Vitro Technology Corporation
Vitro develops and operates Zero-Trust IoT solutions in association with 5G, IP and other communications standards. IoT data are collected from real-world equipment, transferred and stored in encrypted form, and are delivered only to users and applications via Zero-Trust Authentication.
Vivify Health
Vivify Health has created the world’s first remote care platform based upon consumer mobile devices and is among the fastest growing digital health companies. The Vivify cloud platform has been highly scaled, connecting biometric and mobile devices with electronic health records, for some of the largest health systems in the U.S. Vivify's intuitive user experience enables patients of any age to easily maintain their own health at home while remaining constantly connected with their providers, family and friends.Vivify Health customers are hospital systems, health plans, insurers, home health, accountable care organizations and large employers, on a path towards direct-to-consumer.
We build software that enables Enterprises to forge deeper and more valuable relationships with their Buyers and Suppliers. Our products and platforms increase innovation, collaboration, alignment and agility. Decrease risks, costs, duplication and time to action. And they improve processes, productivity, accountability and connections. We call it ??òEnterprise Level Innovation'.
VOCSens is a spin-off from the Sensors, Microsystems and Actuators Laboratory of Louvain (SMALL) research group, within the Electrical Engineering Department (ELEN), Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied Mathematics (ICTEAM), Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. UCL is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe and home to worldly recognized laboratories. It relies on a strong expertise based on more than 10 years research on CMOS-compatible environmental sensors development and characterization, including gas, temperature, humidity and Pressure Sensors, as well as the CMOS design of read-out interfaces.The spin-off aims to the development and commercialization of ultra-low-power low-cost multi-pixel CMOS gas microsensors dedicated to selective volatile compounds detection in the Internet of Things and the Industry 4.0.
The team at VoerEir is a combination of experienced and young professionals alike having many years of experience in working with NFV, Telecom application development and OpenStack. We have continuously collaborated with the open source communities, universities and major industry players in furthering our goals of providing the industry with an end to end automation tool and expert consulting for smooth transformation to a cloud-based architecture.
Voith sets standards in the markets energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transportation & automotive. Voith is a globally active engineering company. With its broad portfolio covering plants, products and industrial services, Voith supplies essential markets: energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive. The holding company is Voith GmbH based in Heidenheim/Brenz (Germany).The operative business is pooled in four Group Divisions: Voith Hydro, Voith Industrial Services, Voith Paper and Voith Turbo. The activities of the subsidiaries of the Group Divisions are steered by a legally independent holding company.
Volansys is Product Engineering Company with 300+ passionate engineers innovating disruptive technology solutions in the field of Wireless Connectivity, Multimedia, IoT, Wearable Devices, Mobility and Cloud Computing. Volansys is a ‘One Stop Solution Provider' since last 8 years for their customers, providing offerings such as Hardware & Firmware Design, Embedded Software, Verification & Validation, Cloud SaaS & PaaS development, Mobile Application Development, Quality Engineering and helping customers from concept to deployment.
Volex is a leading provider of interconnect solutions and power products, servicing the telecommunications, datacoms / data-centre, industrial, consumer and medical sectors for over 100 years. Volex's range of interconnect solutions include original-design fibre-optic, high-speed copper and Radio Frequency (RF) cable assemblies. Volex has design and manufacturing facilities spread across the globe, enabling flexibility in meeting customers' delivery timetable and price targets.
Volocopter is building a manned fully electric and safe air taxis. This feat was followed by milestones like the first license and the worldwide first autonomous flight in a megacity.
Voltaic Systems
Voltaic Systems is a full-service provider of remote charging solutions. Established in 2004 by founder and CEO Shayne McQuade, Voltaic broke into the solar industry by inventing the world’s first solar backpack. Since then, we’ve applied our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry to provide power solutions to customers big and small. Our goal is to speed up our customer’s design and deployment process while maximizing the long-term performance of our solutions in the field.
VONZU is a Last Mile Logistics Management Platform (B2B SaaS) that integrates retailers and logistics operators to digitize and automate last mile processes and operations.Due to the exponentially e-commerce growth and the big daily volume of deliveries delivery firms are facing compex challenges to embrace this changing sector, while the lack of digitalization in the sector leads to an unsustainable delivery management.VONZU solves the lack of technology in the sector, helping delivery firms to be efficient (save time and money) and to offer a better customer experience. This digitalization is crucial for firms to face the arising logistics challenges and then to survive in the sector.VONZU offers the following functionalities:- Back-office/Operations Management: Management and planning of expeditions, route optimization, management of incidences, drivers, tariffs, clients, real-time Tracking of expeditions, etc.- Mobile app: Digital proof of delivery (signature or photo), GPS guidance, barcode/QR scanner, etc.- Customer experience: Customized notifications to recipients by email, SMS, Tracking page, etc. Check it out at:
Vultr is simplifying the cloud. One Login, Seven Countries, Fifteen Cities, Infinite Possibilities.Vultr empowers your environment with incredible cloud processing power and blazing fast I/O for a fraction of the cost and time. Deploy resources instantly in any of our 15 data centers around the globe. Our cloud compute centers are currently located in these major cities: Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, and Silicon Valley.Vultr Holdings was founded in 2014 by David Aninowsky with offices in Central New Jersey and South Florida. We're hiring! Join our team today at
VVDN has more than a decade of experience in Product Engineering & Manufacturing electronic solutions. We help customers steer their next-generation solutions with end-to-end design, development, and manufacturing – all under one roof. We offer a unique value proposition by being a one-stop-shop for our customers by offering complete hardware, software, mechanical, testing, prototyping, certification, and manufacturing services. Our main focus is to help customers with their next technology innovation in the space of 5G, Wireless, AI/ML on Vision-based solutions, IoT, Cloud & Apps. To enable the same, we have set up R&D centers, testing lab infrastructure, and world-class manufacturing facilities in India.VVDN’s India HQ is Global Innovation Park at Manesar, Gurugram, India and its North America HQ’s is located in San Jose, CA, USA. We help global customers across several regions including US, Canada, Europe, India, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan.
