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Remote Monitoring and Control for a Windmill Generator

As concerns over global warming continue to grow, green technologies are becoming increasingly popular. Wind turbine companies provide an excellent alternative to burning fossil fuels by harnessing kinetic energy from the wind and converting it into electricity. A typical wind farm may include over 80 wind turbines so efficient and reliable networks to manage and control these installations are imperative. Each wind turbine includes a generator and a variety of serial components such as a water cooler, high voltage transformer, ultrasonic wind sensors, yaw gear, blade bearing, pitch cylinder, and hub controller. All of these components are controlled by a PLC and communicate with the ground host. Due to the total integration of these devices into an Ethernet network, one of our customers in the wind turbine industry needed a serial-to-Ethernet solution that can operate reliably for years without interruption.

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    MOXA is a leading provider of industrial networking, computing, and automation solutions for enabling the Industrial Internet of Things. Moxa offers a full spectrum of innovative, high-quality solutions that have been deployed in a wide variety of industries, including factory automation, smart rail, smart grid, intelligent transportation, oil and gas, marine, and mining.
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    Machine condition monitoring is the process of monitoring parameters such as vibration and temperature in order to identify changes that indicate a reduction in performance or impending fault. It is a necessary component of Predictive Maintenance solutions and allows maintenance to be scheduled prior to failure, or other actions to be taken to prevent damages to the machine and loss of production. Condition monitoring also provides value beyond improving maintenance schedules. For example, improved visibility into machine operations can indicate the root causes of product defects and can support optimization of energy consumption.
  • Moxa's NPort® 5210 device server can convert industrial serial devices inside the wind turbine into Ethernet devices. By installing the NPort® 5210, the host PC in the station running the SCADA system can communicate with the PLC to perform data analysis, system control, and maintenance from any network location or even the Internet. The NPort® 5210's small size and easy configuration allow it to fit perfectly inside the wind turbine. Furthermore, the Ethernet is connected to a remote control station via a Turbo Ring redundant network. Product Solutions: NPort 5210/NPort 5230/NPort 5232 Series 2-port RS-232/422/485 serial device servers

  • Device Diagnostic Status, Per-Unit Maintenance Costs, Wind Speed
  • Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
  • Impact #1
    [Efficiency Improvement - Maintenance]
    Long mean (average) time between failures with high reliability and effective system maintenance
    Impact #2
    [Efficiency Improvement - Deployment]
    Small size for easy configuration
    Impact #3
    [Data Management - Connectivity Stability]
    High performance serial-to-Ethernet solution
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