Ingram Micro: Ensuring the safety and security of the pharmaceutical supply chain with IoT shi
The company was looking to cover all transportation legs of the supply chain: • The transport of partially completed pharmaceutical products from manufacturing facilities to processing centers • The shipment of finished products to regional warehouses • The delivery of the finished products to local distributors Although pilferage, hijacking and product tampering were ongoing problems, the containers couldn’t be sealed because the cargo had to be accessible for random checking at government checkpoints.
kajeet: Partnering with Community Health Systems to Implement a COVID-19 Tracking Soluti
Detecting and containing infection clusters and controlling community transmission is vital to alleviating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on human health. Isolating affected populations and restricting social interaction, travel, and the intermixing of people have long been used as remedies to the spread of contagious illnesses. Today, local, state, and federal initiatives are using similar approaches with cutting edge technology to gather and share data and decrease the toll of COVID-19. Public health officials need quick and accurate information to identify cases and they control transmission using strong, clear, and effective communications.
: Catsbill invoice generator
Whether big or small, a Digital shift is always difficult to carry out. We aimed for a digital transformation thus increasing the internal operational efficiencies by introducing self-service and automation, and improving the client experience. Moreover, the utmost challenge was to carefully Validate the single-digit precision of results by rounding off the numbers in calculations for efficiency and accuracy.In the end, Sifars was looking for a reliable way to register customer data securely while naturally engaging them for their daily tasks.
Ingram Micro: Ensuring the safety of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients through IoT-driven trac
Wandering is a common symptom of Alzheimer’s and dementia even at the early stages (60% of Alzheimer’s patients will wander off and become lost at some point). These diseases kill brain cells and destroy people’s memories, most notably short-term recall. Patients forget the last thing they did, so their first impulse is to stand and start moving with the intention of doing something. This is compounded by the fact that individuals with dementia are easily disoriented and become confused in crowded or unknown situations, and they have a strong tendency to want to escape.
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