Takebishi, the Kyoto-based total solutions provider, distributor and evangelist for Mitsubishi Electric Corp. factory automation technology, is readying its flagship industrial communication middleware DeviceXPlorer® OPC Server for the smart factories and connected industry of the 2020s with a major new version upgrade. With its business growing both in its native Japan and around the world and unauthorized use an increasing concern, the invaluable intellectual assets invested in the system call for a licensing solution that is as smart and sophisticated as it is reliable and easy to use.
Faststream Technologies: SECURITY WATCH
Security Watch or Cam Pack is the surveillance App/Device that turns your iPhone into an instant spy. Use the Bluetooth Camera Device to stream live what’s happening behind you. Perfect for situations when you feel the person is suspicious or ready to rob/assault you from behind. The device is worn like a watch on your wrist. The device captures the video and transmits it to the Mobile App through Bluetooth. The App takes care of the rest. The app has a panic button that calls to 911 immediately in case of any danger.
Far South Networks: Installation of a Com.X2 SIP Gateway Solution for a Dynamic Call Routing at ER24
ER24 wanted transparent voice connectivity independent of whether there was a network failure from their Telco providers. ER24 required SIP based connectivity across fibre as a primary out and inbound solution while maintaining Telkom PRI’s as redundancy should Activate Telecoms’ SIP network be unavailable.
C3 IoT: Enterprise Data Analytics Platform and AMI Operations
In tandem with its 6 year-long smart meter rollout plan, Con Edison sought to implement Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) operations on top of a comprehensive enterprise data analytics platform for improved operational insight and customer service for its base of more than four million customers. In order to improve customer service and operations across its region, one of the largest integrated utilities in the United States has rolled out the C3 AI Suite and C3 AMI Operations application on AWS. Con Edison’s project objectives were to deliver on the utility’s commitments for presenting customer data, establish AMI operations across 5 million smart meters to ensure operational health, and build a federated data image platform for analytic capabilities. The utility’s smart meter deployment will generate between 100 terabytes and 1 petabyte of data per year, so choosing a platform that could scale and continue to perform analytics on an ever-larger data set was vital.
Faststream Technologies: Royal Oaks Mobile App
Royal Oaks App is a golf course mobile application based on Android and iOS platforms to enhance the golf experience on the course. The client requirement was to build an app using which they can track all the players, manage all the players who are currently playing, and provide some facility to players through this app. They wanted a GPS screen on this application which helps the player to know about his current status. Also, the player can see the details about how fast he is playing and how fast he can be. Using this app the user can order food as well.
ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH: Robot-supported ultrasonic defect testing and quality control
Ultrasonic testing is a widely used non-destructive test method to check cast parts for invisible defects such as blowholes, pores or cracks. Since the acoustic properties of the material change if those casting defects are present, the ultrasonic sound pulse is reflected and sent back to the test head.Especially if components have complex geometries, ultrasonic testing is often carried out manually. By automating the process with the help of robots, test costs and test time can be reduced and measurements made reproducible.
MathWorks: Mondi Implements Statistics-Based Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
The extrusion and other machines at Mondi’s plant are large and complex, measuring up to 50 meters long and 15 meters high. Each machine is controlled by up to five programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which log temperature, pressure, velocity, and other performance parameters from the machine’s sensors. Each machine records 300–400 parameter values every minute, generating 7 gigabytes of data daily.Mondi faced several challenges in using this data for predictive maintenance. First, the plant personnel had limited experience with statistical analysis and machine learning. They needed to evaluate a variety of machine learning approaches to identify which produced the most accurate results for their data. They also needed to develop an application that presented the results clearly and immediately to machine operators. Lastly, they needed to package this application for continuous use in a production environment.
CYIENT: Predictive Analytics Solution for Off Highway Equipment
The client wanted to reduce downtime and production losses by effectively prioritizing maintenance activities and proactively replacing components before failure.
SAP: Providing a Next-Generation Air Service with SAP® Leonardo Internet of Things
To optimize its Sigma Smart AirService, Kaeser worked with SAPDigital Business Services to deploySAP Leonardo IoT capabilities as its innovation foundation together with SAP Asset Intelligence Network and SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service. Kaeser’s new solution connects its compressors smartly in the cloud, allowing it to offer a next-generation service at a lower price.Challenges:- Service team unable to access calibration data and other equipment-specific information, which was stored in on-premise systems- No solution to meet the needs of dealers and companies’ service providers- Need for track-and-trace capabilities with selected suppliers to scale-up potential
Nanoprecise Sci Corp: Detecting Cavitation And High Vane Pass Frequency For Pumps
The Condensate Cooling Water (CCW) pump, one of the critical pumps in maintaining steadystate operations, is a horizontal vane pump operating at up to 1650 m3/hr with a discharge pressure of 9 MPa (62 psi) at 986 rpm. Each day this pump is offline costs the plant $250,000 in lost revenue and each failure costs tens of thousands of dollars to execute an unplanned repair. Thus, Larsen & Toubro (L&T) really needed a predictive maintenance solution to detect faults at an early stage and provide a reliable prediction of Remaining Useful Life (RUL)
TEKTELIC : Protecting Timeless Artifacts In Museums With IoT
Conserv and TEKTELIC Collaborate to Provide Indoor Monitoring Solutions to Protect and Maintain Valuable Artifacts and Collections Around the Globe.