Wabtec Corporation (derived from Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation) is an American company formed by the merger of the Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO) and MotivePower Industries Corporation in 1999.[6][7] It is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US.Wabtec manufactures products for locomotives, freight cars and passenger transit vehicles, and builds new locomotives up to 4,000 horsepower (3 MW).The company merged with GE Transportation on February 25, 2019.
WAGO is the leader in spring pressure connection technology that eliminates loose wires resulting from vibration and temperature cycling, while providing highly reliable, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free connections. WAGO's products include DIN-rail, PCB and chassis mount terminal blocks; signal conditioners; the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and more.
Wahlee industrial Corp
Wah Lee Industrial Corp. was founded in 1968. In order to integrate the industry development of Taiwan with the overall operation requirement of Wah Lee, we defined our mission as "Introduce and develop Advanced Materials, equipments, and technologies, as well as provide high value-added services, to create welfare to employees, customers, and shareholders." Through collaborative efforts of our employees and the support of our suppliers and customers over the past four decades, we have successfully introduced complete sets of materials and equipments for Composite Material, Engineering Plastic, PCB, Semiconductor, FPD, Touch Panel, Optoelectronic, and Green Energy industries. We have not only managed to follow the technology development trends and kept setting record-high operation results, but have also played an important role of 2.5G industry pusher to help the transition process of Taiwan industries, enabling us to become the key supplier in these industries. Currently, we are actively focusing on biomedical industry development, wearable devices, solution for Internet of Things, and are highly confident in creating another prospective era of Wah Lee.Starting from 1980, Wah Lee had been working on the globalization arrangement and the requirement to expand company's operation scope. We have established many distribution sites throughout the major cities in USA, south-eastern Asia, China, and Japan. By utilizing expertise in precisely catching the trends and business opportunities of advanced technologies and long-term collaborative relationship with foreign suppliers, Wah Lee has been gradually transferring successful experiences to overseas sites and becoming a total solution provider of high-end materials, equipments, and technologies. In addition to the distribution business development, we have participated in joint ventures of manufacturing upstream materials, equipments, and products related to our core business. Through vertical integration of the supply chain, Wah Lee's product sales show continued growth momentum, ensuring higher performance from our fundamental business. We will continue to adhere to our core values "Integrity, Enthusiasm, Respect, Consistency, Innovation" and guarantee our quality statement "Superior products, Excellent employees, Intimate services" to serve our suppliers and customers. We appreciate all the supports and encouragement from our business partners and expect higher commitment from our employees to promote Wah Lee to an international business and to generate more contributions to the entire society.
WakeCap Technologies
WakeCap is an IoT-based enterprise solution to improve safety & productivity in the construction site. We enable construction companies to have real-time field reporting by connecting & Tracking materials, equipments, and most importantly workers at the construction site.
Wandelbots is a german startup that enables non-programmers to teach industrial robots faster and cheaper using smart clothing. Based on sensors attached to clothes, the Wandelbots software backend tracks human motion to live-control industrial robots. Operators can teach automation tasks by demonstration. The software backend builds a Machine Learning model based on several demonstrations and generates automation worklfows. They can be refined and optimized with the software tool.The generated processes are self-adaptive, so learned processes can automatically be used in dynamic environments. This adaptation includes automatic Anomaly Detection, process adaptation and MES-integration.
Wapice Ltd. is a Finnish software company mastering the art of software development, electronic design and industry best practices. They have wide and proven competence base in the areas of embedded systems, industrial systems and business solutions. Their primary goal is to fulfill the software needs of their customers who operate in different industrial branches. They do tailored solutions and also own three products: IoT-Ticket, Summium and EcoReaction.
WASSLZ, an innovative company specialized in providing comprehensive IoT(Internet of things)/M2M solutions covering industries such as (Energy, Water, Electricity, Agriculture, Waste, Smart Home, Smart Cities) using Embedded Firmware and driver design, Low power MCU/SOC development, Cloud connectivity with LoRa /Wi-Fi/ NB-IoT /GSM/Radio.WASSLZ provides complete solutions and customizable user-friendly platforms covering all aspects of the product in-house, from concept to production, and customizes the hardware/software platform as a fully integrated solution, this gives a significant advantage when it comes to quality of delivered innovations, speed to market. has an expert team with reliable technology and processes to execute IoT applications in the region.
