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Managed Hosting Platform

Formula 1® is a sport where every millisecond matters. With changing preferences and the growth of the digital medium, many fans choose to experience the sport through the website. The website needs to deliver a superior experience to tens of millions of fans across the world consistently. Hence, it is imperative to have a robust platform that can deliver the required performance and scale with growing trac and dynamic fan expectations. Some of the key challenges are: • Every race weekend, attracts up to 7 million fans. Managing this huge surge in website traffic, requires a scalable hosting platform that can simultaneously allow millions of fans to experience the excitement of the sport seamlessly. • Fans across the globe expect an engaging and immersive experience through enriched and enhanced race content across multiple devices. To meet this requirement needs to have a robust platform that is able to deliver real-time updates and information across screens, be it tablets, TVs or smartphones. • A global brand like Formula 1® needs to ensure it delivers a consistent user experience across all platforms across the globe. This consistent delivery of enriched content cannot be compromised through downtime or any other issue at any point. • In an age where threats to global websites are prevalent, Formula 1® needed a platform that was ready to meet any challenge to its website. They needed a solution that delivers consistency, scalability and yet at the same time is continuously monitored, secure and reliable.

  • Tata Communications
    Headquartered in Mumbai and Singapore, Tata Communications is a global company with its roots in the emerging markets. It has evolved from a wholesale service provider serving the Indian market to a leading provider of A New World of Communications™ to enterprise customers and service providers worldwide. The $2.9 billion company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India and is the flagship telecoms arm of the $103.3 billion Tata Group. It has invested $1.19 billion in the world's only wholly owned subsea fiber network that circles the globe.The exponential growth of connected devices, the emergence of social media, analytics and Cloud Computing (SMAC) and acceptance of 'bring your own device' (BYOD), are all resulting in a major transition in the way enterprises engage with technology. Both developed and emerging economies are looking to innovation in technology. As a key enabler of information and communication technologies to global enterprises, Tata Communications has led from the front in ensuring a robust digital ecosystem that is equipped for the future – with the infrastructure that can cope with customers’ demands of intelligence, scalability and flexibility.Tata Communications’ services portfolio includes predictable high-speed connections and global MPLS virtual private networks, Telepresence services, DDoS mitigation and detection service, content delivery networks and cloud offerings. Tata Communications offers customized network solutions for customers in key markets – including verticals like manufacturing, oil and gas, banking, financial services, insurance, media and entertainment – offering customers speed, quality and unparalleled network reach.
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  • is hosted on a managed redundant hosting platform at Tata Communications data centers. This is done in order to support dynamic failover features for redundancy. The delivery network is deployed for globally via the Tata Communications’ Content Delivery Network. It is also the first time ever that the network and content distribution for has been brought together on one resilient platform. Tata Communications international standard data centres have strong business grade security policies to reccognise and prevent threats. By using a combination of hosting and CDN services from a single provider to publish and distribute website content, Formula 1® benefits from more efficient delivery of content and images. This worldwide content distribution platform is underpinned by the resilient and high capacity Tata Global Network, caching content to enable followers to enjoy faster access to pages. The whole platform is managed and monitored for security and availability 24/7 by a team of experienced IT and data centre professionals.

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  • Impact #1
    [Product Improvement - Scalability]
    Formula 1® benefits from a platform that is built to meet its unique requirements, only paying for what it uses, but with the ability to grow services and infrastructure as its needs evolve. With a six-level scalable platform that is designed and mana
    Impact #2
    [Data Management - Data Security]
    With millions of fans accessing the website, it is critical that the audiovisual of needs to be up to global standards. Tata Communications have deployed layers of security to protect against hacking and DDoS attack to ensur
    Impact #3
  • Benefit #1

    Proactive monitoring - F1’s complex IT infrastructure requires dedicated customized to manage and maintain its servers. Tata Communications do this in one of their state-of-the-art centers that have best-in-class 99.95% uptime and availability through proactive, 24x7x365 management. This has delivered huge benefits in terms of saving time, money and resources, while also ensuring F1® consistently benefits from the high availability and performance.

    Benefit #2

    Enhanced solutions - Tata Communications’ service platform can handle a variety of technologies, instead of having separate service providers for hosting, storage, content delivery and so on - it all works together from a single solution platform. Formula 1® needed a robust solution that can also offer added features like a global CDN service and Tata Communications equip them with a customized solution that allows F1® to deliver audiovisual race content to the sports’ hundreds of millions of fans seamlessly across the globe.

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