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We are deeply intrigued by the evolution of the digital landscape, growth strategies and tactics, and Asia’s dynamic markets. In Insights we publish our latest thoughts on these topics, as well as the IoT 100 Index of companies and the Industrial IoT Spotlight Podcast featuring entrepreneurs and innovation leaders.

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Showcasing the leading 100 industrial IoT companies

We systematically track and showcase the most influential companies in the global IoT ecosystem. From among over 3,000 Industrial IoT solution providers, we created the IoT 100 Index and the IoT Top 10 Domain Indices to put a spotlight on the companies that are most influential in moving industrial-digital technology forward. Our ranking criteria takes into consideration the visibility and rate of growth of companies in the IoT ecosystem, as well as their innovation capabilities and thought leadership impact.

IIoT Spotlight Podcast.

The Industrial IoT Spotlight Podcast shines a light on Industrial IoT solutions that are impacting businesses today.

Our mission is to provide insight into the adoption and deployment of Industrial IoT solutions, from cloud to machine learning to cybersecurity. Every episode, we interview one expert about their company’s technical and business model innovations.

Recent Episodes.

Ep. 141
How to seamlessly integrate real time IoT data streams
Brian Gilmore, Director of IoT & Emerging Technology, InfluxData
Ep. 140
How can next gen blockchain enable new business models
Tim Wagner, CEO, Vendia
Ep. 139
How to efficiently convert raw data into high-value training data for Al
Tigran Pe trosyan, Co-Founder & CEO, SuperAnnotate
Ep. 138
What insight can water utility data provide to cities
Ricardo Gilead Baibich, CTO, Kando
Ep. 137
How to automate tracking of large IoT device fleets
Roy Dagan, CEO of SecuriThings
Ep. 136
How human-first AI creates better algorithms
Christopher Nguyen, CEO & Co-Founder, Aitomatic

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