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Transforming Water Utilities with IoT, saving a Billion Gallons every year!

The big problem that Utilities face includes:

(i) How to make meters “smart” and ingest the data from homes to the companies and;

(ii) how to derive intelligent actions from huge amounts of meter data, in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Solving these problems would help Utilities track & monitor water consumption data, identify leakage, theft & various anomalies. This demands the need of a scalable system with remote asset management & proactive maintenance capabilities. This would also help end-consumers understand their water usage for better decision-making to conserve water.

  • Saviant
    Saviant is the preferred Data Analytics & Intelligent Solutions partner for leading Asset-intensive and Field-force driven Enterprises across industries like Energy, Utilities, Logistics & Construction. We are the trusted Technology Advisors and Implementation Partners for their strategic initiatives around Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud & Mobility. Our teams enable intelligent actions & accelerated business outcomes for our customers across the globe, by defining their Technology Roadmap & Implementation Strategies. Saviant is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform, Data Analytics, Application Development & Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner.
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    Functional Applications - Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM)
    Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
    Networks & Connectivity - Cellular
    Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Data Management Platforms
    Sensors - Utility Meters
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  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • US-based independent AMR provider for Water, Gas, and Electric utility markets.
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  • Saviant developed an IoT-based Smart Metering & Data Analytics system using Azure platform for Utilities. The solution helped connect 100,000 smart water meters and manage 250 Million+ data records per year, scalable to 100-times that volume. The system operates with best-in-the-industry data collection frequency of every five-minute visibility of water consumption, scalable to every 1-minute as well. Utilities can now track & identify leaks, unauthorized consumption, missed meter read, their patterns and usage events in real-time through Web portal. Also, the end-consumers can monitor their water usage pattern through Web & Mobile apps; thereby helping in intelligent decision-making to conserve water.

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  • Impact #1
    [Process Optimization - Real Time Monitoring]
    Real- time water data monitoring – Utilities can track & identify leaks, unauthorized consumption, missed meter read, their patterns and usage events. Also, Customers will get text alerts & emails on abnormal consumption patterns such as high usage, zero usage and leakages via a notification engine.
    Impact #2
    [Efficiency Improvement - Energy]
    Improved Water usage efficiency – Solution helps create healthy water supply network, with real-time Distribution analytics, asset health analysis & predictive maintenance of Utilities assets; saving millions of gallons of water.
    Impact #3
    [Efficiency Improvement - Asset Utilization]
    Increased Battery Life – Solution helps to increase the battery life of water meters by 40-50%, giving high ROI to Utilities
  • Benefit #1

    Cloud based Smart data management system that handles 50 Million+ data records per year and can manage 100-times that volume.

    Benefit #2

    Connected 100,000 Smart water meters using this IoT solution for a Utility giant. The system can easily handle 5x more such devices.

    Benefit #3

    Improved system uptime by 99.95% SLA with high availability & security capabilities.

  • Microsoft Azure
    Microsoft Azure is a Cloud Computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. It provides both PaaS and IaaS services and supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems. Azure was announced in October 2008 and released on 1 February 2010 as Windows Azure, before being renamed to Microsoft Azure on 25 March 2014.
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