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Akron Boosts Data Transparency during Pandemic

 Akron Boosts Data Transparency during Pandemic - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Networks & Connectivity - Network Management & Analysis Software
Applicable Industries
  • Cities & Municipalities
Use Cases
  • Smart City Operations
The Challenge

The city needed accurate, real-time data to make important decisions on how to bring employees back to work and support active city employees.

The Customer


About The Customer

With a population of 200,000, Akron, Ohio, is the state's fifth-largest city. With small-town charm, a surprising history including where the hamburger was possibly invented, and a legacy of music, this midwestern town has a lot to offer residents.

The city employs about 2,100 full-time and seasonal employees across all divisions. Like other cities and towns, Akron was thrust into uncharted territory when COVID-19 began spreading across the United States.

The Solution

The city deployed Insights to improve access to information for city officials and offer more timely data. Insights has helped Akron transition to a more data-driven decision-making municipality.

ArcGIS Insights is analysis software that offers spatial and nonspatial analysis capabilities to explore data and visualize results

Operational Impact
  • [Data Management - Data Availability]

    Each morning, data is updated with a count of essential and nonessential employees on an Insights dashboard so the administration can get "fast, immediate feedback every day," 

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