Addverb provides intra-logistics automation solutions based on Industry 4.0 technologies. It aims to improve operations on a sustainable basis that provides clients a competitive advantage by strengthening their entire supply chain. Its expertise in the understanding of warehousing and production process clubbed with products provide logistics operations. It specializes in consulting, warehouse automation, robotics, system integration and software for warehouses and factories.
Boston Dynamics
Boston Dynamics builds advanced mobile manipulation robots with remarkable mobility, dexterity perception and agility. We use sensor-based controls and computation to unlock the potential of complex mechanisms. Our world-class development teams develop prototypes for wild new concepts, do build-test-build engineering and field testing and transform successful designs into robot products. Our goal is to change your idea of what robots can do.
CRATUS is the IIoT Technology Company that brings the physical world and digital world together using a cascade of IoT technologies that cover sensing, processing, communications, and SaaS platforms. CRATUS operates with an engineering innovation lab model and creates custom and standard products.
Dorabot is a venture-backed AI and robotics company developing solutions for the logistics sector. The company has attracted over 70 employees from more than 10 different countries to work at their headquarters in Shenzhen, China and has established partnerships with some of the world's leading logistics companies.
GROUND provides innovative solutions based on the world's most advanced technologies in the logistics and distribution industry (LogiTech??), aiming to achieve Intelligent Logistics??, its original concept that applies the latest technologies such as AI and robotics.
Huiling Technology (Hitbot)
Huiling Technology is a leading provider of lightweight cooperative robotic arms and electric grippers in the robotics field.
SixAI has a long standing track record of commercial achievements with tech companies in a wide range of sectors that have successfully created value for their shareholders. SixAI was born out of a project with a Japanese partner in Robotics AI which opened a unique opportunity for tech and financial value creation in this space.
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