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Advantech B+B SmartWorx

Founded in 1981, B+B SmartWorx, formerly B&B Electronics, provides intelligent M2M and IoT connectivity solutions for wireless and wired networks. The company designs and builds device connectivity and network infrastructure products that deliver intelligent connectivity at the “edge” of networks in remote and demanding environments. At the start of 2016, B+B SmartWorx became part of the global Advantech family, and will be operating as Advantech B+B SmartWorx. As part of the company’s Global Industrial IoT Business group, B+B SmartWorx will lead Advantech’s new Intelligent Networking Business Sector in developing smart networking products.

  • Taiwan
    1,001 - 10,000
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  • Advantech B+B SmartWorx’s Tech Stack maps Advantech B+B SmartWorx’s participation in the IoT tech stack.
    • Application Layer
    • Functional Applications

    • Cloud Layer
    • Platform as a Service
      Infrastructure as a Service

    • Edge Layer
    • Automation & Control
      Processors & Edge Intelligence

    • Devices Layer
    • Robots
    • Supporting
    • Analytics & Modeling
      Application Infrastructure & Middleware
      Cybersecurity & Privacy
      Networks & Connectivity
    Technological Capability
  • Advantech B+B SmartWorx’s IoT Snapshot maps the range and focus areas of Advantech B+B SmartWorx’s IoT business across Technologies, Use Cases, Industries, and Services. Only categories with active products will be shown. Missing categories indicate that there is no activity in those areas.
    Networks & Connectivity
    Routers & Bridges
    Wireless Local Area Network
    Flow Meters
    Temperature Sensors
    Vibration Sensors
    Voltage Sensors
    Analytics & Modeling
    Big Data Analytics
    Predictive Analytics
    Real Time Analytics
    Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    Connectivity Platforms
    Device Management Platforms
    Functional Applications
    Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
    Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
    Processors & Edge Intelligence
    Embedded & Edge Computers
    Use Cases
    Machine Condition Monitoring
    Outdoor Environmental Monitoring
    Predictive Maintenance
    Vehicle Telematics
    Field Services
    Logistics & Transportation
    Construction & Infrastructure
  • The Icelandic Meteorological Office

  • Advantech B+B SmartWorx: Machine Condition Monitoring for a Distribution Center
    A distribution center used a conveyor belt systems to transport a wide variety of products to appropriate locations. When all went well, products were delivered, stored and shipped back out with a minimum of trouble. But a breakdown in any of the motors running the conveyor belts could interfere with operations and cause unacceptable shipping delays. The distribution center decided to use remote monitoring and decision analytics to predict where and when, preventative maintenance could keep small problems from ballooning into major disruptions.
    Advantech B+B SmartWorx: Condition Based Monitoring for Industrial Systems
    A large construction aggregate plant operates 10 high horsepower Secondary Crusher Drive Motors and associated conveyor belts, producing 600 tons of product per hour. All heavy equipment requires maintenance, but the aggregate producer’s costs were greatly magnified any time that the necessary maintenance was unplanned and unscheduled. The product must be supplied to the customers on a tight time schedule to fulfill contracts, avoid penalties, and prevent the loss of future business. Furthermore, a sudden failure in one of the drive motors would cause rock to pile up in unwanted locations, extending the downtime and increasing the costs.Clearly, preventative maintenance was preferable to unexpected failures. So, twice each year, the company brought in an outside vendor to attach sensors to the motors, do vibration studies, measure bearing temperatures and attempt to assess the health of the motors. But that wasn’t enough. Unexpected breakdowns continued to occur. The aggregate producer decided to upgrade to a Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) sensor system that could continually monitor the motors in real time, apply data analytics to detect changes in motor behavior before they developed into major problems, and alert maintenance staff via email or text, anywhere they happened to be.A wired sensor network would have been cost prohibitive. An aggregate plant has numerous heavy vehicles moving around, so any cabling would have to be protected. But the plant covers 400 acres, and the cable would have to be trenched to numerous locations. Cable wasn’t going to work. The aggregate producer needed a wireless solution.
    Advantech B+B SmartWorx: IIoT Solution for an Improved Customer Experience
    A theme park was always looking for ways to enhance the customer experience, and minimizing wait times at attractions and foodservice outlets was one of the key concerns. Tracking and analyzing visitor behavior could potentially let management address it. The first step would be to have the analytics software look at things like advanced ticket sales, weather forecasts and previous attendance records to help management make staffing decisions several days in advance. Collecting and analyzing data could also improve day to day operations. If equipped with the right kinds of information, the control center could make informed decisions about where to place staffing resources. If the line at a water ride was getting too long, management could add staff and launch more boats. If the line at a foodservice station was getting too long, management could send costumed characters to hand out menus and entertain the guests, thus making the wait less painful. To track where visitors were and what they were doing, park management would need to gather data from devices like surveillance cameras, foodservice cash registers, and ticketing machines. But the plan would also require placing some of these devices in locations where trenching and installing new cable connections would be both disruptive and expensive.
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