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Marvell Technology Group

Marvell Technology Group has operations worldwide and more than 7,000 employees. Marvell’s expertises are in microprocessor architecture and digital signal processing, drives multiple platforms including high volume storage solutions, mobile and wireless, networking, consumer and green products.

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  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is already changing the way consumers are able to control their surroundings. From thermostats and lighting to remote access and home automation, many are already managing comfort, running diagnostics, and receiving alerts about their homes and businesses from devices that can interact seamlessly with mobile clients, cloud services and other IoT devices.

    Marvell’s EZ-Connect platform is helping to rapidly bringing innovative devices to the fast growing market. Built on Marvell’s silicon, coupled with industry standards certifications and leading Kinoma software, it is widely considered the most complete, industry-leading connectivity portfolio, capable of enabling more efficient time-to-market IoT designs with hardware and software solutions. Global customers currently are building, creating and implementing with Marvell’s EZ-Connect platform for several markets including home automation, wearables, automotive and industrial.
  • Hitachi, Samsung, Toshiba, Xiaomi
  • Marvell Technology Group: ESPRESSObin
    The Marvell ESPRESSObin board, a successful Kickstarter campaign by Globalscale Technologies, is set to begin shipping at the beginning of January to all Kickstarter Early Bird pledgers. The Early Bird package features dual core ARMv8 ESPRESSObin base units from the 1st production run with a price of $39 plus shipping. All board packages will ship anywhere in the world to more than 500 project backers.The ESPRESSObin is a high performance 64 bit dual-core networking computing platform. It is based on the ARMv8 architecture and has low power consumption. The board is powered on Marvell's newest Armada 3700 dual-core SoC chipset which runs up to 1.2GHz.ESPRESSObin Specs:- Powered by a 64bit Dual Core ARM A53 Armada 3700 SOC clocked up to 1.2Ghz- 1x Topaz Networking Switch- 1x uSD card slot with footprint for an optional 4GB EMMC- 512MB DDR3, 1GB DDR3 & 2GB DDR3 options- 2x Gb Ethernet LAN- 1x Ethernet WAN- 1x SATA interface for HDD storage- 1x USB 3.0 and 1x USB 2.0- 1x MiniPCIe for Wireless/BLE peripherals- 2x Row of GPIO headers for accessories and shieldsLow cost and power consumption combined with powerful Networking and Storage interfaces make the ESPRESSObin board a perfect fit for a wide variety of deployments often neglected by other SBCs such as:- Home & office networking- Storage- Media streaming- IoTAmong others, here are some use cases for the ESPRESSObin board:- NAS-SATA-WI-FI -> By connecting the device Sata interface to Hard drives, you can stream via wireless or Ethernet.- Video Camera Monitor -> Reuse old USB cameras and turn them into power-conscious IP cameras by connecting them to ESPRESSObin and streaming content directly to your computer.- Plex Media Server -> Ethernet or Wi-Fi streaming from hard drives, USB sticks to connected television sets in multiple rooms.- Stacking switch cluster -> Create power efficient storage units by connecting storage and Ethernet. Compute clusters for Torrent server applications.- IoT Gateway -> Turn the ESPRESSObin into an IoT Gateway by connecting LORA, BLE, ZigBee, Zwave and other protocols through a variety of interfaces supported by the board.
    Marvell Technology Group: ARMADA Embedded SoC
    The Marvell® ARMADA® 3700 family of devices delivers comprehensive system-on-chip (SoC) solutions powered by single or dual Cortex-A53 ARMv8 high-performance CPU technology. The devices incorporate rich and diversified high-speed I/Os, such as USB 3.0, SATA 3.0, PCI-Express 2.0, and 2.5 GbE (NBASE-T). In addition, they incorporate a wide set of security and data acceleration engines suitable for innovative networking, storage, and compute applications. The innovative and unique architecture ofthe ARMADA 3700 family performs up to 7,000 CoreMarks under 1 watt, delivering unprecedented performance-to-power and performance-to-cost index in the embedded market.Key Features:- 2x Gigabit Ethernet 1Gbps / 2.5Gbps- SGMII / HS-SGMII / RGMII- Compatible with Marvell NBASE-T Transceivers- USB 3.0 Host/Device compatible with xHCI v1.0- USB 2.0 Host- PCI Express (PCIe) 2.0 (RC or EP)- SATA 3.0- DMA, 2x high-bandwidth DMA/XOR/CRC engines- Flash and Peripheral I/Os, including 2 x SDIO 3/0. SPI, UART, GPIOs- Integrated power switches for dynamic shut-down of- Single or Dual core ARMv8 Cortex-A53 CPU- CPU core operating speed of up to 1.2 GHz- FIPS-140 certified- 32 KB-Instruction / Data (4-way) set associative L1 cache with Parity/ECC protection- High-bandwidth, low-latency IO Cache Coherency- High-speed 8/16-bit DDR3/3L/DDR4 DRAM memory controller- Enhanced, low-latency memory controller with transaction re-ordering, write gathering, and data prefetch engine- High-performance security offload engine including IPSec, SSL, DTLS, and IKE- Hardware compliance with ARM Trustzone®architecture for DRM- Enhanced Secure-Boot flow using integrated One Time Programmable (OTP) memoryThe low-power, high-performance architecture of the ARMADA® 3700 enables a new set of applications, such as battery supplied, mobile NAS and DAS all in one appliance. Connected to the Marvell industry-leading wireless and wired networking solutions, the ARMADA® LP is perfectly suited for dual-band 802.11 retail gateway or SOHO access point applications.
