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Chilled Water System Brings Quick ROI

To increase production and meet growing demand, Newpark Mats & Integrated Services (NMIS) needed a faster and more consistent source of chilled water. Without the internal resources to design or install a chilled water system to support a custom process, NMIS turned to Johnson Controls under tight schedule for a turnkey solution.

  • Johnson Controls
    Johnson Controls is an American company globally offering products and services to optimize energy and operational efficiencies of buildings, automotive batteries, electronics and interior systems for automobiles.Year founded: 1885Revenue: $42.9 billion (2014)
  • Construction & Buildings
  • Maintenance
  • Process Control & Optimization
    Process control and optimization (PCO) is the discipline of adjusting a process to maintain or optimize a specified set of parameters without violating process constraints. The PCO market is being driven by rising demand for energy-efficient production processes, safety and security concerns, and the development of IoT systems that can reliably predict process deviations. Fundamentally, there are three parameters that can be adjusted to affect optimal performance. - Equipment optimization: The first step is to verify that the existing equipment is being used to its fullest advantage by examining operating data to identify equipment bottlenecks. - Operating procedures: Operating procedures may vary widely from person-to-person or from shift-to-shift. Automation of the plant can help significantly. But automation will be of no help if the operators take control and run the plant in manual. - Control optimization: In a typical processing plant, such as a chemical plant or oil refinery, there are hundreds or even thousands of control loops. Each control loop is responsible for controlling one part of the process, such as maintaining a temperature, level, or flow. If the control loop is not properly designed and tuned, the process runs below its optimum. The process will be more expensive to operate, and equipment will wear out prematurely. For each control loop to run optimally, identification of sensor, valve, and tuning problems is important. It has been well documented that over 35% of control loops typically have problems. The process of continuously monitoring and optimizing the entire plant is sometimes called performance supervision.
  • Newpark Mats & Integrated Services provides leading edge matting solutions and well site construction services to the oil and gas industry. Newpark is the largest, most experienced manufacturer of heavy-duty composite matting systems in the world.

  • The Johnson Controls solution included the installation of a 527 ton YORK air-cooled chiller, an expansion tank and a controller. The expansion tank allows for water to be chilled and stored, prior to production. The control system measures the water temperature and optimizes chiller performance by modulating the chiller usage accordingly. Hardware Components - YORK YCAV 527t AC - expansion tank - Digital controls - YORK YCAS 440t AC Software Components - a control system

  • Asset Utilization, Device Diagnostic Status, Maintenance Requirements, Production Efficiency, Water Temperature
  • Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
  • Impact #1
    [Efficiency Improvement - Maintenance]
    Real-time status reports enable maintenance personnel to remotely diagnose the status of a device.
    Impact #2
    [Efficiency Improvement - Productivity]
    Large quantity production with less fluctuation was enabled in their manufacturing process.
    Impact #3
  • Benefit #1

    Johnson Controls installed a rental chiller, which allowed NMIS to increase production capacity after just 30 days, and meet the high demand for product.

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