.
Under skilled professionals 24 x 7 online remote monitoring services
Viloc web applications track the usage and whereabouts of construction equipment. The lock is applied to the construction equipment where the Viloc base unit receives the informations from tags and passes it on to the Viloc Cloud.Year founded: 2010
VINCI Digital
VINCI Digital acts as an Independent Trusted Advisor, with a main focus on Digital / Industrial IoT (IIoT) revolution enabled by the fast development of disruptive technologies, currently shaping new "winning"​ business models within the marketplace.
Vinnter is an innovation & engineering consultancy firm specialised in accelerating product development, enabling smart connected products and new digital services, with strong focus on industrial grade Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
Vion Tech
BEIJING VION TECHNOLOGY,INC.founded in 2005 and located in Zhongguancun Science Park, is a hi-tech enterprise recognized by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission and specializing in the research and development of core algorithms and products of artificial intelligence.
Virgil Security
Virgil Security provides easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use cryptographic software and services for use by developers and end-users. Virgil Security's Encryption libraries and services, along with an accompanying public key management infrastructure, ease the pain of developing, deploying, and using strong Cryptography. Virgil Security enables a new generation of enhanced privacy and security for applications, cloud services, and the Internet of Things.
Vision Lab Apps
Vision Lab Apps is a software house specialized in developing enterprise software solutions for AR, Machine Learning solutions and wearable technologies. Our mission is to support and empower industrial operators through significantly improving their productivity and security. Our vision is to be a central force in driving the Industry 4.0 revolution.The company has developed ERA - its Augmented Reality software platform for the industrial workforce. ERA has been tested and validated through several pilots. It is currently in use within clients’ facilities that successfully tested it and acknowledged the benefits of adopting ERA. In particular, the areas chosen to deploy ERA are remote technical assistance and maintenance, training and after-sales services.The company is entering the scale-up phase after successfully testing the adoption of ERA and validating its business model. Therefore, the next step is to enter international markets.
Vision Microsystems Co., Ltd (VisionMC) is founded in 2000. VisionMC is the leading supplier of embedded system development tools and services and located in Shanghai Pudong Software Park. VisionMC's mission is to enable their customers to deliver high quality embedded systems and software through research, implementation, distribution and consultancy, service of world's best software and hardware tools and products. The primary focus in the VisionMC portfolio are COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) products, Embedded Software, Evaluation Boards, CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) and CAST (Computer Aided Software Testing) tools. Their main customers are among the leading companies or institutes in the aerospace, military and telecommunications industries, as well as manufacturers of medical diagnostics equipment and within R&D in China. With total solutions for embedded system development, as well as specialized and experienced sales and support personnel coupled with backing from the technical expertise of VisionMC's engineering staff, VisionMC is the ideal partner for customers who are designing high performance and high quality real-time embedded systems.
Vital Connect
Vital Connect is a medical device and healthcare solutions company applying advanced biosensor technology and surrounding data management systems to deliver an innovative platform that is accretive to decision-making paradigms of physicians and other health care professionals. Vital Connect’s FDA-cleared and CE -marked HealthPatch® MD biosensing platform is available for use in hospitals, homes, research facilities, doctor’s offices, and other care facilities.
VitaNet, Inc.
30% of all IoT devices are Bluetooth based. Bluetooth doesn't use IP address. So, a server in IP network/cloud can not specify BLE devices it needs to connect. VitaNet solved this big problem with security so that BLE can be used in many new and critical use cases.
Vitro Technology Corporation
Vitro develops and operates Zero-Trust IoT solutions in association with 5G, IP and other communications standards. IoT data are collected from real-world equipment, transferred and stored in encrypted form, and are delivered only to users and applications via Zero-Trust Authentication.
Vivify Health
Vivify Health has created the world’s first remote care platform based upon consumer mobile devices and is among the fastest growing digital health companies. The Vivify cloud platform has been highly scaled, connecting biometric and mobile devices with electronic health records, for some of the largest health systems in the U.S. Vivify's intuitive user experience enables patients of any age to easily maintain their own health at home while remaining constantly connected with their providers, family and friends.Vivify Health customers are hospital systems, health plans, insurers, home health, accountable care organizations and large employers, on a path towards direct-to-consumer.
We build software that enables Enterprises to forge deeper and more valuable relationships with their Buyers and Suppliers. Our products and platforms increase innovation, collaboration, alignment and agility. Decrease risks, costs, duplication and time to action. And they improve processes, productivity, accountability and connections. We call it ??òEnterprise Level Innovation'.
VOCSO Technologies
VOCSO is an ISO 27001 certified web and mobile solutions company based in India, USA, and UAE. VOCSO is a one-stop web and mobile solutions agency, offers website design and development, mobile application design & development, and digital marketing services. Explore your online business with VOCSO engaging website design, responsive website development, and results-driven digital marketing services to engage more customers and drive sales at a cost-effective price. Get a free strategy from the experts at VOCSO to grow your brand with a pure performance approach.
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