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Endian is the leading provider of open source Network Security and remote connectivity solutions. Founded in Appiano, Italy in 2003 by a team of experienced network specialists and security enthusiasts. Endian’s goal is clear: Develop the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use Open Source Unified Threat Management system. With over 1.7 million users of the Community Edition and 50,000 installations of the professional product in over 50 countries, Endian continues to deliver on its mission!

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  • Their Unified Threat Management (UTM) hardware, software and virtual appliances provide comprehensive gateway security including firewall, VPN, web and email security services for small to large business networks. The new Endian Switchboard paired with their industrial gateway appliances provide a secure remote access VPN solution for all companies especially those in the industrial market (energy, manufacturing, transportation and communication). The Endian Hotspot solution offers a powerful captive portal solution that can be utilized to securely manage BYOD across your wireless or wired networks.

  • Endian has over 500 partners and distributors selling their solutions in more than 50 countries. Some of their customers include Caterpillar, Lockheed Martin, Siemens, Orange and Liebherr.

  • Endian: Big Data and Predictive Maintenance
    Predictive maintenance refers to techniques that help determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to predict and/or optimize when maintenance should be performed. Predictive maintenance is one of the most important benefits of the Industry 4.0 revolution. 
    Endian: Digital transformation - Retrofitting for ... coffee machines?
    The original idea was about finding an easy yet effective way to demonstrate how Industrial Internet of Things can disclose amazing opportunities about networking, devices and data management.The main objective of this nerdy project was clearly to showcase how Endian solutions could be integrated with an industrial environment made up of machinery and PLCs.To achieve our goal we needed a mini-factory, which could show in real-time both a whole production process, and Endian integration with the data provided by the mini-factory itself.
    Endian: Endian 4i and Switchboard for Instrumentation Laboratory
    Connect diagnostic equipment located in hospitals and laboratories to insecure LAN segments for remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  • Endian: UTM Mercury 100
    Fast, flexible and easy to use. The Mercury 100 guarantees high security standards combined with the globally recogni-zed Endian Hotspot technology.Application level filters, anti-virus, anti-spam, web filtering, VPN functionality and much more create a complete and re-liable shield for your network from all internal and external threats.
    Endian: UTM Mini 10 WiFi
    The Mini 10 is based on the EndianOS platform, which gu-arantees high performance, stability and flexibility to the appliance. Thanks to the integrated WiFi technology mobile devices can directly connect to the network.
    Endian: UTM Mercury 50
    Secure everyThingwww.endian.comConceived to handle the processing of heavy Internet traffic, emails and VPN connections to branch offices, the Mercury 50 is the ideal scalable solution to support your network growth.This high-performance appliance provides Endian’s best in class security features to midsize organizations. The com-plete set of Unified Threat Management functionalities in combination with advanced hotspot gives you the most comprehensive features available.
  • Endian: Endian Connect Platform
    The Endian Connect Platform is the only open, end-to-end IOT platform to provide secure remote connectivity between people, things, processes (infrastructure) and networks. Our solution is built to scale from very small projects to very large, global deployments with thousands or even millions of things connected.Endian Connect Platform - Three Key Principles: Secure Connection​ At the heart of Endian is security and our passion for this is evident in the Connect Platform. Things like industry standard encryption protocols, two-factor authentication, support for external authentication sources (like Active Directory or LDAP) and so much more. In addition, the Endian OS platform is included​ in all of the Endian components as well so you know you get the highest levels of security.Easy Management Our goal is make secure remote access as easy as possible. Endian Plug & Connect feature which enables rapid, centralized remote deployment of field devices over the Internet. A real-time map visualization of your infrastructure makes remote access as simple as point-and-click. Integrated application support allows you to access remote resources using only a browser and works great on mobile platform too!Advanced Analytics The Connect Platform is at the heart of connecting your users and things together which makes it even better suited to store, monitor and analyze all your big or small data components across your remote infrastructure. Build custom dashboard views to get the insight your business needs to provide superior​ products and support. The data collected forms the basis for predictive maintenance 
    Endian: Endian Hotspot Management
    See for yourself how easy managing your WIFI and guest networks can be with Endian Hotspot. In addition, you can turn these into value-added resources by leveraging them for marketing, branding and sales activities for your business.Endian Hotspot main features Service CustomizationFreely configurable home page after successful loginCompletely customizable welcome page and printed user information through a user friendly visual editorPersonalized list of public Web sites that do not require authenticationAccount ManagementUser information management definable according to your needsPrintable account data in order to let your customers connect easily and quicklyAccount activation and deactivation possible at every momentAccount expiration time definable as you preferReal-time monitoring of the account balanceConfigurable payment metrics according to the needs of your businessAccount search and filtering options for optimal account management,especially in case of big infrastructures and high numbers of connectionsBandwidth restrictions per user in terms of download and upload speeds in kb/sAccount import from existent lists and archives through CSV filesAccess MonitoringSingle user access tracking (e.g. with login and logout time stamps)Export of access information through CSV filesTicket DefinitionPricing metrics definable by typology (time or data quantity)Billing metrics definable by typology (prepaid, postpaid, and free connection)Traffic limitations for every single ticketTicket hourly price configurable and changeable with easeQuick-Ticket feature for creating accounts and tickets with a single clickSecurity and FirewallProtocol and Internet address filter for secure Web browsingContent filter for inhibiting access to illegal or unwanted Web sitesFully integrated anti-virus protection when browsing the WebActivation and deactivation of the connection possible at every moment
    Endian: UTM Software
    Turn any PC into a Unified Threat Management ApplianceThe software appliance is ideal for those who are looking to leverage existing hardware (x86) for their networking and security needs. The product functionality is identical to our hardware appliances so there are no tradeoffs required.Endian UTM Software Appliance offers the same technology that resides in the Endian Unified Threat Management (UTM) hardware appliances, making it possible to turn any PC into a full featured security appliance. Unleash the power of Endian UTM using your preferred hardware to enable comprehensive security for your whole network infrastructure. Integrated security services such as stateful inspection firewall, VPN, gateway anti-virus, anti-spam, Web security, and e-mail content filtering offer granular protection in a single system, reducing management time and costs.
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