Prodapt: High-value Container Tracking
• Tracking the movement of trucks carrying valuable containers in order to plan shipment of empty containers back to India • Reduction of delays in the arrival of containers • Ability to track every stage of the containers • Avoiding manual intervention to know exact container location • Automation to intimate the position and arrival time of containers
Prodapt: Product Development for Power Line Communication (PLC/BPL) Systems
The client wanted to develop a product that can acquire data from their meter units installed at the consumer's premises. A system capable of acquiring, transferring and archiving the data had to be in place, replacing the existing traditional method which was error prone and expensive to operate. The system needed to be integrated with the existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for increasing the operational efficiency.
Prodapt: Connected Officer
 Mobile/web app for location tracking of police officers  Automatic alerts to supervisors based on gestures & actions in case of emergency  Live streaming of crime scene to supervisors  Automatic dispatch of backup to crime scenes  Historical and real-time tracking of police officers’ vehicles
Prodapt: Connected Railroad
The key business challenges are: - Effective prevention of derailments - Reduction of oil spills on railroad transportation of crude oils - Alerts to first responders depending on material carried - Public safety answering points (PSAPs) and State Emergency Response Commissions (SERCs) need to know the schedule, load, and location - Flawless communication between PSAPs and first responders
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