Luxoft: Predictive Maintenance For Connected Vehicles
By 2025, Transport for London will have to meet strict emission-control regulations. This means buying and operating new fleets of hybrid or fully electric, zero-emission buses. As a consequence, many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and operators will have to develop new technologies to help them get-to-market fast enough to meet demand.
Nanoprecise Sci Corp: Automatic monitoring of acoustic emission saves catastrophic failure
Traditional measurement tools are ineffective when it comes to slowly rotating equipment. There are faults like Bearing Failure, Ring Plugging, Gear Tooth Crack and many more which can lead to the shutdown of machines. 1 minute of downtime cost the company $10. RingPluggingis a very common issue which Pinnacle Pellet was facing very frequently due to diverse feed quality into the machines. Product ring plugging can be detected as sound levels increase in specific roller bearings.
SparkCognition: Improving Refinery Safety and Efficiency with AI at the Edge
Historically, Texmark's operations and maintenance teams monitored equipment manually and through wired sensors at a significant cost of dollars and man-hours each year in inspecting equipment on site.Wanting to act quickly and execute on this multi-year plan, Texmark turned to Deloitte to deliver an end-to-end IIoT implementation in late 2017. Over the course of the next two years, Deloitte coordinated the following partners for the project:1. National Instruments to outfit pumps with sensors that collect operational data2. Hewlett Packard Enterprises to enable deployment at the edge3. OSIsoft PI to aggregate the sensor data from the NI sources4. SparkCognition™ to predict impending pump failures5.Flowserve to help develop the model and data flow architecture 6. PTC ThingWorx to create a mobile-supported interface
Faststream Technologies: Use of Digital Camera Surveillance for Upgrading the Mounting Process for Printi
A manufacturer of flexographic printing machines, the requirement was to upgrade the system performance which included high speed and resolution with a camera delivering high frame rate and good megapixel functionality. They needed full control over lenses and also zoom to have high-quality optical zooming from different distances. They also needed more options for adjusting focus and zoom factor at an economical cost.
Plex Systems: Argent International Takes On-Time Delivery To A New Level With PLEX
Argent used to track its operations in an ERP system from QAD. But the company’s end users found the system cumbersome—and its decision-makers grew concerned about the costs associated with the system. “Because we had installed QAD in-house, we had to purchase and maintain our own servers,” said Randy Garreston, System Administrator for Argent International. “We also found the upgrade process to be disruptive. Just when we’d get used to one version, they’d change it and we’d have to learn how to navigate a reconfigured interface.”
NI: National Instruments selected Attivio Platform for Superior Search Functionality
National Instruments was concerned about the future state of its enterprise search solution. Microsoft’s FAST ESP was no longer offered as a stand-alone product and it was marked for end-of-life, effective July 2013.
Microsoft Azure: Secure Email Signature Management
Every day enterprises send out thousands of emails but can struggle to maintain visual and legal consistency in email signatures and many don't seize the opportunity to include marketing campaigns in company email signatures. With a rapidly accelerating number of emails being sent from mobile devices and websites, email signature management has entered a new level of complexity and is now also a matter of enterprise security on emails.
Endian: Moving Quickly into the Digital Age
J.A. Becker & Söhne is a medium-sized German company, that always prioritizes quality and safety. In their old model, a technician travels regularly to the customer’s location to service the compressors. For the international customers, trained service partners assume this regular maintenance role. In case of an issue between the service visits, there is a service hotline at the customers disposal, that is able to solve most of the failures. In cases where the hotline cannot solve the problem remotely, a service technician is sent to the customer. With customers all over the world (including China), this support option is quite time-consuming and very expensive. 
Opti: Seawage Overflow Reduction
DOEE identified intelligent retention as an important option for limiting wet-weather discharge, storing water on-site for use, and informing future improvements to District infrastructure.
Hitachi: Predictive maintenance of medical devices based on years of experience and advan
Failure prediction by human operators requires advanced skills, and the limited number of experts cannot monitor all MRI systems around the world. "Corrective maintenance" for repairs after breakdowns has also become inevitable.
