MIIT: 2017 National Energy Conservation Supervision Program for Major Industrial Projects

This article was originally posted in the Gongkong news center and is part of a new series aimed at raising awareness of China's Industry 4.0 Initiative.

In enforcing the "Energy Conservation Law", "Industrial Energy Management Guidelines" and other energy-saving laws and regulations, MIIT will strengthen energy regulations for key energy companies in promotion of industrial energy efficiency and green development. According to "2017 National Energy Conservation Supervision Program for Major Industrial Projects" (MIIT [2017] No. 95), the MIIT set up national mandatory energy efficiency standards and monitoring measures for industrial electrical and mechanical equipment that have high energy consumption rates.

In June 30, the 2017 National Energy Conservation Supervision Program For Major Industrial Projects involves a total of 31 provinces and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, with a total of 5689 companies. Tasks under the Program involve examining compliance of steel and cement energy consumption limits and implementation of energy price ladders, examining energy consumption limits for glass panel production, improving motor and industrial boiler energy efficiency, and energy consumption limits for aluminium electrolysis processes and related products. Local authorities of the MIIT will be responsible for the organization and implementation for this surveillance. The MIIT wil provide funding support with a total of 37.181 million yuan for the field work, with no charges to individual companies. To establish a industry reference standard, the MIIT organizations will develop iron, steel, cement, glass panel production work monitoring manuals and relevant forms.

MIIT urged all localities to strengthen coordination in work, innovation, standardization of law enforcement procedures, financial supervision, and complete key tasks before set deadlines and submit relevant summaries.


  1. 2017 National Major Projects Industry Watch List
  2. Iron and steel enterprise energy consumption special monitoring workbook
  3. Cement enterprises energy consumption special monitoring workbook
  4. Glass panel enterprises energy consumption special monitoring workbook
  5. Motor efficiency improvement site monitoring checklist
  6. Industrial boilers energy efficiency site monitoring checklist
  7. Aluminum electrolysis, ammonia and other industries, energy consumption limits monitoring checklist
  8. 2017 Major industrial energy monitoring provincial summary table (except iron and steel, cement, glass)

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