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Transatel is an established European player in the mobile services industry. Today, 160 telecoms and IT experts based in 5 European offices and 1 office in the United States work together to produce profitable revenue in fields ranging from mobile telephony to Internet of Things. 70% of the activity is generated outside of France, and 19 nationalities compose the Transatel talents.

Passionate about innovation, the teams are currently launching their most ground-breaking project yet, a multi-country embedded connectivity solution for tablets and laptops based on the 901 concept, a non-geographic Mobile Network Code (MNC) enabling 3G/LTE multi-local connectivity.

Transatel provides the entire range of services, as well as the technical infrastructure associated with mobile connectivity. Addressing BtoB and BtoC markets, Transatel develops activities either as an operator (MVNO- Mobile Virtual Operator) or as a third party (MVNO enabler – MVNE; aggregator – MVNA; Machine to Machine – M2M enabler). Its technical platform is connected to the 7 leading European operators, supports over 80 MVNOs, and provides connectivity to more than 1.6 million SIM cards worldwide, across all of its businesses.

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  • Transatel provides data connectivity with multi-network SIM cards to all connected objects, from medical devices to Smart Meters through computers.

    Transatel’s connectivity offer allows service providers to bundle connectivity with their solutions. Our services include:

    - Private fixed IP address
    - VPN interconnect for the routing of the data traffic to the Service Provider
    - Data filtering (traffic is only allowed to the Service Provider domain)

    When it comes to “M2M SIM cards”, it is often difficult to know what it really refers to. Used in regular operation conditions, standard plastic SIM cards used in mobile phones can also be used for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications without any modification.

    Other SIM cards that are dedicated to M2M have to meet specific requirements that are not met by standard plastic SIM cards:

    - Extended temperature range (up to a -40°C/+105°C range), supported by -
    - Ruggedised (industrial-grade) plastic SIM cards;
    - Higher resistance against corrosion, vibration and shock thanks to soldered or -
    - Embedded SIM cards, used in the automotive industry for instance;
    - Longer life expenctancy (some SIM cards can support up to 500,000 write/erase cycles);
    - Longer data retention time (10+ years);
    - Surface mounting that prevents from thefts.

    Which types of SIM cards do Transatel’s solutions support? Transatel works with different SIM card manufacturers providing all SIM form factors: full-size SIM cards or 1st form factor (1FF), Mini SIM cards or 2nd form factor (2FF), Micro SIM cards or 3rd form factor (3FF) and Nano SIM cards or 4th form factor (4FF). Transatel works as well with M2M forms factors MFF1 and MFF2.

    Transatel’s M2M expertise also allows us to:
    - Provide SIM applets;
    - Create different SIM card electrical profiles;
    - Provide eUICC with our partners.
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