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Supercharging App Ordering with 5x Faster Scanning

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 Supercharging App Ordering with 5x Faster Scanning - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

Improve the app’s scanning performance: optimize user experiences

Elektro-Material AG (Elektro-Material) is a leading supplier of electrical components to Switzerland’s construction industry. They are part of the Rexel Group, a global wholesaler of electrical goods with over 2,100 branches in 35 countries.

Elektro-Material’s customers range from industrial buyers, builders, and building contractors, to electricians and construction companies. Customers can make purchases from a comprehensive catalog of 250,000 electrical goods, by phone through a sales representative; in person, at any of Elektro-Material’s nine branches across Switzerland; and through digital channels such as the EM webshop, and the EM order app from their iOS and Android smartphones.

As the digital channels were a significant source of business revenue, Elektro-Material wanted to ensure that the order process was fast and seamless for customers who used the EM app. The app had an open-source scanning solution, which customers used to scan barcodes from a catalog. They could also print barcode labels from the EM Webshop, for products that did not have barcodes, and scan them in the app.

Whilst customers had a satisfactory experience placing orders through the EM app, they found the scanning process quite slow – at times taking several seconds to scan a single barcode. This delay in fulfilling orders resulted in a poor user experience for customers. As a result, customers found it quicker to reorder over the phone, or at an Elektro-Material branch, especially for large orders.

Moreover, some products only had serial numbers, which could not be captured by the open-source scanning component of the EM app. These performance issues negatively impacted the customer’s purchase experience and reduced the number of orders originating through the app.

Elektro-Material wanted to change this and embarked on a digital commerce initiative to improve the app’s performance and increase customer stickiness.

About The Customer

Elektro-Material, Switzerland’s market leader in electrical installations powered the performance of their EM order app with Scandit’s super-fast scanning solution, which replaced an open source scanning component. Zero delays with speedy ordering through the app and added innovation from OCR text recognition and MatrixScan-AR (augmented reality) overlays provided additional information, further enhancing the customer’s user experience.

The Customer


The Solution

Switching over to Scandit’s scanning solution

The company selected Scandit’s smartphone scanning technology to replace the open-source scanning software in the EM app. mp technology, the app developer integrated Scandit’s barcode scanner SDK with the order app, for use on Android and iOS devices.

Scandit’s barcode scanner SDK is compatible with over 20,000 smartphone models, providing an instantaneous scanning response. This is especially helpful for Elektro-Material who has no control over the device types that their customers use and can rest assured in the extensive smartphone device support provided by Scandit – an option that is not available with open-source barcode scanning technology.

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