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DigiCert Enhances AWS Environment Security with Imperva

 DigiCert Enhances AWS Environment Security with Imperva - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Application Infrastructure & Middleware - Event-Driven Application
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy - Application Security
Applicable Industries
  • Glass
  • National Security & Defense
Applicable Functions
  • Maintenance
Use Cases
  • Tamper Detection
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Cloud Planning, Design & Implementation Services
The Challenge
DigiCert, a leading provider of scalable identity and encryption solutions, was already using Imperva’s SaaS Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect their on-premises applications when they began migrating some of their workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS). However, they were not satisfied with their existing DDoS mitigation solution on AWS, as it excessively scrubbed traffic and often blocked legitimate traffic. As DigiCert's usage of AWS grew, they realized the need for a new security solution that could manage risk, monitor all traffic, rapidly identify threats, and only allow valid traffic to access their applications. They wanted a solution from a single provider that could deliver both WAF protection and DDoS mitigation across their entire hybrid environment. The solution also needed to lower false positives, assure rapid response to minimize potential business interruption, and automate as much of the security process as possible due to time and resource constraints.
The Customer


About The Customer
DigiCert is a leading provider of scalable identity and encryption solutions for the enterprise. They secure the world's most sensitive data across software, devices, and websites. DigiCert is committed to providing the best security solutions for their customers, and as such, they are constantly under attack. They have a hybrid model, with some workloads on-premises and some on AWS. They were looking for a comprehensive security solution that could protect their entire environment, reduce false positives, assure rapid response, and automate as much of the security process as possible.
The Solution
DigiCert implemented Imperva to protect their hybrid environment. They expanded their usage of Imperva’s WAF, which they were already using on-premises, to extend protection to AWS and maintain their security posture both during and after migration. Imperva’s sophisticated threat detection technology, advanced client classification technology, crowdsourcing, and IP reputation data automatically analyze traffic to identify and block web application attacks. These include SQL injection, cross-site scripting, illegal resource access, comment spam, site scraping, malicious bots, and other top threats. Granular filters and controls reduce false positives and prevent access from unwanted visitors, while IP address shielding hides the web server’s IP address. Imperva has protected DigiCert’s AWS workloads for the entire time they have been running on the cloud, improving visibility into their application environment, both on-premises and on AWS, and continuously monitoring behavior and sending automated alerts when suspicious activity is discovered.
Operational Impact
  • Imperva's solution has provided DigiCert with fully integrated protection for their hybrid application workloads and allows them to manage their security efforts from a single pane of glass. The solution has greatly reduced the risk of application outage and has seamlessly protected their applications and data from web application exploits. DigiCert has been able to realize the value of consistently ensuring that sufficient security strategies are in place to not only protect their resources, but also help them remain compliant with regulatory requirements. By working with Imperva, DigiCert has discovered suspicious activity more quickly and dealt with these threats before they became problems that could impact their business. Imperva has helped the company identify and investigate real threats instead of wasting cycles chasing false positives, allowing their security staff to remain focused and efficient.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Imperva's DDoS protection is able to scrub 6-plus Terabits-per-second of network traffic with a 3-second SLA to mitigate attacks.
  • Imperva has protected DigiCert’s AWS workloads for the entire time they have been running on the cloud.
  • During a large-scale attack that lasted for three days, Imperva's solution adapted and kept DigiCert’s applications secure and available, with no outages.

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