World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
The W3C mission is to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure the long-term growth of the Web. W3C's vision for the Web involves participation, sharing knowledge, and thereby building trust on a global scale.
Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone
Relying on a good industrial base and other supporting advantages, Wuzhong development zone will focus on offshore oursourcing to become a high-end market. It aims to build a first-class international service outsourcing demonstration zone.The zone is also surrounded by advanced science and education area. It emphasizes on the full implementation of high-quality education as a driving force of economic and social development.
Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone
XETDZ (Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone) will, under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of “Three Represents”, fully foster and put into practice the scientific concept of development. In accordance with the development guideline of “three focuses, two commitments, and one promotion”, XETDZ will make efforts to establish three bases―Software Development Service Base, Numerical-control Machine Manufacturing Industry Base and the Base of Automobile Electronics and Key Components. XETDZ will also make great efforts to build the zone into a modern, urbanized and ecological industrial new town with hi-tech industry in the lead and with harmonious economic and social development.
Xishan Economic and Technological Development Zone
It strives to face of new situation and new opportunities to take the lead the development in Wuxi New District, promote the construction of the core area of ??Wuxi international manufacturing base, accelerate the transition from entrepreneurship and innovation, the transition from technology zone to the new city, built Science and Technology City, Eco-city, Wuxi New City, and construct of the domestic first-class parks and open international impact of science and technology industrial park, striving to be the city's "first two" vanguards.
We incubate ideas and accelerate startups & entrepreneurs, connecting them to an international and local network of mentors, experts, partners, VCs, corporations and institutions looking for the next Unicorns.
Yancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone
From now on, we will focus on 4 highlights: "coast, newly developing, green and innovation".With automobile and auto parts industry as a key spot, we will build a modern motortown, and will try our best to build an important R & D base of new energy vehicles a world-class a vehicle testing base and second largest auto and auto parts production base on China's eastern coast after that of Shanghai.
Yangpu Venture integrates resources, strengthens financial and capital utilizations and innovates the form of services and management continuously over the years. It has been providing innovative series services for the survival and development of enterprises, including business mentor, market expansion, financing project reporting and technology transfer. According to the practical necessities of enterprises, Yangpu Venture has provided a strong support and guarantee for the growth and development of enterprises.
Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone
Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone focuses on providing services for investors and allowing investors to gain profit. It acts in accordance with international practices and rules of market economy, establishes the administrative service center, and strives to build the high-end service brand, creating a "professional, secure, and wealthy" investment environment.
Y Combinator
At Y Combinator, our goal is to get you through the first phase. This usually means: get you to the point where you’ve built something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale. Then we can introduce you to later stage investors―or occasionally even acquirers. The most important thing we do is work with startups on their ideas. We’re hackers ourselves, and we’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to make things people want. The second most important thing we do is help founders deal with investors and acquirers.
Yokosuka Research Park
Zetta Venture Partners
We invest in software that gets better as you add data to it. We invest in companies that build a competitive advantage through proprietary data generation and/or algorithms that improve over time. This includes any machine learning-based software, predictive analytics, data-as-a-service and data infrastructure.
Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone
Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone focuses on building an area of modern industrial agglomeration, technological innovation demonstration, a pilot for development and opening-up, as well as a pleasant city for residents and visitors.
Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park/Innopark
The strategic vision of ZJ Group is to become the developer, service provider, operator as well as the leader in technological innovation and industrial investment of a world-class innovation park.
Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone
In 12th five year plan, the steel project and Sino-Kuwait Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Project will play roles as pioneers. The launch of these two projects will bring a large number of upstream and downstream accessory industries, the estimated investment will be RMB 350 billion, and the capital flow of RMB 600 billion will be formed in Zhanjiang Development Zone. Huge capital flow will bring huge logistics flow, people flow and information flow, and make Zhanjiang Development Zone an investment hotspot filled with business opportunities.
Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone
During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, Zhongguancun will further improve its Science and Future S&T Cities, promote the development of the northern R&D service and high-tech industrial belt, which are located in North Haidian, South Changping, as well as the southern high-tech manufacturing and emerging industrial belt consisting of the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area and partial areas of Daxing, Tongzhou and Fangshan districts.
ZigBee Alliance
ZigBee is the only open, global wireless standard to provide the foundation for the Internet of Things by enabling simple and smart objects to work together, improving comfort and efficiency in everyday life.
We strengthen the position of the German electrical and electronics industry in a uniting Europe as a basis for global competitiveness. We thereby create value for our member companies and promote overall economic development.
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