GE Digital (GE): Pitney Bowes Industrial Internet
The world's 1st-ever Industrial Internet platform, Predix, becomes a pathway for revenue generation and notable new cost savings for Pitney Bowes' production mail business. An ordinary mail business, this is not. Of the 150 million pieces of mail produced each day in the US, the majority go through Pitney Bowes machines.
GE Digital (GE): Petropriar Uses Operator Rounds to Improve Asset Performance and Avoid Unplanned
Petropriar, S.A., a subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela S.A., owns and operates oil and natural gas reserves in the country’s Orinoco Belt. Petropriar needed an easy way to manage the inspection of its rotating electrical and static equipment at one of its industrial complexes.
GE Digital (GE): Marathon Petroleum Develops Collaborative Strategy for Optimizing APM
Since 1999, Marathon has been utilizing Asset Performance Management (APM) from Meridium (now acquired by GE Digital) for its day-to-day reliability needs across a number of its business units, and currently has over 1,300 APM users. After implementing SAP, Marathon found that the modules were deeply customized and difficult to adapt to the existing reliability program. As a result, Marathon began looking into how to improve its overall operational support
GE Digital (GE): Tacoma Power Reduces Cost and Risk with HMI and SCADA Virtualization
Tacoma Power, located in Tacoma, WA, serves 160,000 electric utility customers with nine hydro facilities on four rivers. The company’s generation automation team, consisting of three engineers and one engineering technician, is responsible for the integration, modernization. With a small staff responsible for overseeing a number of different environments, the company was looking to implement its HMI/SCADA system in a virtual environment for automation and control in order to optimize operations and reduce costs.
GE Digital (GE): Waterford Township Improves Maintenance Consistency and Efficiency
Waterford Township has been faced with losing a significant number of DPW staff, some with more than three decades of water and wastewater knowledge, to retirement. The company began to search for a solution that would like real-time operational data from its SCADA systems to its CMMS and DMS to create standard operating procedures and work orders automatically when conditions were met in defined workflow procedures. One key aspect of the project was to get operating procedures standardized and in a format where staff in the field, who might not be familiar with the system, could follow the necessary steps to correct the issue.
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