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Maximizes Workflows and Improves Collaboration

The Challenge

Avid Technology, Inc., a global SaaS media production solution provider, needed to enable efficiencies and allow real-time collaboration across creative teams in the production process, without sacrificing performance or security for the media. The challenges included the ability to:

  1. Deploy a cloud-based, global, online editorial suite to increase efficiencies in creating, editing, and enabling the final production of media in a changing business landscape.
  2. Capture global customer access and scale with quick deployment capabilities in a collaborative environment. § Connect a diverse group of global users.
  3. Ensure high availability allowing users to follow asset-centered workflows collaboratively.
  4. Optimize application performance and usability by interconnection with a large number of global networks.
  5. Ensure assets can be secured and compartmentalized, while allowing multiple contributors simultaneous access.
The Customer

AVID Technology

About The Customer

AVID Technology provides comprehensive engineering and design services to enhance customer success in the development and creation of advanced electronic products. Customers include digital media creation, production, post-production, and broadcast companies.

The Solution

Avid Technology, Inc. worked with Equinix, the world’s digital infrastructure company, to deliver performance, security, and connectivity, as well as a solution to support its growth in new regions with:

  1. Equinix Performance Hub®. Provides direct, secure connections to networks and cloud providers, and brings IT resources to the digital edge, where the physical and virtual worlds meet.
  2. Microsoft Azure Express Route™. Provides a high-performance, private and secure connection between Avid’s IT environment and collaboration applications.
  3. Interconnection, or private data exchange. Deployed via an Interconnection Oriented Architecture® (IOA®) strategy, a transformative approach to interconnecting people, locations, clouds, and data by integrating the physical and virtual worlds where they meet; shifting the fundamental delivery architecture of IT from siloed and centralized to distributed, interconnected and colocated.
  4. Scalable deployment. With deployment in Dallas, Texas, as a first initiative, expansions are targeted to Frankfurt and Hong Kong.


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