Database FAQs

  • What is IoT ONE?
  • IoT ONE is a research and advisory firm focused on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Our mission is to enable our clients to realize the opportunities and manage the threats that are created by the IIoT.

    We provide consulting services and an online knowledge center. Our consulting services help companies understand and act by providing research, innovation and implementation services. Our online knowledge center gives technology suppliers a platform to showcase their technologies and capabilities, and technology end users a convenient source of information to track the development of the IIoT ecosystem.

  • What information does the IoT ONE Knowledge Database provide?
  • The IoT ONE Knowledge Database maps the Industrial IoT ecosystem. Our databases host thousands of profiles covering: suppliers, case studies, hardware, software, use cases, organizations, events, and our IIoT Spotlight podcast.

    We use metadata to identify relationships between profiles, to assess market niches, and to track industry trends. The majority of our data is crowdsourced from IoT vendors and experts (register a free user account here) and edited by the IoT ONE team.

  • Who uses the IoT ONE Knowledge Database and how?
  • The IoT ONE Knowledge Database is used by technology and service suppliers and project end users from around the world. Suppliers use IoT ONE to showcase their technology and project experience (create a free profile), and discover the market landscape. End users rely on the database to prioritize projects and identify partners. Researchers and technology enthusiasts also tap into our databases to expand their understanding of the Industrial IoT.  

  • How can I access the IoT ONE Knowledge Database?
  • To start accessing our database, simply create a free account. All free user accounts get 10 credits per month to view 10 records of case studies, use cases, and suppliers. Hardware, software, podcasts, and other material are free to view. 

    If you wish to view more than 10 records of case studies, use cases, and suppliers per month, you can purchase premium access credits in the "Premium Services" tab on the left sidebar. 

    We also offer one-time datasheet downloads of our dataset in Excel format for more intensive analysis. Samples and prices are available on the "Premium Services" tab as well. We are happy to do customized datasets for your specific project needs.

    Please reach out to for more information for premium access and dataset downloads.

  • How do I become a supplier on IoT ONE?
  • Listing your company on IoT ONE is simple, quick and free. Simply register an account with your business email and create a new supplier profile. You will be the administrator of the profile you have created. With administrator access, you can also add and update case studies at any time.

    If your company already has a profile and you would like to be an administrator of that profile, please reach out to us at

  • What is the geographic focus of IoT ONE?
  • The Industrial Internet of Things is globally relevant, and we seek to reflect that in our databases and services. IoT ONE knowledge database receives visitors from more than 80 countries every month. In 2016, approximately 35% of our users were based in North America, 25% in Europe, 10% in India, and 10% in China, with the remaining 20% spread among about 80 countries.

    Our consulting services focus on clients in Germany and the DACH region, China, and Singapore. 

  • Which industries does the IoT ONE Knowledge Database focus on?
  • The Industrial IoT addresses virtually every industry to some extent and we reflect that breadth in our knowledge database. However, adoption levels vary considerably by industry. Naturally, our Knowledge Database focuses on the industries that are the most active in IIoT - machinery, building, automotive, energy. We only cover IoT in industrial applications, excluding consumer applications such as smart home appliances, smart watches and other consumer wearables.

  • How safe is my personal data? Is IoT ONE compliant with GDPR?
  • Your personal data is absolutely safe with us! We employ the latest security techniques and processes to ensure that.

    If you would like to know exactly what data about you we are storing on our servers, for what purpose, and how long, please have a look at our privacy policy statement.

    If you would like to revocate content, your personal data being deleted, or moved, please contact

  • What is IoT ONE's business model?
  • Our online Knowledge Database works on a fremium model, with 10 free credits per user per month and the option to purchase more credits or entire datasets. It is free for suppliers to join and list their profiles. We do not promote bias towards any vendor because we aim to be objective.


    Our main business is research and advisory services. Our 3 main service areas are:

    1. Research: understand your market environment via market research, customer research, competitor research, market opportunity analysis and priorization.

    2. Enable: building capabilities, partnerships, or programs needed to execute digital strategies.

    3. Grow: grow your market and revenue by more effectively commercializing your product through go-to-market advisory, including topics like revenue advisory, channel development, and customer prospecting.

    Our two main groups of customers are traditional hardware companies who want to build and commercialize digital products, and software companies who want to enter new market segments. 

  • What is the pricing for purchasing the IoT ONE Knowledge Database?
  • We offer excel download purchases and credit purchases. All purchases will be entitled to browser access and PDF downloads for 12 months of the same records.

    Excel downloads are priced with tiered bulk discounts. A smaller number of records purchased would be more expensive per record. A larger number of records purchased would be cheaper per record. 

    Credit purchases are USD 500 for 100 credits. Each credit entitles you to a record. If you view the same record multiple times, additional credits will not be deducted.



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