    Marvell Technology Group: Application Processor and SOC
  • European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
    We produce globally applicable standards for Information & Communications Technologies including fixed, mobile, radio, broadcast, internet, aeronautical and other areas.
    Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA)
    Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) is a global, cross-industry alliance focused on increasing dynamic access to unused radio frequencies. By expanding opportunities for dynamic spectrum access technologies and techniques, regulators will better ensure that consumers and their devices have wireless bandwidth when and where they need it.
    Near Field Communication Forum (NFC) is dedicated to informing others about the benefits of NFC. We strive to provide the highest quality of information so individuals and businesses can make informed choice about whether NFC technology is the right step for them.
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  • Oracle
    Oracle is a leader in enterprise software and provides hardware and services to help companies improve their processes. Best known for its focus on databases, it offers aid in areas such as managing business data, collaboration and application development, customer relationship management, and supply chain management.Year founded; 1977Revenue: $38.2 billion (2015)NYSE: ORCL
    FANUC America Corporation
    FANUC America offers the most complete range of industry-leading products and services for robotics, CNC systems, and factory automation solutions. We are dedicated to increasing the competitiveness of North and South American manufacturers by creating opportunities to help them maximize their efficiency, reliability, quality, and profitability.FANUC America is headquartered at 3900 W. Hamlin Road, Rochester Hills, MI, 48309, and is a subsidiary of FANUC CORPORATION in Japan. FANUC America has facilities in: Atlanta; Boston; Charlotte; Chicago; Cincinnati; Cleveland; Dallas; Lake Forest, Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA; Minneapolis; Pine Brook, NJ; Toronto; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Aguascalientes and Tlalnepantla, Mexico.Markets served include: Aerospace, Agriculture, Assembly, Automation, Automotive, Construction, Education, Energy, Fabricating, Food, General Motion Control, Machine Tool, Material Handling, Material Removal, Medical, Metal Fabrication, Metalforming, Mold & Die and Woodworking.
    EDMI Limited is one of the leading smart energy solutions providers in the world. EDMI is focused on designing, developing and manufacturing innovative and technologically advanced energy meters and metering systems for the global utility industry. EDMI’s metering portfolio includes a comprehensive range of premium quality metering products, advanced infrastructure and energy management systems. With over 30 years’ experience of manufacturing smart meters and millions of EDMI smart meters installed worldwide, EDMI’s products are tried and tested, giving you the confidence of working hand in hand with a company with a proven track record. EDMI’s focus on quality flows from the design phase through post sales service, giving you the peace of mind that you can then pass onto your customers.
  • IBM
    IBM is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation that manufactures and markets computer hardware, middleware and software, and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. IBM is intent on leading the development of a global data field. Year founded: 1911 Revenue: $92.7 billion (2014) NYSE: IBM
    Eurotech is a global company focusing on embedded computers and pervasive computing, which combines three key factors: the miniaturisation of computers capable of processing information; their spread in the real world - in buildings and machinery, on board vehicles, on persons and in the environment; and their ability to network and communicate. Year founded: 1992 Revenue: $69 million (2014) BIT: ETH
    Wind River
    Wind River Systems provides software operating systems and development tools for embedded systems. A microprocessor and software comprise embedded systems, which are used in more than 1 billion products that include auto braking systems, Internet traffic routers, jet fighter control panels, mobile phones, set-top boxes, traffic signals, and other consumer electronics.
    ARM designs scalable, energy efficient-processors and related technologies to deliver intelligence in applications ranging from sensors to servers, including smartphones, tablets, enterprise infrastructure and the Internet of Things. Their technology enables current and future IoT applications and services to become truly ubiquitous and intelligent.
    ENEA offers operating system solutions including development tools, network protocols, databases and middleware for connected devices and is the world’s third-largest player in the emerging field of real-time operating systems.Year founded: 1968Revenue: $50 million (2014)STO: ENEA
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