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Improves Customer Experiences
This company was looking to build a new core customer 360 record system which would offer a product recommendation system and entity resolution feature. The new product recommendation system would enable the company to create accurate customer profiles that showed hierarchical relationships and help deliver an exceptional customer experience when customers log in to their centralized database to perform functions, buy products, request services, etc.They also wanted it to be scalable and a more performant system than their last. This operational function for their customer 360 was critical to their competitive advantage in the market. The system would consist of a centralized data source that would be the brains of the customer data platform.
Major Financial Institution Improves Its Ability to Combat Money Laundering
The financial institution was looking to improve its networking and link analysis capability for anti-money laundering to be applied in three ways:Connections between open work items in situations of interest (such as previous SAR filings, and other open work items) should be identified and available to analysts and investigators;Thorough ad hoc reviews of an entity should display the connections from an ecosystem surrounding a specific starting point of an investigation;The system should enable analysts to identify which connections and situations of interest lead to productive investigations and inform the creation, hibernation, or escalation of work items.The company examined a number of alternatives in the hope of finding one that offered a client-focused approach, state-of-art technology, and next-generation database management solution that integrated seamlessly with its existing workflow.
Market Leader in Cyber Resilience Scales Next-Generation Cybersecurity Services
The cybersecurity company was unable to scale their classification services with their existing solution based on SQL Server. New websites emerge at astonishing rates – in order to deliver effective cybersecurity, they needed to use accurate and timely threat data and execute thousands of classifications per second across massive data sets.They recognized that they needed an entirely new backend to power their classification services in order to keep up with the ever-expanding internet.

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