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Transworld Technologies Ltd

"Formerly known as Transworld Compressor Technologies Ltd. Transworld designs and manufactures embedded Wireless Data Acquisition Systems and devices.

The Mobile Eye (Patent pending) is a smart GSM GPS wireless device that acquires integration and data from a variety of integrated sensors that include cameras, OBD CAN, fuel, temperature and RPM. Completely autonomous, the Mobile Eye manages and controls processes, vehicles and machines, updates itself while processing and transmitting data. In various application profiles, the Mobile Eye functions as an asset monitor, security system, building managing system, energy telemetry or even TV audience measurement.

A patented, ingenious driving risk newsagent and managing solution, the JRM (Journey Risk Management) system fore-warns drivers before they approach a risk situation. Dual Cams capture incidents and violations as they happen, with images of the road and the cabin. Incidents are recorded and all data, including video, is transmitted over 2G low cost networks to the central server.

FleetView, Transworld's online big data portal offers full function, real time fleet management on the cloud, with end-to-end visibility across the supply chain. FleetView integrates easily with standard ERPs like SAP or J. D. Edwards, in addition to the Indian household financial accounting package, Tally.

Transworld has been innovating the remote wireless data acquisition and asset management business (now called the 'Internet of Things') for over 15 years, with a customer list that includes names like Castrol BP, Shell, PraxAir, Pennzoil, Unilever, Linde (BOC), Agility, Schenker and Nokia.

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  • ACC Holcim, Castrol, BP, PraxAir, Linde, Unilever, Shell, Agility, Shell, PraxAir, Pennzoil, Schenker and Nokia
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