Waterfall Security Solutions LTD
Waterfall Security Solutions is the global leader in industrial cybersecurity technology. Waterfall products, based on its innovative unidirectional security gateway technology, represent an evolutionary alternative to firewalls. The company's growing list of customers include national infrastructures,power plants, on/off-shore platforms, refineries, manufacturing plants, utility companies plus many more. Deployed throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Waterfall products support the widest range of leading industrial remote monitoring platforms, applications, databases and protocols.
WaterGroup is one of Australia's largest integrated water and network efficiency companies. We reduce risks and avoid losses by helping you secure water and save money. We work with commercial, industrial and institutional building owners and operators, as well as water supply authorities. Our expertise will help you reduce the risk of loss by understanding where your water goes, provide a baseline, identify cost effective savings, streamline implementation, find solutions that make sense and work, get approval and ensure you get value for money.To achieve this we prepare audits. We do detailed engineering. We develop and deliver savings and leak reduction programs. We obtain approvals. We provide smart metering, monitoring and verification services. We contract deliver. And we provide performance guarantees.
Waterloo Software
Waterloo Manufacturing Software develops, markets, sells and supports TACTIC Production Scheduling and Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software. TACTIC explicitly and simultaneously considers limited capacity and limited material. The software both generates detailed shop floor dispatches and plans multiple locations throughout the supply chain. TACTIC’s sophisticated scheduling algorithms and what-if features help manufacturers reduce supply and inventory costs while maintaining or improving customer service.
WaterSmart Software
WaterSmart Software provides intelligence beyond the meter to make the lives of water utility managers easier. Water providers using WaterSmart’s cloud-based, customer engagement and analytics platform have been proven to reduce costs, protect revenue, and increase customer satisfaction by more than 25%. WaterSmart recently won the globally coveted World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers Award for their potential to “significantly impact business and society through the design, development and implementation of new technologies and innovation.” Come help us change the way the world uses water.
Waterstream is the first and the only MQTT platform on the market leveraging Apache Kafka as its own storage and distribution engine. Every incoming MQTT message is immediately available in your Microservices architecture or your analytics platform without any further processing. Vice-versa, every message written on a Kafka topic it’s sent to MQTT clients. All the necessary MQTT state, like subscriptions and QoS message status is also stored in Kafka—no need for additional storage.
WattIQ is a provider of a plug load energy management product used to help large commercial organizations increase energy efficiency and reduce costs. Its products offer socket level monitoring and control of electrical devices that enable commercial and government enterprises to cut their Plug Load energy consumption by up to 40 percent.
WaveOptics, designs and manufactures waveguides for AR Wearables.
Based on a patented technology, Waylay provides a powerful IoT automation platform for developers. It combines data ingestion, stream processing, business rules & workflows and third party integration and APIs onto the same platform. Waylay empowers vendor-neutral Orchestration across IoT platforms, IT systems and cloud services enabling enterprises to meet the full business potential of IoT.
WayRay develops holographic AR technologies for vehicles of the future.
Way2Smile Solutions DMCC
Way2Smile Solutions is one of the foremost agile innovators and software application designers having its development centre in Dubai, UAE. We offer the precise custom IT services, ERP Software Solutions, Cloud Deployment & Development, Data Engineering Solutions and solutions for our customers’ business and meet their expectations in brand designs. Way2Smile Solutions serves irrespective of a large scale enterprise or small and medium enterprise with its strong conscience of the valuable IT Investments that greatly impacts in the Digital Transformation of a business. We customarily include agile methodology and design thinking approach to develop a business ready solution for promoting integrated marketing and cost effectiveness. Way2Smile Solutions focuses on developing Healthcare, Transportation, Logistics, Real Estate and Agriculture Mobility solutions in Dubai, UAE. We help you to augment your brand visibility online and ensure that it receives maximum reach within the targeted audiences and drives sales.What engage us to be different?Since we had started 7 years ago, we are earnestly into helping our clients to innovate, design and develop high quality mobile solutions which would enables them to achieve a sustainable business growth. Way2Smile Solutions delivers reliable business solutions across the scalable and secure platform with more options to explore from Open Source technologies. We also work through product design, QA and consulting practises to elevate the value of your business. Our team of app developers have successfully built nearly 250+ applications that are compatible over Cloud Native, hybrid cloud and cloud agnostic Infrastructures, especially for the high impacting customers.Who we ServeWe initiated our primitive services to Start-up Companies and thus accelerated their software innovations. Over time, our team has evolved and became adept of core competencies and grown to strengths for efficiently handling SME’s and Enterprises. One of our prime service for the emerging start-up initiated with incorporating cutting-edge technologies and engineering the enterprise level applications to largely benefit the ecosystem integration and continuity of business processes. We believe in constant improvements that guides you past to pragmatic innovations and transform your business to appear visually appealing and beautiful.
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