We are a management consultancy dedicated to helping clients build successful businesses in Asia.

Our mission is to help our clients grow their core businesses and capture emerging opportunities in Asia.

We do this by conducting detailed research, advising strategy, and providing agile capabilities to drive forward implementation.

We are known for:

We are known for:
Business Outcomes
Generating business outcomes at the interface of technology and business.
  • Direct commercial benefits
  • Digital product is sold for a specific price
  • Digital product directly reduces cost (e.g. replacing a formerly manual process)
  • Indirect, but quantifiable
    commercial benefits
  • Digital products can have effects on multiple elements of the core value chain
  • Benefits can mostly be quantified
  • Goodwill-type, less quantifiable benefits
  • Digital products can contribute to overall strategic business elements
  • These are typically not easily quantifiable but define long-term success
We are known for:
Bottom-up Research
Our capabilities are built on a strong foundation of bottom-up research. We systematically analyze use cases, technologies, business models, companies, and macroeconomic factors and help our clients develop and implement effective strategies to increase competitiveness in our digital age.
  • Use Cases: Where should we focus our resources to maximize impact?
  • Solution Architecture: How should we design the solution?
  • Business Models: How do we operate the business model and internal processes?
  • Ecosystems: Which stakeholders will contribute to our success, and how?
  • What external factors impact solution development, market adoption or system deployment?
We are known for:
Technology Expertise
Digital technologies are the most dynamic element of the modern economy. Even the largest companies cannot be experts in every domain that impacts their business. We engage with a deep ecosystem of domain experts, technology leaders, startups, investors and service partners to access unique insights and technical capabilities.
Partner Network
Our extensive network of domain experts, startups, and ecosystem partners provides access to unique expertise and technical capabilities.
Ecosystem Partners
provide access to innovative startups and technology leaders
Strategic Partners
support implementation of projects globally
300+ Domain Experts
provide technical insight and advice in their areas of expertise

Our Story.

Asia Growth Partners was founded in 2015 under the brand “IoT ONE” by three entrepreneurs who share a passion for understanding the role of digital technologies transforming how businesses operate and compete. As our business scope expanded, we re-branded as Asia Growth Partners to highlight our focus on helping our clients grow their businesses in Asia. We remain dedicated to helping companies navigate the challenges and opportunities driven by the dual forces of digital transformation and market evolution in Asia.

Asia Growth Partners is headquartered in Shanghai with teams in China, India, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Despite our focus on Asia, we maintain a strong connection to corporate headquarters in Europe and the North America in order to enable collaboration on strategy development and execution.

Our Core Values.

Entrepreneurship is no longer only for startups. Every organization must embrace a change mindset in order to remain competitive in our rapidly evolving world. We help our clients ideate, build, and deploy digital solutions rapidly to meet their changing needs.
Client First
We take the long view. Any effort that is needed to help our clients succeed is effort well spent. Our goal is to build long term partnerships by being an insightful advisor, an honest guide, and a helping hand.
Results Driven
Our clients trust us to deliver results that lead to the successful implementation of thoughtful plans. Everything we do is rooted in objective research that drives us towards a tangible goal. We know that in the end it is the impact of our work that speaks.

Our Team.

Meet our leadership team

Erik Walenza
Managing Partner
Erik Walenza
James Loudon
Partner, Europe
James Loudon
Michael Maeder
Partner, Germany
Michael Maeder
Chun Liew
Chun Liew
Wei Wei
Senior Expert, Research
Wei Wei
Frank Henze
Senior Expert, Industry 4.0
Frank Henze
Arne Flick
Senior Expert, Academy
Arne Flick
Michael Adick
Senior Expert, Training
Michael Adick

Media Coverage.

Leading media and conferences have featured our research and insights..

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