Revenera: Siemens Wants to Reduce Time to Market by Speeding up Cycle Times
To reduce time to market by speeding up cycle times, and reduce manufacturing and inventory costs, of complex building system automation equipment.
Senseye: Scalable Predictive Maintenance in INSEE
SCCC had committed to running a showcase Digital Factory for the ASEAN region and had already invested heavily in smart factory equipment and sensors. They required a predictive maintenance system that would leverage their existing investments and integrate with their SAP PM maintenance system.
Petasense: Continuous condition monitoring pays off at a large power utility
A large power utility in Hawaii was looking for more frequent condition monitoring on their Balance of Plant (BOP) generation assets. They had experienced significant equipment failures that occurred between their scheduled quarterly walkaround condition monitoring routes.
SparkCognition: Predicting Rare Failures in Hydro Turbines
Utility companies that operate hydro turbines have a vested interest in performing regular maintenance to prevent unexpected failures. Most maintenance occurs on a scheduled basis where the asset is taken offline, inspected, and repaired proactively if needed. Hydro turbine units are highly reliable, meaning that few examples of unplanned downtime exist. However, these failures are very costly to their operators.Given the sensitivity operators have to unplanned downtime, many have equipped turbines and generators with sensors and platforms to collect valuable performance information in real-time. But because there are so few historical hydro failures to compare against, rich streaming data and legacy statistics-based analysis are not very accurate at predicting true failure events. In fact, they often create more problems by overloading monitoring teams with benign false positives that result in unnecessary downtime to evaluate. This begs the question: Can artificial intelligence help maintenance teams extract more value out of their data?
TEKTELIC : IoT for Smart Agriculture
Monitoring and assessing key welfare indicators such as weight, water consumption, temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels within poultry houses is essential for ensuring sustainable and productive poultry farming practices. However, assessing these indicators in large poultry farms that rear millions of birds each year is no easy undertaking.A customer managing 700,000 birds across 7 farms required a solution to wirelessly monitor parameters including climate, water consumption, and bird weights. Prior to implementing the PrognositX - Poultry Sense IoT solution, this customer manually took readings of temperature and humidity conditions and input those values into a spreadsheet. This proved to be a lengthy and increasingly inefficient process. Conditions in every shed and farm can vary, and with increasingly stringent audit requirements, the customer required a solution that would enable them to efficiently and consistently capture, track, and interpret real-time data.
Digi: The Royal Victoria Hotel
The Royal Victoria’s 20-year-old Mitel system, with separate analogue voicemail system, needed to be replaced. The hotel required a modern communications solution that would:Connect the hotel's 160 employees.Provide call logging to help monitor business performance and control costs.Provide communications to mobile members of the team such as the night porters.Improve guest WiFi internet access.
Opentrends: Sentilo Terrassa (Smart City Open Data)
Terrassa City was in need to ameliorate their information and communication flow between municipal managers, in order to generate new services to its citizens. The City Council was missing an internal management platform of the municipal services, and wanted to initiate a Smart City strategy to solve this issue, along with bringing value to all parties involved (municipality, businesses, citizens and other local entities). 
Petasense: Large-scale Implementation of Wireless Predictive Maintenance
In 2016, Arizona Public Service (APS) decided to enter the California ISO (CAISO) market, which allows them to sell power into the California market. One of their key assets was Sundance, a 420 MW unmanned peaker plant located 50 miles outside Phoenix. The entry into the CA energy market meant that starts tripled and run hours doubled almost immediately at the plant. They started looking for wireless Predictive Maintenance (PdM) system because the running hours were typically when no one was on site, which meant that traditional forms of PdM were not possible. Typically, a specialist would collect vibration and other condition data on equipment, but it had to be taken during operation, and it was difficult to get personnel out to the site.“Reliability was foremost on our minds,” commented Don Lamontagne, Supervisor of Equipment Reliability Engineering. “We faced huge loss of potential revenue, as well as fines if we weren’t able to generate power when it’s needed.”
relayr: Rethinking Machine Performance
Machine uptime is one of the most vital performance factors for electric rotating machinery. In times when an hour of downtime can equate to thousands of dollars in losses, securing predictability turns into a high priority for all industrial businesses. Manufacturers operate in an extremely volatile environment, thus avoiding unplanned downtime becomes critical for achieving desired business outcomes. Predictive maintenance is no longer a nice-to-have but a necessity to survive and thrive in unfavourable conditions. Start from the basics. Making machines perform better means, first and foremost, understanding how the machine works, extracting relevant data, and gaining meaningful insights into ongoing processes. The power of the machine lies in utilizing its full potential.
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