IoT ONE is
a research & advisory firm helping companies
realize opportunities
and manage threats
created by digitalization.
We are known for
Intent focus on the
business implications
of technological change
Rapid and tangible results
enabled by proprietary
bottom-up research
Deep engagement with
domain experts and startup
Insight & Implementation Services
are rooted in our deep insight into digital use cases, technologies, and business models
Industries we serve
Equipment & Machinery
Industrial Automation
Industrial Software
Chemicals & Material Science
Logistics & Supply Chain
IoT Components
IoT ONE Knowledge Center
is the most comprehensive map of the Industrial Internet of Things ecosystem
IoT ONE Insights
Industrial edge computing market briefing 2020
50 market leaders and 100 startup challengers across the edge computing tech stack in an equally exciting and confusing market.
COVID-19 Digital Health & Safety Solutions
How Chinese construction companies utilize IoT, big data, cloud computing, and ML, along with strict protocols to ensure the health and safety of workers.
IoT ONE's COVID-19 Industrial Digital Impact Tracker
What are the mid-term impacts of COVID-19 on industrial digitalization? Our interviews with digital and industrial companies in our ecosystem in Europe and Asia.
Mitigating the adverse effects of COVID-19 on your business
Our lessons learnt on the ground from the beginning to the peak of the pandemic.
Top 500 Industrial IoT Companies 2019
The development of Industrial IoT solutions depends heavily on collaborative ecosystems. Which companies are the most influential in accelerating the industrial IoT?
Industrial Internet of Things Ecosystem Development in China 2018
Learn about 130 of the companies that are driving China's industrial digital transformation
Selling to Made in China 2025
Explore opportunities and challenges presented by China's initiative to become a global leader in quality manufacturing
IoT ONE 500
Top 500 Industrial IoT companies (2019)
To recognize and showcase the most influential companies in the global IoT ONE Ecosystem, IoT ONE has assessed over 2,000 IIoT solution providers to create the IoT ONE 500 index and the IoT ONE Top 10 technology domain indices. Our ranking criteria takes into consideration the visibility and rate of growth of companies in the IoT ONE ecosystem. The rankings are moderated by external factors such as innovation capabilities, commercialization, client success cases, and media presence.
Problems we have solved
Knowledge is power. We provide the bottom up information you need to successfully transform your products and operations.
Change is accelerating. We help companies upskill management, build agile teams, and establish digital expert ecosystems.
Speed wins. We match your internal teams with external experts to accelerate solution validation and development.
Our team has worked with
and many more.
What is your goal?
Discover 'unknown unknowns'
What opportunities and threats exist outside your field of vision?
Scout innovative companies
What are new approaches to old (and emerging) problems?
Track use case adoption
Which use cases are being adopted?
By who?
Why now?
Assess emerging technologies
Which technologies will impact us?
What is their maturity level?
Who are relevant suppliers?
Solution-problem scoping
Where can we establish quick wins?
How do we define the Proof of Value / Proof of Concept scope?
Explore new business models
How does technology enable new monetization and go-to-market models?
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