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CN Helped Pine Printshop with a Responsive and Top-notch E-commerce Portal

To digitally expand their business, Pine Printshop was looking for a catalog-based site that would help people buy ready-made products (e.g. apparels, board pins, stickers, etc.) and even allow customers to personalize their own t-shirts, caps, and hoodies.

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  • Renowned for changing the screenprint game, Pine Printshop is a US-based company that specializes in water-based inks and eco-friendly printing practices. This leading brand is known for its exclusive prints on t-shirts, hoodies, caps, stickers, board pin
  • Pine Printshop
  • Firstly, our experienced professionals considered it best to go with WordPress and WooCommerce capabilities for the project. Since WooCommerce comes with custom functionalities, in-built analytics, and third-party support, this was considered the perfect eCommerce plugin for WordPress site.

    To make the portal high-performing and failure resistant, our developers went ahead with Amazon AWS as our choice for hosting services. This is an incredible computing infrastructure, which offers auto-scalability within budget and provides seamless load balancing required to distribute application traffic.

    Pine website listing page layout

    To deliver and implement it into the Shopify platform, our team lead planned the entire implementation process. Over the course of our consultations, every possible outcome was documented thoroughly and each possibility analyzed. We selected the best solution keeping in mind all partial dependencies in other aspects of the project.

    The biggest breakthrough came when found a paid Shopify application with the some, but not all, of the functionality the client requested in their filter. It would need some customization on our end, but we knew we could make it work.

    Bootstrap image

    We used Bootstrap since it helped us add forms, buttons, tables, and grids on the website.

    Our team was quick to implement AJAX to ensure that the site loads new content without refreshing the entire page. This helped in simplifying the online shopping experience.

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